Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maui # 21

Maui Coffee Roasters is a coffee hangout in Kahalui near the main airport.

They Roast their own beans and sell organic foods. It is a gathering place for many meet-up groups.

Cynthia and I have been coming here every visit and it has been the catalyst for many a new friendship
and trip to a new place of interest on this amazing Island.

Today was no exception, I came here to write an article for a friend and instead spent the last 4 hours talking with locals.

By Locals I do not just mean Hawaiians, but people from around the global community who have now decided to make Maui their home.

This island attracts not just the sun-worshipers but the relationship seekers who want to explore the
depths of the human experience in its entirety.

Since I landed on this island feb 11th of this year 2013 I have talked with more people in depth than most of my 27 years living on the mainland USA.

As one local man Declared
“ Maui will make or break a relationship”

Ergo you cant hide your true emotions or real self , the step-ford wives would be exposed here!

Honestly I have to agree with him :0)

When I retire at night I`m mentally drained but in a positive way, I think if my brain could be measured it would have an additional hemisphere the Maui Annex.

Outside Maui`s reason for being so green is coming down with lots of wonderful freshness, it has been publicly performing most of the day.

I have spent the last few hours talking with a man from India who is the leader of an activist group that is protesting Monsanto seed among other things, they had a big march here last weekend.

Before talking with him I met 'Jungle John' local photographer and trail guide. John`s work is hanging on the walls of the coffee shop. Next Wednesday John will take me on a hike through the IOW valley to a hidden historical native site, he would like me to write about it, what an honor :0)

John introduced me to a local naturalist Maui`s version of an Oregon tree hugger.

The vast majority of people I have met here are passionate about their beliefs and each other. They have each others backs the way a real community is supposed to function.
Yes, they do have issues with other groups ,no place is perfect, but in a way they balance each other, sort of like Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty :0)

To sum all this up, if you are an open book you will find many friends here, but alas if you are superficial and refuse to allow others in you will end up returning to your place of origin an unfulfilled lifeless corpse a sad waste of Gods glorious creation, after all we were made to have fellowship with our creator and each other, not become our own deserted island..

Have a great day where-ever this finds You


Michael oxoxoxo

Monday, March 25, 2013

.Maui # 19

Good morning land people, its another sunny day on Maui. Yes, the sun is up the temp is 78 degree`s and the dolphins are jumping welcome to my part of the new world Aloha. This morning I,m at Akina for some more driver training.

It is a small operation, with about 30 tour bus`s and 13 school bus`s along with with limo`s. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant ,basicly the aloha spirit in action.

My Trainer is a local Hawaiian ( will not use people`s names without their permission )with a laid back disposition but very mature and responsible, the ideal trainer .

I just met the young cleaning guy Nick, he like I came over on a one way ticket . Nick is from Maryland he has a great attitude and is about to buy a motorcycle, his mother is against it, heard that one before, maybe I will train him and give him a bright safety vest hahaha..

Well Im still in the staff room waiting for Mr Trainer , so far I have shaken everyones hand that has passed me by. I love doing that makes for a fun day ,never know who you are going to meet or what culture you are going to connect with.

A smile and handshake cost you nothing.
Ok! some disgruntled reader Yells what about colds and viruses...yup have to give the yea butts a tiny voice,actually thats all they deserve. Ok, Fly’s they can have all the fly’s.

My challenge so far this am is to complete this blog before Trainer Man shows up and if 9AM Hawaiian time is the same as Irish time then I believe we have a novel in the making :0)

Time stands still over here, no fast paced American corporate time clock :0)

Yay.. Guess what we are taking out a school bus today, my first yellow bus ride on Maui...will write later :0)

Ok, its later and I,m sitting on the beach watching the Sun go down.

Well the school bus was a blast driving around Kihei. We did the usual pre-trip.
Right all you school bus drivers will get a kick out of this.

There were two of us being trained today.
Lets call the other driver Mrs X.
I was asked to verbalize the first part of the pretrip , I did a good job I might add, hey after 14 years
I aught to remember something.

