Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maui # 10

Well its been the best of times and the worst of times!

Hey you say Charles dicky wrote that - He sure did..what a great opening line.
I could say, I came I saw I conquered or I had some good times , bad times on Maui but I,m the author and I can do as I bloom-in well please right! Ok, on with todays blog.

Its 6:09 just woke up in my man cave,its very quiet, in the distance I can hear the waves invading the shore line reminding me I,m not in Wilsonville Oregon. I can smell the sea air , the temp is high sixty’s to low seventies . Its winter here, got to love the Hawaiian winter. They say we will have rain this week, but I tell them not like Oregon, you guys just have sun showers to keep the tourists cool.

Although the flash floods last week were amusing, one second a tourist named Walt is sipping his shirley temple out of a coconut shell, the next he is hanging on to his wife’s overfilled purse ( one way ticket to Davy Jones locker ) as she floats down main straight Kihei yelling “Oh my hair”
Walt cannot believe his Luck ….

When I arrived on this lush isle I weighed in at 165 LBS, after eating my way though the jungle on a diet of Coconuts,mango`s, banana`s ,veggie warps, interesting variety of nuts , seeds, and drinking gallons of water I now weigh 149.2 lbs so forget your diet pills,buy a one way ticket to my litte blue Heaven :0)

A friend of mine asked me to write about the food, sadly as you can see my descrition is not very exciting.
Now if Cynthia was here she would go into minute detail with charts ,graphs and toxicity levels and all that fun stuff that guys love to talk about !
When I go to a restaurant I,m looking forward to good conversation , If its Chinese I ask for Number 7 can`t ever go wrong there mate. Cynthia on the other hand will keep the waitress busy with a plethora of questions.
Sorry Annie :0) wrong person to ask, lets just say it makes my heart beat , mouth lucubrated and very satisfied that my Neanderthal needs are met!

Previously on lost I mentioned that I danced on the beach, it happened on Cynthia`s birthday. It was not planned. Last year in Kihei I watched a tall slender woman dance on the shore line as the sun went down. She was totally immersed in the moment,oblivious to the world and his mother around her. It was a pleasure to watch someone so free of inhibitions. So I decided some day I was going to do it,frankly I was not that free but wanted to be.

Well it was mid morning as I talked with Cynthia on the beach at the campsite on her Birthday. All of a sudden I got the urge to dance. My first reaction was to look behind to see who was in view, but I did not . I just went with it, now I,m not a dancer and certainly no Ballerina like the Keihe woman. Nope I just began to sway with the moment , let my body go and yes I cried as I freely stumbled around. It was a great unplanned moment with Cynthia present courtesy of Verizon.

Well I,m off to cause trouble,thanks for dropping by hope this finds you well and I trully encourage you to dare to live on the edge and follow your hearts true desire even if it scares you!!!!!!


Michael :0) xoxoxo