Thursday, December 11, 2014

No Man Is An Island..But the Island can make or Break the man :)

This island is truly the death of me...
The other day I turned to Cynthia, when she came home from work and said;
“ Hi my name is Michael and I suffer from depression ... a matter of fact I have suffered from depression all of my life”.

I think it is very interesting how God has healed me of so many things like loneliness, that had plagued me all my life as well as various fears from my childhood, yet my depression continues to be a daily battle. Those people that go around proclaiming that Christianity is all joy and prosperity need a serious chill pill, then they need to come out of the closet by telling the truth of how they really feel. Don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing times as a Christian but not because I dumped a load of hard earned money on some TV preachers lap who was already swimming in green acres.

If money could truly bring happiness, then the suicide rate at which some rich people kill themselves at would be none existent. My heart went out to Robin Williams, I could so relate to him; he was a guy, who as far as we could all see looked out for others. For many of us, he was a childhood friend but in the end he succumbed to a serious bout of depression. I did not know him personally but I cried when I heard of his untimely death.

Some days I don't want to get out of bed, but I do, Cynthia needs her coffee :). I can pray for others and see Jesus set them free from illness and a whole variety of other things, yet for some reason this hound dog of depression still follows my scent. Oh how I wish somebody else would blow a horn he could harken to and pound after.

Some of the the most famous writers suffered greatly from Earnest Hemingway. When I read a Farewell to Arms I was mad at him for killing off a wonderful romance. Then when I read about his life, it all made sense; like me, a kid of an alcoholic sabotaging a good romance by throwing a wrench into a perfectly good engine. The man was never truly happy, he sought happiness in relationships. I know only too well that's not where it lies, sure don't get me wrong, I love Cynthia but even she cannot satisfy all my needs. I genuinely love Jesus more than life it self and yet He whom I have given my life to has chosen, for reasons known only to himself and father God, to leave me with this irritating dilemma. I guess you could say it keeps me coming back to him for help; ask any of my close fiends, they will tell you I need a lot of help.

And yet here I am; living in paradise with the perfect climate and an incredible soul mate, who puts up with me. To me that's the greatest example of Gods love to someone like me, giving me someone who loves me unconditionally. Cynthia deserves the Victoria Cross and the Purple heart.

I'm not looking for sympathy, just having a rant and hopefully someone who thinks that christians have it easy, will realize that we go through the same crap; with the difference that we have hope in Jesus. Any guy that will go through the most severe torture of suffocation on a cross for an Irish guy like me, is sure worthy of me standing up and paying attention!

In The words of Robin Williams “Merry friggin Christmas!”



Tuesday, September 23, 2014


CLARKS Wave Sandal The Best :)

Good  colgate morning its september 23 my son Jaq`s Birthday. On This day 1988 he came screaming into the world full throttle no holes barred. Jaq now lives and goes to Collage in Portland Oregon. He served 3 years in the Army 1st Armour-ed division Fort Bliss and South Korea and he is also a great Comedian although he wont let me know where he does his stand-up act for obvious reasons LOL... I'm very proud to be his father and wish him well in his next 200 years...All my love to you on this Day Jaq :0)

On this day sept 1916 - World War I: Manfred Von Richthofen [The Red Baron], a flying ace of the German Luftstreitkräfte, wins his first aerial combat near Cambrai, France.

The first whaling ship sails into Hawaii in 1819 not a good thing for the whales.
 In1850 - Great fire in San Francisco began.
 Finaly in 2014 Michael and Cynthia Cagnoni Quinlan officially celebrated one year on on the island of Maui.
Yes, a year fly's by seems like only yesterday we came here for our first vacation.

Last saturday  morning I got up early put on my CLARKS Wave  sandals to go to the store for some half and Half for Cynthia`s coffee. I drove slowly out of our parking lot and headed down the hill towards the shore line road,all of a sudden I was struck by how beautiful the morning was ,the sun was up, Palm trees were rustling softly in the fresh trade winds that had been absent for a week or so, the Island of Malachi was clearly visible across the bright blue south Pacific . I thought what a wonderful morning, then it hit me I had not thought like that on this island for a long time. Most mornings or days for that mater on Maui are amazing and why not its the land of sunshine , warm water with cool ocean breezes whispering through the shore line palm trees.
 I realized that my island fever that had plagued me for so long was finally draining away.

I resolved in my mind that this weekend was going to be special or us both ,Cynthia especially, God only knows how much Island fever grief I have put her through. She deserves a Platinum medal for unconditional love and I deserve the Grey Cloud of Eeyore for the Ass that fought paradise.
 Truth be-told this island has been the death of the old me and boy did I fight it as many of you have of read in my blogs,but then thats real life not like the land of Bleached teeth with perfect smiles and artificial bodies where everybody's Happy and Prozac goes Cha-Ching!