Then Mrs X takes over about 3 mins into it as we are going along the outside of the bus passenger side her cell phone rings. Without skipping a beat she answer’s it stops the pre-trip with trainer watching and proceeds to have a conversation with her friend.
I look over at the trainer,he does not bat an eyelid, then she finishes her conversation with her friend, hangs up and simply carries on with the verable pre-trip as though nothing had happened.

Try doing that at Salem Keizer or First Student....Yes! they are very laid back here, people truly do come first.

This place so reminds me of Ireland!!!!!

Ok Mahalo you land lot and now I,m going to post this from the beach on Maui
as the sun is going this is so dang cool!!!!

Later Michael xoxoox

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maui # 18

Bob and Kellie Drake... left about 2 hours ago, I hate good byes...Yes, I cried of course, hey if I didn’t then our friendship would not mean much. I have known bob and Kellie Drake close to 17 years now . Boy time fly’s . As Bob said when we first met up seven days ago

“ We live less than 50 miles away from each other and we all have to fly to Maui to meet up”

It truly was a vacation from my normal Beach Bum tent life here....I got to sleep in a bed with a great room all to myself including my own bathroom. The Unit was just like a great hotel, complete with a really cool swimming pool area.

We had many great conversations and shared some good Pina- colada`s courtesy of Bar tender Kellie, she makes a mean one!!!!!
True friendship is an unconditional thing ,Bob and Kellie are a great picture of that I will sure miss their physical presence, but the warmth of their friendship and visit will stay with me forever, I love them both dearly, Thank you God for such great friends,please bless them mightily!!!!!

With in Minutes of their departure I rode my Motorcycle down to the beach and just as I parked they drove by one last time, Yep Ok I did it again, the tear thingy Hahaha , Kind of like watching the ship sail of without you Thingy.
Then I went to the beach restroom to freshen up thinking what next God. The cell phone rang!!
It was Akina Tours wanting to know if I could come in at 9 am tomorrow for more training. Love how that happens.
Then I thought Have to get something to eat but did not have peace about buying anything ,so I parked myself on the beach and called Cynthia.

We talked for quite a while, but I was still hungary. Then I saw a friend the Guy who loaned me the motorcycle Andy! walking down the beach towards me. It was great to see Andy...we chatted for a while then he simply handed me $32 and told me to follow him to his car. We walked to the car and he showed me a bunch of vegetarian food some one had just given him and as he was a carnivore he wanted me to have it. It was everything I eat including Ginger root and many kinds of seeds. I truly Love this Guy he is such a god send and we are fast becoming great brothers :0)

Well as I write this I have had a good meal of Hummus , spinach, Broccoli oh and its all Organic!!!
Followed by some Good almond Milk and Bananas and now for a nap ;0)

Love you all Thanks for reading and especially you Bob and Kellie and Andy for making this Irishman week a wonderful Vacation...!!!!!! :0)))))


Michael oxoxoxoxo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maui # 17

Well Its 6:57 AM I,m down at the beach in Kihei with my butt on a log and coffee by my side. Would love to have my beautiful coffee colored lady from argentina sitting next to me instead.

Yesterday was a hard day, yes I even felt like flying home. Its hard to be going through this without Cynthia`s physical presence. Yes we have cell phones and Skype,but alas its not the same and Yes I know Know trust god and all that. Six weeks now and starting seven at midnight tonight..

Hey There is a giant turtle swimming slowly by so far no one has noticed him or her but me, the water is almost like a mill pond,not a good time to be swimming as the tiger sharks come close to shore in the Am.
Would be an interesting sight watching a shark bag a turtle and an early morning swimmer....Guess that would be Classified the ultimate Happy Meal with the live action screaming Gi -Joe Toy Courtesy of Mac-Maui :0)

Yes Sure wanted to fly home and even Cynthia was on the point of calling me and saying come home for a month or 2 she even called me but I was in the middle of viewing a studio for rent so I told I would call her back shortly.

I went to the DMV yesterday am and sat for about 2 hours, not bad for maui, not as modern as the main land. Wanted to Change my Oregon Lic to a Hawaiian one. More complicated over here because of 911 they need everything but the kitchen sink.
I did not have all the necessary , so I offered them the wallet I got of a recently deceased Gi Joe Shark meal survivor with a slightly used but shiny Moen faucet...nope. Will take me some time to collect what I need.

