Monday, March 25, 2013

.Maui # 19

Good morning land people, its another sunny day on Maui. Yes, the sun is up the temp is 78 degree`s and the dolphins are jumping welcome to my part of the new world Aloha. This morning I,m at Akina for some more driver training.

It is a small operation, with about 30 tour bus`s and 13 school bus`s along with with limo`s. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant ,basicly the aloha spirit in action.

My Trainer is a local Hawaiian ( will not use people`s names without their permission )with a laid back disposition but very mature and responsible, the ideal trainer .

I just met the young cleaning guy Nick, he like I came over on a one way ticket . Nick is from Maryland he has a great attitude and is about to buy a motorcycle, his mother is against it, heard that one before, maybe I will train him and give him a bright safety vest hahaha..

Well Im still in the staff room waiting for Mr Trainer , so far I have shaken everyones hand that has passed me by. I love doing that makes for a fun day ,never know who you are going to meet or what culture you are going to connect with.

A smile and handshake cost you nothing.
Ok! some disgruntled reader Yells what about colds and viruses...yup have to give the yea butts a tiny voice,actually thats all they deserve. Ok, Fly’s they can have all the fly’s.

My challenge so far this am is to complete this blog before Trainer Man shows up and if 9AM Hawaiian time is the same as Irish time then I believe we have a novel in the making :0)

Time stands still over here, no fast paced American corporate time clock :0)

Yay.. Guess what we are taking out a school bus today, my first yellow bus ride on Maui...will write later :0)

Ok, its later and I,m sitting on the beach watching the Sun go down.

Well the school bus was a blast driving around Kihei. We did the usual pre-trip.
Right all you school bus drivers will get a kick out of this.

There were two of us being trained today.
Lets call the other driver Mrs X.
I was asked to verbalize the first part of the pretrip , I did a good job I might add, hey after 14 years
I aught to remember something.

Then Mrs X takes over about 3 mins into it as we are going along the outside of the bus passenger side her cell phone rings. Without skipping a beat she answer’s it stops the pre-trip with trainer watching and proceeds to have a conversation with her friend.
I look over at the trainer,he does not bat an eyelid, then she finishes her conversation with her friend, hangs up and simply carries on with the verable pre-trip as though nothing had happened.

Try doing that at Salem Keizer or First Student....Yes! they are very laid back here, people truly do come first.

This place so reminds me of Ireland!!!!!

Ok Mahalo you land lot and now I,m going to post this from the beach on Maui
as the sun is going this is so dang cool!!!!

Later Michael xoxoox