Later that day we headed to a new beach there are so many to choose from. That evening we ate at our favorite fish Taco outlet in Honakowi followed by a movie on our big screen at home. The Next Morning we treated ourselves to a day pass at the Westin Hotel and resort in kannapli. We basked in the hot sunshine,swam in the many pools,had our backs massaged by the abundance of waterfalls, scared my self on the large and fast water slide. Had cocktails followed by a great pool side lunch watched an amazing sunset ,in all we had an amazing weekend.

Clarks shoes USA Wave Sandal Best in the World :)

Back on the Mainland my Great  friend David Jorgenson married his sweet heart Julie Cramer may they have a wonderful life together filled with true blessings!!!

Well thats all for the moment,I have missed the new me been a while waiting for him to come out brings a whole new meaning to the Phrase.... Be still and know that I,m God and if he just brought my Irish butt out here to get my attention well it certainly was worth it turmoil and all.

Cheers to you all Michael and Cynthia :0)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beach Bums Guide to Maui by Michael J Quinlan: Living in The Cloud :)

Beach Bums Guide to Maui by Michael J Quinlan: Living in The Cloud :): Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff wondering should I jump risk it all or simply remain on what I think is solid ground ? Li...

Living in The Cloud :)

Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff wondering should I jump risk it all or simply remain on what I think is solid ground ?

Life can throw some interesting challenges our way, we can either embrace them or curl up in a comfortable familiar corner of false security.

Truth is nothing is forever or for that mater really secure, fear will paralyze the best of us.
Just watch how a Lions Roar freezes an antelope, he has not even touched his prey...his roar is an echo of so many of the critical nay sayers and yea but sooth sayers that pollute the planet like a bad internet virus.

We have all be given amazing talents and absolutely none of us were made by accident...That being said let me take you on a flight out over the south Pacific to my new home town of Napili on Maui Hawaii. Its a grand and beautiful tropical island with lush green jungles producing all manner of fruits. The white sandy beaches that line the warm coral marine filled Pacific are some of the best hot spots on the globe.

My beautiful Argentinian wife Cynthia wanted to come out here over 4 years ago on vacation to be honest I was not so in favor. But I bit my lip as she worked so hard at her incredibly stressful job and truth be told this was her hearts desire.
So like the trusty valet “.
Passepartout” who accompanied “Phileas Fogg” around the world in 80 days I took flight with Cynthia on her Hawain adventure

Most of you know the rest of the story and here we are in Paradise and I,m seriously struggling with island fever....Its been a hard challenge for me and one that will not end soon.
Now I like the rest of the so called “Happy People” could crawl down to the local witch doctor get a vial full of anti- Happy drugs and run around like an excited Gerbil in never never land, but alas I would rather face the Tiger straight on than stand there with all the other droids singing ..
“We all live in a Yellow submarine”

Finlay found out what that song was all about :)

It is wonderful to see Cynthia florishing at her New Career, she is loved and respected I,m truly, truly happy for her.
She has had a hard time these past 9 odd years with various Thankless corporate employers who have a bad case of self gratifying tunnel vision for the
bottom line and totally miss the hearts and souls of loyal employee`s after all that is why humans were wonderfuly created.

We thrive when we encourage each other. In truth that is one of the many reasons why I became self-employed..I do not miss that world it is after all a false world. I do not want to be known for building an Empire on sand when I depart this world, but as a man who truly understood unconditional love and if I can grasp that in all its great depths then I will be glorious wealthy beyond my wildest dreams , that to me is true living . When I meet Jesus at the end of my time I want to say I had a great run and those talents you gave me are all used up !!

Mean while I will embrace this cloud for all its worth because I know I will be a better man for it..Good title for a novel

“My Death in Paradise”
by a reluctant kicking screaming Irish Bloody Mick

Hey could work....the truth hurts but it truly dose put you on the road to freedom!!!!
Cheers my far mainland and global friends!!!

Your sympathy I do not not desire, but your love and friendship that truly dose fuel my fire!!!

Michael :0)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maui our home  :0)

Well it was the best of times it was the worst of times and no I did not come up with those words.

But it dose describe our move here .
Would I do it all again if I had the choice?
Yes, rough spots and all. After all we only have one life to live and if we had looked at the giants in the land we would never have left the front door.