So in order to drive etc I had to make a choice as to stay here or fly to US immigration on Oahu or Portland. Well I returned to Bob and Kellie’s time share. Kellie went to work on her I phone thingy and found a way to E-file and I researched other stuff I needed. Kellie is great, she could run the country and do a much better job of it than some people I will not mention Hahahaha.

I then received a phone call from a lady that was renting a studio, so I rode of to view it with thoughts of going home in my mind as six weeks of being away from Cynthia and miles of paper work were beginning to take its toll.

The studio was a one bedroom nicely furnished unit at the back of the land lady’s home and about 400 yards to a nice sandy beach in North Kehie not far from where Cynthia and I stayed last year.
To be honest I was not all that enthusiastic about any of it. I was just as far as I was concerned going through the motions as I had met this lady previously and she had offered her really nice studio.

As we were talking Cynthia Called and I told Cynthia I would call her back . Cynthia was calling to say come on Home as I previously mentioned. ( Confused yet,I am and I,m the author )
Long Story short I ended up Praying with said Land lady about an issue she was going through after which we said good bye and promised to re connect shortly.

I rode the motorcycle to the beach full of peace, parked by the road and talked with God wondering what to do next. About 5 mins later a car pulls into my sandy parking spot,I did not look up as I was lost in thought. Then I glanced up as I believe the driver honked the horn gently, it was Bob and Kellie :0).... Bob looked at me and said
“your not going home “
confirming what I already knew in my spirit Kellie was in agreement. They then left and I waited for a call back from cynthia. It was about 20 minutes later it came as I was sitting on the beach.
Cynthia told me she had called earlier to say come on home for a month but later she felt God telling her no I was to remain and carry on regardless of the giants in the land etc.

Boy I,m so in love with her , yes she truly does complete me my true missing link !!!!!not some poor old buried Ape Dude who was dug up by some Guy with an Indy-Anna- Jones Hat called 'Disgruntled Darwin !who needs the world to notice what he found in the sand box because his Dad would not pay him attention when he was six :0)

Ok Thats all she wrote for now!!!

Heading back to see Bob and Kellie!!!!


Michael Darwin :0)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maui # 16

Well all stories have a beginning and a end .Well this story is beginning with an end to living in Oregon and a new beginning in Maui hawaii.
Yes !its official Cynthia and I are now going to live on Maui.!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy :0)

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately.
But its Bob and Kellie drakes fault hahaha. They came over sunday last to stay in their time share and invited me to stay in the second bedroom. It has been a welcome break. Have not slept in a bed in close to six weeks. We met up in the time travel portal at Costco.
Yes ,there is a Costco in just about every corner of the globe just go the restroom present your card,click your heels and walla you travel to the Costco of your choice and walk out with a full $200 packed cart into glorious sunshine.
Its there latest perk,just say Mikey sent you ;0)

I always seem to bump into Bob and Kellie in Costco, but they have good health insurance so the ambulance ride and morphine shots are free, hey thats the Aloha spirit for you!!!!
I was too tired to meet them the previous evening as I had been up at North Maui all day visiting a town Called Napali.
Yes, sounds crazy I,m here on Maui and now having a vacation.
It has truly been a blessing in disguise all thats missing Is Cynthia :0(

Cynthia handed in her notice yesterday so should be joining me hopefully within the month.

I feel as though I,m living in another world and as of yet my feet have not truly touched the ground. All you former drug enhanced old school seventy something bell bottom long haired hippies might be able to relate - although I know some of you are still up on cloud 13 taking Wow man! classes with Island Guru Woody Harleson.
Well this has sure been a wild ride with no induced extraterrestrial highs for this leprechaun,I like to know where I,m going and more importantly where I have been.

I have been training as a sub tour Bus driver in Kihei for Aloha Akina Tours, very friendly company.
It was a hard decision to make about staying here after 3 weeks as I was going to miss Cynthia birthday and our wedding Anniversary. But we will have many more here God willing.
I canceled My Business insurance etc on the mainland and am now praying about what type of biz to open up here.
Cynthia will continue to Operate her “CGC” travel business
and open another one here. I will let her reveal that to you in its time.

