Saturday, January 23, 2016

Beach Bums Guide to Maui by Michael J Quinlan: Maui 8 Months later ;-)

Beach Bums Guide to Maui by Michael J Quinlan: Maui 8 Months later ;-): Well ,it has been close to 8 long months since I last penned a blog,truth be told I did not think it would take this long to write anoth...

Maui 8 Months later ;-)

Well ,it has been close to 8 long months since I last penned a blog,truth be told I did not think it would take this long to write another update.

This is what occurred since then.

Six months back we said goodbye to my friends from Australia who had come to visit . I had not seen Warwick and June Murphy for 30 years since my time in London England..That was on a Sunday I believe, Monday morning Cynthia took up her new position as Director of The Makawao Boys and Girls Club. 

The town of Makawao was over 45 mikes away 2000 feet up in an area called in simple Ha-wain terms “ Up country” which is on the slope of Haleakala 10,000 ft ( Best sunsets and rise`s in the world so I,m told).  Back then we lived on the other side of the island known as the West side behind the “West Maui Mountains” in very quaint seriously expensive town called Napili. We lived in a small studio at  atop a hill over looking the Pacific, that is those upstairs could see it, we saw tree`s and very big dogs recycling,but the beach was ¼ mile away with some of the best swimming and snorkeling on Maui`s west side.

So, as I said Cynthia began her first day of work and so also began our daily ca-mute /round trip to other side of Island Known as “The other side”.
The first order of biz was find a new abode on afore said side ,should be easy right ?
 As many of you know applying for a vacant apartment on Park Avenue New York is like waiting for the  team from publishers clearing house to show up.
Craigslist was full of vacant units , so  along with a cast of thousands we began applying. In the beginning I was receiving “ZERO” replies. I thought maybe my gmail connection to the other side was being blocked by the West Maui Mountains  Nope all was clear, mean while Cynthia and Moi made the daily pilgrimage to the Boys and Girls Club Viva the one road out of the Westside which ran along the Ocean with 100s of surfers and amazing views to the road on the Other side, think of it like a figure 8 scalelitric race car track with work on one steep Banked  turn and home on the other, five days a week for 6 months now you know how your pet gerbil Stanley feels about that stupid wheel you bought him.

Now back on the mainland it would be nothing on a freeway,many of you do it daily without a second thought, but here if Benny Moke from Beijing decides to slow down his Mustang Convertible to watch some guy do tricks on his long board we all get to share the wonderful moment , need I say more.

While Cynthia worked at the Club I decided for sanity's sake to explore the various hikes in the area . My Favorite as many of you know from my posts was the Makawao Forrest loop 7.2 miles which I did on a daily basis and then extended it as I explored more finding waterfalls etc longest hike 14 miles which out here really is not that hard as the scenery calls to your soul to keep on keeping on and before you know it your waist size begins to diminish and your mind opens up to new possibilities, nope did not hug any tree`s.

The hunt for “Red October” continued along with my creative writing skills, now I was starting to get replies and even innovations to open house`s. But when we crossed the threshold and signed the visitors log we became deeply discouraged at the fact that many times we were on the second or third page.
Many of the adds would declare Impress us, dazzle us and may the best one win, so I purchased a dancing Monkey, Right! Moving on....

The whole affair was taking a big toll on us,it reminded me of my school bus driving days drive for 6 but be gone for 12. I really felt sorry for Cynthia who was trying to establish herself as the new Boss in town and not leaving most nights until past 7 at least I drove which gave her some down time and of course I had zero desire to write for obvious be continued