Thursday, March 7, 2013

Maui # 11

Now for something completely different :0)

Well another day has disappeared into the deep Pacific ocean of Hawaiian history and as David bowie once sang
“Ground control to major Tom...there is some thing wrong...where has that Irishman gone..”

Week #4 ..boy time fly’s....My heart rate is slower and mentally I,m just as nuts as ever.

Went to the town of Sheik today about 13 miles away it boasts 4 amazing white sand beaches and rarely rains and once a year the locals get to view movie stars 'Bob and Kellie Drake' as they eat Fish Taco`s with Brad pit and Forrest Gump outside their condo while being photographed by the Papa-Rat-ZEEE.
While there I met up with some really great locals to discuss some business. Had a very successful meeting , then went with Israel to get some shaved ice, and picked up his fam from school.

I feel as though I have always lived here and Oregon is a whole other life time ago. When I call Cynthia its like connecting to another planet....mmmmmm.... Must be that local stuff I,m smoking hahaha...just joking LSD is much better I get to see my Leprechaun family.... LOL to all you politically correct people with no passion...that was A JOKE......ROGER.....ROGER....DROID ...#000...OUT.....

Life is really slow here, no mainland rush ...yes I,m fast becoming a local, all I have to do now is fly Mike Hawkins out here so he can teach me how to fish with a rod and reel instead of the Irish way with left over dynamite from the northern Ireland . Back then the fastest game in a Belfast pub was pass the parcel or Tag Your it.. boom ...”what was his name..don’t know mate ..Barkeep make that two instead of 3”...

Hey you have to be able to laugh at the past.....I grew up with all that and now all that comes out of northern Ireland is Irishmen crawling out of pubs as they bid the moon a due and then rise with the sun as they start another day in peaceful Ireland . The only sound at night is the town crier locked in a pub after hours trying to get out...right, like that would ever happen ...more like an Irishman in DisneyPubland with his own hallucinations of Leprechauns instead of Mickey:0)))

Well all this is Stan Strauss`s fault...he claims I,m not writing enough blogs..well I will obliterate him in fiction.

Texas Stan was a tall man who drove his ox team through out the land back in the days of Paul Bunion. Rumor Has it that Stan Challenged Paul to a test of wits over a gal whom they both had designs upon. The girl Carol was one fiery hot tempered good looking Irish lass a recent immigrant from Dublin . It was said Carol could cleared many a saloon with her sharp witted Gaelic tongue. She became know as “The Red Headed Dragon” and wise cowboys steered away from her path.

Stan and Paul were not that smart and one night after too many fire waters they both proposed marriage on drunken knees. Silence fell over the saloon as The Dragon just about fell of her bar stool at the sight of our two idiots in Humble position begging for her hand in wedlock. All three locked eyes, you could hear a mouse fart in China it was so quiet.

Suddenly the saloon doors swung open and in strode Marshal Wild Bill Hickok spurs clanking accompanied by the tall slender silent Pat Garret both with guns drawn. Bill was the first to break the quiet!

“why in the name of Babe`s blue assed Ox is it so quiet in here”
The Bar keep simply pointed timidly at the 3 amigo`s . Bill could not believe what he was seeing........

To Be continued.....