No we are not rich or have a huge stack buried near the big X, but we do have an endless supply coming from heaven. This is truly a move of faith and to-date following Gods leading has been a wild ride better than a bungee jump.

So will leave you for now as Bob Kellie and Me-self relax and enjoy another Sunset on My warm lush Island...
Aloha to all!!!!

Michael oxoxoxo

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maui # 15

Well hello folks welcome back to my blog. Sorry its taken so long.
I,m now so intrenched in this island paradise
that it would take a German Howitzer to blast me of this green lush lost world, not even a herd of Dinosaurs could make me move. I would just stand up with my two handed Claymore double edged sword and Boldly declare as my Irish ancestors before me cried in Battle

Its my Island, bugger off !!!”

Yes, I have found something worth fighting in the wonderful life God has blessed me with.

When our ancestors moved west to the new world they had vision ,hope excitement along with toil and hardship but in the end those that persevered received their reward.

I`m about 20,000 miles from the Island of Ireland , actually half way round the globe, this Irishman has journeyed far from home these last 30 years. I have faced many trails, climbed many mountains both real and imagined. Faced fears head on and at times run only later to turn back with fresh courage and slay that beast with a host of angels at my side.

I have cut those unhealthy bungee cords that held me to my past and lassoed the moon as I sprang forward free of the dead weight of past oppression. I have become the man I always envied in other men. Yes, envy may have been a sin in some persons eyes, but in mine it was my past reality.

As a famous TV series once declared and I now will rewrite as I enter another day in the history of my life.
I now go boldly where I have been afraid to go before”

In Short I`m alive, living in the glorious present.

I`m Michael John Quinlan Son Of Michael Raphael Quinlan son of Jack Quinlan descendant of many hundreds of Irishmen who were kings and Lords and warriors and peace keepers alike, before me.
Man its good to be alive to have met and now truly know the person I have always wanted to meet, my true self.
Yes I,m crying as I write this what a privilege to be really free and there is much more to come as I daily surrender my life into my heavenly Fathers ok YAHHHHHHHOOOOO
Much more appropriate Hahahaha.

Hey this is coming from a guy who has danced on the beach and not cared who was watching.

Well have to go as a guy I know just called me his car was in a crash and needs my help in Kihei 10 miles will get back.


Michael xoxoxoox              Irish Resident Alien

Ps, Its fun riding a motorcycle on Maui my Irish warmer Island :0)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

                                 Maui # 14

When we last heard from our Irish Hero on Maui`s front line he was riding of into the sunset with Jack and Peter, Jill however is still missing him deeply back in the Grey clouds of Vegas (Oregon).

Yes, Jack plus frightened Jill did go up the Hill to the Vegas Ball/ chain chapel with said damsel being dragged against her will after Jack cheated in an unfair hand at the Neverland Saloon Texas Grab-em and run night!
But in My version Mick gives Jack a left hook hence he kicks the bucket . Mick then picks Jill up, sets her on the Tank of his heavy metal steed, changes her name back to Cynthia , whisks her away to Blarney castle at No 1 main street Maui 92310 where they live Happily ever after!!!

Yes, I miss Cynthia badly . This has been a trial for both of us. I,m now in week 5 of operation 'One way ticket to Paradise'.
Last Night In Kihei we shared a sunset together sponsored by Verizon .We have seen many on Maui before.
We even sang and did not care who was listening, I put a great smile on an elderly woman’s countenance who passed me, great moment.
You can really tell how much you love someone when you are apart for a season, if you don’t then you had better take a long hard look at your relationship and be honest.

Maui a stride a motorcycle is wonderful. You can breathe the warm Pacific trade winds deep in your lungs. The average speed on Maui is 45 the perfect pace for a laid back Islander like me-self.
Sure I miss the high desert of Oregon where I can open up 'My old Beamer :0( ' and disappear into the sunset of another good chapter in my life.
I`m so thankful to God for all the wonderful time I have had burning up her roads with my past adventures into finding Golden truths and wonders .