We finally moved into our own studio, its small but cosy for the first time in 11 months we have our own bathroom with flushing toilet, kitchen with a real stove and Fridge. I flick a switch and a light comes on Amazing! We even have a memory foam bed and sat we bought a new 50 in Vizio we still don't watch TV as the world knows it, but Netflix. When I was on the island on my own I only missed 2 things Cynthia and My Vizio smart TV which was sold into a good home back in Oregon :0)

Living of the grid makes you appreciate the simple things in life , like flushing a toilet or making coffee or running water. It also challenges your metal.
I went through times of depression , times of nothingness and island fever.
Island fever has been the hardest on me as I
love and miss those wide open spaces of the USA  with  motorcycle rides for days.
But like every other challenge life and god throws at me I will get through as some one once said

“ This too shall Pass”

I,m sitting at a glass table outside listening to the warm wind blow through the various fruit and palm trees accompanied by the morning songs of the island bird life. The sun is out as usual , for the first time in weeks I,m relaxed enough to write a new blog. Maybe I should have scribbled something down back them, but I did not and there you have it.

Cynthia loves her job and yes it sure dose have its challenges, I went camping with her and 48 Hawaiian Kids in a town called Hana where 90% of the population is Hawaiian and they are proud of it, best trip I have ever been on, those kids look out other for each other and are very independent. They don't think twice about asking questions or making humorous remarks they have a strong sense of family.

Well to warp it all up its good to be settled into our own home small as it is..447 sqf...but on this island you don't need much as the island is your back garden , front yard and permanent vacation spot

 Cheers to you all...sorry its not a great update...but I,m slowly getting back into the swing of writing again

Michael  :0)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Death In Paradise :0(

Death In Paradise :0(

Fathers day like any other fathers day began as it dose out here with the sun rising to shine magnificently on yet another warm south pacific cool breeze morning on the tropical island of Maui. Jaq and Casey my boys,now young men sent me greetings and Cynthia and I had dark deep strong Argentine style morning coffee loaded with enough kick to start any motorcycle I know.Then packed the car with snacks, beach parafinalia and headed to Kapalua cove in Napili north west Maui.

The drive from waliku to Lahaina is breath taking with the ocean on our immediate left and the West Maui mountains on our right. We never tire of the deep blue Pacific with its twin bleached white breakers a 100 yards of shore.
 It reminds me so much of the opening sequences of Hawaii-five -O back in my seventies school days and yes on some evenings we have seen the five man shilotes of outriggers against the back drop of a Maui Sunset.

We arrived at our popular destination 45 mins later and as the luck of the Irish would have it ( Gods Irish didn`t you know ) got a parking spot within yards of the white sandy palm tree lined cove.
 Kapuala cove has some of the best snorkeling on Maui. Its sheltered from the deep pacific by two rocky pininsalas jutting out to sea. It is a tropical marine paradise,

 I,m continley amazed at the variety of Picasso style colored Fish we encounter each time we frequent its warm waters. Oh yes and lets not forget the many large turtles that live and feed among the multiply colored spectacular coral reef.

Talking of Turtles Cynthia had just come in from a swim and called to me to come see a turtle that was feeding on the shore line. I grabbed my snorkel equipment and joined her. That was when we heard a man yell “call 911” our first instinct was to look for a shark victim but then we saw an elderly man being pulled out of the water on to the beach. 
We both kicked into gear, seconds later I was kneeling beside him and between my self and 3 others we administered CPR , Cynthia handled crowd control in particular keeping young children away for obvious reasons. All those years of CPR class`s among the 4 of us kicked in, nobody panicked, we rotated with chest compressions and rescue breaths the guy next to me was a CPR instructor on vacation, there was also a young Girl who had just completed her CPR

training and a resort Employee who fetched a de defibrillator and acted like the pro he was. It was amazing team work. Then the paramedics arrived within six minutes and took over from us, they were incredibly professional.

Charles who was 76 passed away during our efforts ,his wife and visiting friends..... well you can imagine how every one felt, people cried after it was over, what more can I say or write.

Charles was somebodies Father Husband and friend, May you rest in Peace Brother.

Afterwards I went for a long snorkel to let my emotions out in a silent scream / cry underwater and then Cynthia and I met a women from Ireland vacationing on Maui we talked till the Sun went down we needed the welcome distraction.

We never know the day or the hour....

Aloha Michael and Cynthia :0)

Spaniard inn kinsale Ireland

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lost On Maui :0)

It s Tuesday june 3ard 2014..we have been on this patch of land far out in the pacific just over 9 months and a few days ,minutes even!
Truth be told if it was to be measured in Maui time I personally have logged 8808.5 Hours to date with Cynthia coming in at 7200.5 ...Thats a lot of time when you think about it in our short life spans.

