Tuesday, September 23, 2014


CLARKS Wave Sandal The Best :)

Good  colgate morning its september 23 my son Jaq`s Birthday. On This day 1988 he came screaming into the world full throttle no holes barred. Jaq now lives and goes to Collage in Portland Oregon. He served 3 years in the Army 1st Armour-ed division Fort Bliss and South Korea and he is also a great Comedian although he wont let me know where he does his stand-up act for obvious reasons LOL... I'm very proud to be his father and wish him well in his next 200 years...All my love to you on this Day Jaq :0)

On this day sept 1916 - World War I: Manfred Von Richthofen [The Red Baron], a flying ace of the German Luftstreitkräfte, wins his first aerial combat near Cambrai, France.

The first whaling ship sails into Hawaii in 1819 not a good thing for the whales.
 In1850 - Great fire in San Francisco began.
 Finaly in 2014 Michael and Cynthia Cagnoni Quinlan officially celebrated one year on on the island of Maui.
Yes, a year fly's by seems like only yesterday we came here for our first vacation.

Last saturday  morning I got up early put on my CLARKS Wave  sandals to go to the store for some half and Half for Cynthia`s coffee. I drove slowly out of our parking lot and headed down the hill towards the shore line road,all of a sudden I was struck by how beautiful the morning was ,the sun was up, Palm trees were rustling softly in the fresh trade winds that had been absent for a week or so, the Island of Malachi was clearly visible across the bright blue south Pacific . I thought what a wonderful morning, then it hit me I had not thought like that on this island for a long time. Most mornings or days for that mater on Maui are amazing and why not its the land of sunshine , warm water with cool ocean breezes whispering through the shore line palm trees.
 I realized that my island fever that had plagued me for so long was finally draining away.

I resolved in my mind that this weekend was going to be special or us both ,Cynthia especially, God only knows how much Island fever grief I have put her through. She deserves a Platinum medal for unconditional love and I deserve the Grey Cloud of Eeyore for the Ass that fought paradise.
 Truth be-told this island has been the death of the old me and boy did I fight it as many of you have of read in my blogs,but then thats real life not like the land of Bleached teeth with perfect smiles and artificial bodies where everybody's Happy and Prozac goes Cha-Ching!

Later that day we headed to a new beach there are so many to choose from. That evening we ate at our favorite fish Taco outlet in Honakowi followed by a movie on our big screen at home. The Next Morning we treated ourselves to a day pass at the Westin Hotel and resort in kannapli. We basked in the hot sunshine,swam in the many pools,had our backs massaged by the abundance of waterfalls, scared my self on the large and fast water slide. Had cocktails followed by a great pool side lunch watched an amazing sunset ,in all we had an amazing weekend.

Clarks shoes USA Wave Sandal Best in the World :)

Back on the Mainland my Great  friend David Jorgenson married his sweet heart Julie Cramer may they have a wonderful life together filled with true blessings!!!

Well thats all for the moment,I have missed the new me been a while waiting for him to come out brings a whole new meaning to the Phrase.... Be still and know that I,m God and if he just brought my Irish butt out here to get my attention well it certainly was worth it turmoil and all.

Cheers to you all Michael and Cynthia :0)