Maui is a place where if you are truly willing to give yourself permission to let go you will discover a missing person who has been handcuffed behind the un-natural man made time clock .

Sure people live and work over here,but not like the fast pace of the mainland. Yes, it has the same issues like any other country. Yes! I`m living in reality. Time after time I have been informed by people on the mainland that it is so expensive over her. Yes, Milk and gas are expensive but only an extra buck! And lets face it Gas wise the island is only 40 miles by ten or so, unless you scream that rubber you can`t spend a lot at the pump and if you eat like a tourist you will break the Bank and possibly end up sharing a cell with Bruno in debters prison.

But on our last trip out here Cynthia did a cost analysis and found that with the exception of a few items and I mean a few its pretty much the same as the mainland .

Think of it this way you are renting a house in Paradise or Hell depending on your attitude. If you are a whining ,racist white anglo Saxon superior being do yourself and the Hawaiians a big favor, STAY HOME!
Better still allow me to buy you one way ticket to India where you can cry about all your rights as you play your staring role as street beggar. Your false illusions of superior grandeur will soon be shattered.

Yes I admit I was not sure what was going to happen and I had the what if`s :0( ?running through my head. But I know this guy who is still back in Michigan living in the What if ?and yea butt land, he is in a prison of his own making.

I,m not out here to get rich, I`m am out here living in Gods plan for myself and Cynthia,big difference. It is all in how you look at it. If you see the glass half empty then that will always be your lot, but if you dare to dream the impossible then that glass will over flow as you allow your true-self out of that negative wave prison.

Will leave you with this thought...A few years back my self and Neill a guy I used to work summer maintenance jobs with in Salem keizer schools arrived at a traffic signal in our work truck just as the light turned red.

I thought Bummer...Neill exclaimed!

Hey look we are first in line!”

Its all how you see it

Michael Quinlan Good day !

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maui # 13

Ahoy all you land lovers who lost an hour of kip last night. Out here in Shang-ra-na-na- na-na the clock does not change. The Hawaiians have it down ,don’t mess with father time ! his sun rise and sets on his terms ,he does not need mans help.

Local news:
We had rain all day yesterday , so I grabbed the cell and went on walkabout talking with Cynthia. I may have got wet but I had the warm Pacific breeze as my constant companion.
Thats the beauty of this fair isle even in winter its warm as against Oregon cold and damp.
If I don’t like the rain I just simply go 8 miles to the other side of the island and chill in the Sun ,it really is the best of both worlds.
During my camping adventure on the other side it only sprinkled occasion-lay about a minute at a time if that.
Yes ,occasionally a storm comes through...but its all just part of the show folks:0)

The island has Hana a tropical area with lots of rain at night. Kihei through Kannapali the dry Sun drenched part and Kahalui and Wailuku which experiences both.

Transportation News!

Well two days ago I entered into a bit of local business that required my need to travel occasionally. So I thought a moped would be ideal. Hence a sojourn on Craig list. But you know as I searched I realized that I had been trusting God so far on this trip and as he led me out here I decided this was his problem and quit searching and surrendered the issue to him on the spot.

No Kidding at that instant the phone rang. My friend Andy wanted to know how things were going.
Well long story short I now have the full time use of Andy’s 535 cc Virago Motorcycle more than enough power for these small island roads.
Some of you might remember My 750 Virago I had before I bought my BMW K100.
So I`m really familiar with its riding style.
It comes complete with foot-pegs on the crash bars for easy rider position.

Now ah is truly an Island cruiser.
Andy and I are the same size so I will be wearing a helmet , leather jacket , shoes, not Flip flops ,tank top and bald head....Maui doe not have a helmet law, guess they want to keep the tourists permanently intombed to the last dollar.

Seriously I have been leaning on God this whole trip and at times its been a real test of my faith and he keeps opening and closing doors , providing and unlike the Banks he wants nothing in return,after all he gave us the planet to enjoy.

Well I arose early to send you the latest and now I,m going for a nap

Have a wonderful day where ever this finds you I will be thinking of you as I cruise down the road with Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda Hooting and hollering..Yahooooo!!!

