Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maui # 13

Ahoy all you land lovers who lost an hour of kip last night. Out here in Shang-ra-na-na- na-na the clock does not change. The Hawaiians have it down ,don’t mess with father time ! his sun rise and sets on his terms ,he does not need mans help.

Local news:
We had rain all day yesterday , so I grabbed the cell and went on walkabout talking with Cynthia. I may have got wet but I had the warm Pacific breeze as my constant companion.
Thats the beauty of this fair isle even in winter its warm as against Oregon cold and damp.
If I don’t like the rain I just simply go 8 miles to the other side of the island and chill in the Sun ,it really is the best of both worlds.
During my camping adventure on the other side it only sprinkled occasion-lay about a minute at a time if that.
Yes ,occasionally a storm comes through...but its all just part of the show folks:0)

The island has Hana a tropical area with lots of rain at night. Kihei through Kannapali the dry Sun drenched part and Kahalui and Wailuku which experiences both.

Transportation News!

Well two days ago I entered into a bit of local business that required my need to travel occasionally. So I thought a moped would be ideal. Hence a sojourn on Craig list. But you know as I searched I realized that I had been trusting God so far on this trip and as he led me out here I decided this was his problem and quit searching and surrendered the issue to him on the spot.

No Kidding at that instant the phone rang. My friend Andy wanted to know how things were going.
Well long story short I now have the full time use of Andy’s 535 cc Virago Motorcycle more than enough power for these small island roads.
Some of you might remember My 750 Virago I had before I bought my BMW K100.
So I`m really familiar with its riding style.
It comes complete with foot-pegs on the crash bars for easy rider position.

Now ah is truly an Island cruiser.
Andy and I are the same size so I will be wearing a helmet , leather jacket , shoes, not Flip flops ,tank top and bald head....Maui doe not have a helmet law, guess they want to keep the tourists permanently intombed to the last dollar.

Seriously I have been leaning on God this whole trip and at times its been a real test of my faith and he keeps opening and closing doors , providing and unlike the Banks he wants nothing in return,after all he gave us the planet to enjoy.

Well I arose early to send you the latest and now I,m going for a nap

Have a wonderful day where ever this finds you I will be thinking of you as I cruise down the road with Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda Hooting and hollering..Yahooooo!!!

Mahalo :0))

Michael oxoxoxo