Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maui # 12

Aloha fellow primates...Join me as I awake slowly to a new day in the New Irish Republic of Maui!!!...Long Live King Mick :0)

Just going to write the first thoughts that enter or evacuate my left and right hemispheres....Ok,here goes rambling Rod .....A beautiful picture can say a thousand words, a smile can warm the coldest heart, a handshake can seal a deal or welcome a new member to the group....the person who truly understands this with Love and passion will go far :0)

A frown, a closed mind and pre -conceived judgement can divide a community or relationship for centuries.
Such a closed mind will never experience all the wonderful things God and his great world have to offer as it spends its life navel gazing , sucking the life out of everyone with its constant whining...The mere suggestion of buying a one ticket anywhere would be met with a 1000 excuses`s

My close companion 'MAC' has been with me since the beginning of this adventure, he was a Christmas present from Cynthia. We became fast friends once I broke our language barrier.

Mac has been on the fore front of all my escapades, reporting up to the minute news and moments as we travel down the Maui yellow brick road- plus I absolutely love my New shinny drop dead gorgeous Red Shoes :0)

When resting Mac occupy s my trusty 'TIMBUK2' Man Purse ready at the first trumpet call, fully alert,wi fi on ready for my touch.
Mac is my voice to the world.
At night he provides video up link to Cynthia...during the day he documents using video,photo and Word.

Some misguided Neanderthal proclaimed mans best friend was a dog ??

Well they have not crossed paths with 'Mac and Me'...not to be confused with MacFly`s miss directional futures? or Big-Mac cholesterol ridden Ronny Mac D :0( not to mention 'Old Mac Donald' who had a farm and on it he had with a frustrated loud wife with a PC who squawked!

I NEED a Mac,Mac here and a Mac,Mac me A Mac to show you really...really Care”

So He bought a bunch of noisy loud obnoxious unemployed live stock from Adam and Eve as they moved out West to the Rockies to drown the town crier out. Then built a bomb proof man-cave...Now you know the real story behind the song.

Local News

Went to the teepee warming last night. It belongs to an indian Woman who`s Grandfather comes from northern Ireland. So we had a great conversation as you can imagine. We all sat around a large bonfire and swapped stories. The Teepee had a diameter of 25 feet.
It was well furnished complete with a wooden floor. Yes it was made of canvas and the poles were bamboo grown here on the island. It commands a wonderful view of the Ocean and countryside.

The food was modern day American..Pizza,chips and smores (no corn or wild turkey or confused pilgrims) ...surrounded by Tiki torches and bamboo curtain fencing. Mary The owner built it herself..Sorry cant remember what tribe..Oh wonder she has an Irish Grandfather.. :0)

Ok ,thats all I have to write for the mo...sorry not full of swashbuckling handsome Irish dudes fighting of Captain Cook and Rescuing Camels in distress...just a tired relaxed Mick waking up on a saturday morning :0)

Later Michael oxoxox