Its been a long journey and at times a lonely one as even the deepest of human relationships can not fill some voids. Cynthia is an amazing soulmate, great trail blazer,but some trails are meant to be walked alone just you and your creator. 
The words from the famous football song “you will never walk alone” come to mind but I think that was for lonely Horace in Boise Idaho walking home on fifth street serenading his dog Bingo on the other side of midnight.

I,m sitting outside Lahina public Library on my beach chair looking a cross the water to the Island of Lanai. Its a hot early morning but I have the canopy of a large tree with a cool breeze flowing in from lanai`s direction, I`m still except for the clatter of the keys as I take my thoughts for a stroll across the key board of my good friend Mac!

I,m surrounded by an international force of tourists ,locals  ,lets face it its the land of Eternal summer. Just came through winter here and I have a fine Tan?

Went snorkeling yesterday at Napali Cove , got real up close and personal with a 5 ft Turtle,hung out with him for 25 minutes till he finally waved good bye as he headed for deeper water where the tigers and great whites live and this Irishman wont go. 

When we first met he was in ten feet of water in a coral cave I had followed him in and then went topsides to watch. After about ten minutes of waiting patiently, he waved his flipper at me and swam up to meet me. It was an awesome moment,total trust. 
No I did not touch him thats illegal out here,big fine. But lets put it this way our eyes met at bout 6 inches and I pulled away as by his time I was surrounded by other snorkelers. Then began a game of dive and surface among the coral and shoals of colorful fish for about 15 mins , nobody else came any closer. I like them on my first experience with turtles kept a safe distance, after all they are Tiger sharks favorite Quiz zine.
Well on we swam or glided and then he met a fellow turtle who had his own entourage of human followers, we were all so focused on our turtles that there was a momantery clash of bodies and fins as we all changed course.

This business of letting go and allowing God to strip this Irishman naked sure has some nice attractions along the way , things I would have missed if I had not been still and let him be God and the turtle Take this Hare on the race of his life!

Love to you all
Michael :0)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Stripped Naked On Maui ?

Stripped Naked On Maui ?

A very famous man once said

“It is much easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”

Basicly when Harlod the Camel wanted to enter the City he had to go through the needle which was a tall narrow entrance and so to pass in he had to unload his baggage and reload inside the city.

Well truth be told right now I feel very much like the camel, am I a rich merchant? Nope
But this island is a place where you slow down to a crawl that you begin to see yourself for who you really are and how much unnecessary baggage has been holding you back or weighing you down.
The term you can run but you can`t hide comes to mind , even the motorcycle is no good for a long distance escape into the sunset and as I,m not a long distance swimmer I have no choice but to sit on the beach to face the musical sunset.

In short I am being stripped naked by God almighty and like the Verizon add he is saying clearly

“ Can you hear me now Mick”
“ Sorry mate the NSA gave you a wrong number try the WhiteHouse DC”

That is why I have not written any blogs in a while, the last one was a poem I wrote some years back and just posted it to keep some sort of flow going, but truth is I have had zero desire or inspiration to write. Yes I,m surrounded by a world of wonderful paradise filled sparks but for the moment its up to some other wandering traveler to fan the flame.

I,m not depressed just being undressed by my creator, I did not see this coming and If I had known I might have sped out on my iron steed across the wild-west on an Irish goose chase.

For the first time in my life I have no plan or clue whats coming and so I have decided to embrace this time and be completely vulnerable in Gods hands.

Recently as Cynthia was praying with me the Holy spirit brought back a child hood event that had a major impact on my life. I was 4 or 5 years old and attending Kindergarden In Glasgow Scotland. During recess A fellow female classmate and I decided to walk away from the play ground around to the rear of the school to see what was on the other side. Truth be told we were breaking the rules as that area was off limits.

Anyway......... at back of said school in the “no fly zone” two Thugs were waiting, my friend escaped but alas I was not so fortunate. The first thug held me against a telephone pole while thug #2 proclaimed he was going to get his chain saw and cut my head off.
I believed them and thought my life as I knew it was about to end. It was a horrific moment that seemed to last for ever...still cannot remember how I escaped. But that moment impacted my life forever. Yes, fear set in in its ugly form. Amazing how a crack in our foundation can be a major catalyst in our lives for good or bad .

So here I,m on our island
paradise going through a much needed tune up and someday soon like my friend the camel I will arise on the other side of the needle a stronger Leprachcaun carrying the right suit case`s.....So the next series of bloggs will deal with the Naked truth and when I get to heaven I will ask that other naked Couple from eden..

“What in the Hell were you thinking?”

Love you All Michael Oxoxox