Mahalo :0))

Michael oxoxoxo

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maui # 12

Aloha fellow primates...Join me as I awake slowly to a new day in the New Irish Republic of Maui!!!...Long Live King Mick :0)

Just going to write the first thoughts that enter or evacuate my left and right hemispheres....Ok,here goes rambling Rod .....A beautiful picture can say a thousand words, a smile can warm the coldest heart, a handshake can seal a deal or welcome a new member to the group....the person who truly understands this with Love and passion will go far :0)

A frown, a closed mind and pre -conceived judgement can divide a community or relationship for centuries.
Such a closed mind will never experience all the wonderful things God and his great world have to offer as it spends its life navel gazing , sucking the life out of everyone with its constant whining...The mere suggestion of buying a one ticket anywhere would be met with a 1000 excuses`s

My close companion 'MAC' has been with me since the beginning of this adventure, he was a Christmas present from Cynthia. We became fast friends once I broke our language barrier.

Mac has been on the fore front of all my escapades, reporting up to the minute news and moments as we travel down the Maui yellow brick road- plus I absolutely love my New shinny drop dead gorgeous Red Shoes :0)

When resting Mac occupy s my trusty 'TIMBUK2' Man Purse ready at the first trumpet call, fully alert,wi fi on ready for my touch.
Mac is my voice to the world.
At night he provides video up link to Cynthia...during the day he documents using video,photo and Word.

Some misguided Neanderthal proclaimed mans best friend was a dog ??

Well they have not crossed paths with 'Mac and Me'...not to be confused with MacFly`s miss directional futures? or Big-Mac cholesterol ridden Ronny Mac D :0( not to mention 'Old Mac Donald' who had a farm and on it he had with a frustrated loud wife with a PC who squawked!

I NEED a Mac,Mac here and a Mac,Mac me A Mac to show you really...really Care”

So He bought a bunch of noisy loud obnoxious unemployed live stock from Adam and Eve as they moved out West to the Rockies to drown the town crier out. Then built a bomb proof man-cave...Now you know the real story behind the song.

Local News

Went to the teepee warming last night. It belongs to an indian Woman who`s Grandfather comes from northern Ireland. So we had a great conversation as you can imagine. We all sat around a large bonfire and swapped stories. The Teepee had a diameter of 25 feet.
It was well furnished complete with a wooden floor. Yes it was made of canvas and the poles were bamboo grown here on the island. It commands a wonderful view of the Ocean and countryside.

The food was modern day American..Pizza,chips and smores (no corn or wild turkey or confused pilgrims) ...surrounded by Tiki torches and bamboo curtain fencing. Mary The owner built it herself..Sorry cant remember what tribe..Oh wonder she has an Irish Grandfather.. :0)

Ok ,thats all I have to write for the mo...sorry not full of swashbuckling handsome Irish dudes fighting of Captain Cook and Rescuing Camels in distress...just a tired relaxed Mick waking up on a saturday morning :0)

Later Michael oxoxox

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Maui # 11

Now for something completely different :0)

Well another day has disappeared into the deep Pacific ocean of Hawaiian history and as David bowie once sang
“Ground control to major Tom...there is some thing wrong...where has that Irishman gone..”

Week #4 ..boy time fly’s....My heart rate is slower and mentally I,m just as nuts as ever.

Went to the town of Sheik today about 13 miles away it boasts 4 amazing white sand beaches and rarely rains and once a year the locals get to view movie stars 'Bob and Kellie Drake' as they eat Fish Taco`s with Brad pit and Forrest Gump outside their condo while being photographed by the Papa-Rat-ZEEE.
While there I met up with some really great locals to discuss some business. Had a very successful meeting , then went with Israel to get some shaved ice, and picked up his fam from school.

I feel as though I have always lived here and Oregon is a whole other life time ago. When I call Cynthia its like connecting to another planet....mmmmmm.... Must be that local stuff I,m smoking hahaha...just joking LSD is much better I get to see my Leprechaun family.... LOL to all you politically correct people with no passion...that was A JOKE......ROGER.....ROGER....DROID ...#000...OUT.....

