Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maui # 21

Maui Coffee Roasters is a coffee hangout in Kahalui near the main airport.

They Roast their own beans and sell organic foods. It is a gathering place for many meet-up groups.

Cynthia and I have been coming here every visit and it has been the catalyst for many a new friendship
and trip to a new place of interest on this amazing Island.

Today was no exception, I came here to write an article for a friend and instead spent the last 4 hours talking with locals.

By Locals I do not just mean Hawaiians, but people from around the global community who have now decided to make Maui their home.

This island attracts not just the sun-worshipers but the relationship seekers who want to explore the
depths of the human experience in its entirety.

Since I landed on this island feb 11th of this year 2013 I have talked with more people in depth than most of my 27 years living on the mainland USA.

As one local man Declared
“ Maui will make or break a relationship”

Ergo you cant hide your true emotions or real self , the step-ford wives would be exposed here!

Honestly I have to agree with him :0)

When I retire at night I`m mentally drained but in a positive way, I think if my brain could be measured it would have an additional hemisphere the Maui Annex.

Outside Maui`s reason for being so green is coming down with lots of wonderful freshness, it has been publicly performing most of the day.

I have spent the last few hours talking with a man from India who is the leader of an activist group that is protesting Monsanto seed among other things, they had a big march here last weekend.

Before talking with him I met 'Jungle John' local photographer and trail guide. John`s work is hanging on the walls of the coffee shop. Next Wednesday John will take me on a hike through the IOW valley to a hidden historical native site, he would like me to write about it, what an honor :0)

John introduced me to a local naturalist Maui`s version of an Oregon tree hugger.

The vast majority of people I have met here are passionate about their beliefs and each other. They have each others backs the way a real community is supposed to function.
Yes, they do have issues with other groups ,no place is perfect, but in a way they balance each other, sort of like Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty :0)

To sum all this up, if you are an open book you will find many friends here, but alas if you are superficial and refuse to allow others in you will end up returning to your place of origin an unfulfilled lifeless corpse a sad waste of Gods glorious creation, after all we were made to have fellowship with our creator and each other, not become our own deserted island..

Have a great day where-ever this finds You


Michael oxoxoxo