Life is really slow here, no mainland rush ...yes I,m fast becoming a local, all I have to do now is fly Mike Hawkins out here so he can teach me how to fish with a rod and reel instead of the Irish way with left over dynamite from the northern Ireland . Back then the fastest game in a Belfast pub was pass the parcel or Tag Your it.. boom ...”what was his name..don’t know mate ..Barkeep make that two instead of 3”...

Hey you have to be able to laugh at the past.....I grew up with all that and now all that comes out of northern Ireland is Irishmen crawling out of pubs as they bid the moon a due and then rise with the sun as they start another day in peaceful Ireland . The only sound at night is the town crier locked in a pub after hours trying to get out...right, like that would ever happen ...more like an Irishman in DisneyPubland with his own hallucinations of Leprechauns instead of Mickey:0)))

Well all this is Stan Strauss`s fault...he claims I,m not writing enough blogs..well I will obliterate him in fiction.

Texas Stan was a tall man who drove his ox team through out the land back in the days of Paul Bunion. Rumor Has it that Stan Challenged Paul to a test of wits over a gal whom they both had designs upon. The girl Carol was one fiery hot tempered good looking Irish lass a recent immigrant from Dublin . It was said Carol could cleared many a saloon with her sharp witted Gaelic tongue. She became know as “The Red Headed Dragon” and wise cowboys steered away from her path.

Stan and Paul were not that smart and one night after too many fire waters they both proposed marriage on drunken knees. Silence fell over the saloon as The Dragon just about fell of her bar stool at the sight of our two idiots in Humble position begging for her hand in wedlock. All three locked eyes, you could hear a mouse fart in China it was so quiet.

Suddenly the saloon doors swung open and in strode Marshal Wild Bill Hickok spurs clanking accompanied by the tall slender silent Pat Garret both with guns drawn. Bill was the first to break the quiet!

“why in the name of Babe`s blue assed Ox is it so quiet in here”
The Bar keep simply pointed timidly at the 3 amigo`s . Bill could not believe what he was seeing........

To Be continued.....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maui # 10

Well its been the best of times and the worst of times!

Hey you say Charles dicky wrote that - He sure did..what a great opening line.
I could say, I came I saw I conquered or I had some good times , bad times on Maui but I,m the author and I can do as I bloom-in well please right! Ok, on with todays blog.

Its 6:09 just woke up in my man cave,its very quiet, in the distance I can hear the waves invading the shore line reminding me I,m not in Wilsonville Oregon. I can smell the sea air , the temp is high sixty’s to low seventies . Its winter here, got to love the Hawaiian winter. They say we will have rain this week, but I tell them not like Oregon, you guys just have sun showers to keep the tourists cool.

Although the flash floods last week were amusing, one second a tourist named Walt is sipping his shirley temple out of a coconut shell, the next he is hanging on to his wife’s overfilled purse ( one way ticket to Davy Jones locker ) as she floats down main straight Kihei yelling “Oh my hair”
Walt cannot believe his Luck ….

When I arrived on this lush isle I weighed in at 165 LBS, after eating my way though the jungle on a diet of Coconuts,mango`s, banana`s ,veggie warps, interesting variety of nuts , seeds, and drinking gallons of water I now weigh 149.2 lbs so forget your diet pills,buy a one way ticket to my litte blue Heaven :0)

A friend of mine asked me to write about the food, sadly as you can see my descrition is not very exciting.
Now if Cynthia was here she would go into minute detail with charts ,graphs and toxicity levels and all that fun stuff that guys love to talk about !
When I go to a restaurant I,m looking forward to good conversation , If its Chinese I ask for Number 7 can`t ever go wrong there mate. Cynthia on the other hand will keep the waitress busy with a plethora of questions.
Sorry Annie :0) wrong person to ask, lets just say it makes my heart beat , mouth lucubrated and very satisfied that my Neanderthal needs are met!

Previously on lost I mentioned that I danced on the beach, it happened on Cynthia`s birthday. It was not planned. Last year in Kihei I watched a tall slender woman dance on the shore line as the sun went down. She was totally immersed in the moment,oblivious to the world and his mother around her. It was a pleasure to watch someone so free of inhibitions. So I decided some day I was going to do it,frankly I was not that free but wanted to be.

Well it was mid morning as I talked with Cynthia on the beach at the campsite on her Birthday. All of a sudden I got the urge to dance. My first reaction was to look behind to see who was in view, but I did not . I just went with it, now I,m not a dancer and certainly no Ballerina like the Keihe woman. Nope I just began to sway with the moment , let my body go and yes I cried as I freely stumbled around. It was a great unplanned moment with Cynthia present courtesy of Verizon.

Well I,m off to cause trouble,thanks for dropping by hope this finds you well and I trully encourage you to dare to live on the edge and follow your hearts true desire even if it scares you!!!!!!


Michael :0) xoxoxo

Monday, March 4, 2013

                                         Maui # 9

Previously on lost Michael our Hero was camping on a really cool spot by the warm Ocean. Life was good at this Shang-ra-la..Elijah the coconut dude taught him how to fend for himself from the fruit of the jungle /Ocean.. The other survivors of Oceanic flight “OO lucky number 7”shared their fast wealth of island knowledge and possessions to make our Hero one of the family.

In all a great time was had by all.
But alas all good things come in seasons and this guy knew in his heart and soul that it was time to move of the beach into the hatch :0)

But where was he going to find such a hatch and a crazy Scottish man pushing a button asking are you him,are you him?
Well the answer was soon to be revealed.

The last time I wrote about 7 days ago...Adam , Casey and I had gone to a great sunday service..with Hanna lei and after wards had worked on the taro fields.
The Night before this I knew in my spirit it was time to leave the camp,so I prayed asking God to open the next door of this adventure, Cynthia also agreed it was time to move on before the natives did a kill Captain Cook reenactment...not hahahaha..just threw that in...but Cynthia and I were in agreement :0)

Well after we all had worked on the Taro Fields we sat down to a wonderful Hawaiian lunch. I talked with a lot of the crew. A young man Named Israel sat next to me , we shared a lot of what God was doing in our lives, we had an instant connection.

Lunched ended,as we packed up to go Israel asked me what my plans were. So I told him it was time for me to move on from the campsite . He then simply said come stay with my family I dont want you to be homless on Maui. Stay until God shows you the next step. We exchanged numbers...That night I prayed...called Cynthia and she said your a doubting Thomas, God has opened the door call Israel and except his offer. I did :0)

That night had a going away / welcome to the island party with all my beach family...I hate instead I said to be continued!!!!! I have many numbers and warm memories!!!!

Next Morning Adam and Casey drove me to Wailuku to meet up with Israel.
Isreal`s family have a huge home and the presence of God and aloha spirit fills that home.
I will not tell any of their personal information, only that they have made me feel extremely welcome. As time goes by with their permission I will introduce you..;)

Thursday last was Isreal`s birthday and guess what he wanted to do...Yes! Go CAMPING!!!,....mmm..hey I finally had 4 walls and utilities ;0(

Long story short we ( Israel, Andy who is my age more on him later )just came back from 4 days of male bonding in Hana...swam in the seven pools..hung out on a red sand beach that had lots of statues of David and David-ets / naked Adam and Eve`s showing of years of Hometown buffet abuse...
yes, Ken and Barbie did show up.
The funniest moment was when we rounded a high cliff path that led down to the hidden beach and the first thing I saw was a naked guy sleeping with full periscope up ( Yes, he needed to go to the bathroom bad) and turned around and looked back at the line of elderly bag carrying tourists and wanted to Yell “Dive , Dive torpedo’s loose!!!!!

Instead I said Birthday suits ahead...everyone one had a good sense of humor and we all just went with the flow...had a great time on “THE THIN RED LINE” beach ok you vets aught to get that one :0)

Well I will leave you as I have some e mails to write..Today starts week four and I,m not in the Hatch...but the Village with Ben hahaha...Got to Love facing your fears and watching Gods provision as we follow him blindly like sheep over the edge of the cliff...only to discover that out there the ground is more solid....

This a has been an incredible test of my faith and Cynthia`s so far and at times I cry at how amazing our God is....God Bless you all

Humbled Doubting Thomas ;0000) xoxooxxo