Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rooster Cockburn had nothing on this wild Bunch ;0)

And now for something completely different?

“When you hear the rooster crow three times.”..

We all know who said that about 2000 years on for the updated Irish verision ;0)

Well do I have a tale to spin as many of you know Cynthia and I are currently the Guest of our North American Indian friend at her Tee-Pee. We have been living of the grid close to 90 days now. Yes! that includes THE OUT HOUSE "The Famous home of Maui theaters production of Michael Quinlans Lord of the Fly’s”,funny they don’t bother me any more, nor do the mosquito`s guess I,m numb.

Cooking over an open fire is great includes breakfast ,lunch and Dinner.
Nights are filled with great sunsets followed by the rising of the moon and the laying down of mine, occasionally it rains but not for long.

The goats and sheep have increased to over 100 plus ,in the adjacent field are some magnificent mustangs. The land Owner is a Horse breeder, so with all the animals peace and quiet life could not get any better for this Irish adopted Indian and his beautiful hot Argentinian squaw. Right!

Well one fine Maui afternoon as the Warm South Pacific breeze was blowing softly through the Macadamia nut trees that border our international reservation a tall dark lone cowboy came riding up on a powerful mustang...
ok, scratch that never happened just seemed like a good idea at the time. No, a couple of dirty white pickups drove through the gate of our Shang-ra -la. On the backs of these pickups were lots of white 55 gallon plastic barrels with large oval cut outs and black bungee cord thingy s attached to the top of each one.

Never seen anything like those I thought as I watched the Ranch hands unload them about 100yards away next to a 75ft trailer. Must be storing them I thought and carried on with what ever I was doing right !watching them. Next day more trucks ,more barrels and some big chicken coops. Then no action for a week all was quiet on the western front, then they came on the back of pickups in cages, boxes, bags? 

Now they had my Irish nose, out of these containers came lots and lots and lots did I say lots ...yes !lots of Beautiful proud Black, red, white, and green Roosters, my heart took a nose dive towards the deck. Shite there goes the neighbor hood plus the middle east peace accord.

Let me tell you something about Maui, it already has 1000`s of wild roosters chasing after hot chickens letting the locals know what time it is every hour on the hour. So now we had Hitlers Crack SS Rooster division crossing Mine bloody path.

The first night was interesting,but after a week or so the Wehrmacht settled in , besides they were 100yards north and being the disciplined Kraut SS they were they did not yell Authung fire! till sunrise, so being an early riser me-self I did not mind.

That was until one Friday afternoon the English army showed up. Apparently a friend of the Rancher had a friend who`s land was repossessed and said friend being a fellow rooster lover needed a temporary home for his 40 plus homeless Tommie`s. The English Army is now occupying the west bank of our Reservation Ergo! right in front of our Tee-pee about 50ft away because our Rancher did not want his Roosters getting mixed up with the Huns.

All three of us stood stunned as we watched the offloading of natures natural Alarm clocks entrenching themselves in front of our useless “Maginot line”. Now I know how That German sentry felt on D-Day when he saw the Allied invasion force coming for breakfast..:0(

This all happened last friday...words can not describe how we feel...needless to say I vented some fine Irish vocabulary!!!!!!!!!! At best counts between The Germans and the Tommie’s there are roughly 100 and they love lobbing shells at each other. Last night we had a lighting storm and the Germans in no uncertain terms told us the British were coming. I replied
“What gave it away”

Well Folks God says praise him in all trials...I say Praise him and tell Cornel sanders you found his stolen chickens.

This weekend they plan to erect a tall green fence and use a bucket loader to make a large berm to help reduce the gun fire????..mean while our neighbors next door are planing a surprise Howitzer raid...well we can live in hope brouhaha

Cheers Chicken George out :0)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Much- a -do- about -Nothing ?

The Road to Maui # 22

Much - a -do- about -Nothing ?

Have you ever just sat at your laptop and just wrote the first things that pops into that large Melon that sits atop those fine shoulders God gave you. Well todays blog is going that way. I,m sitting outside at a table in the court yard in downtown Kahlaui Library, the temp is in the low eighties with a gentle breeze blowing in from the south Pacific. Sitting next to me is my is every scribes thorn in the side Writers block!
I walked ten Blocks to get here and thought I would loose the Bloody Buthcher in the crowd but he stuck to me like a fast tied bungee cord, I thought for sure he would hook up with The Big Kahuanas wife who offered him a lay!

So Lets go back to the beginning of time as I know it, the year was 1962 and in the back room of a Glasgow hospital a high pitched bloody scream was heard as a small Feisty red headed Irish women named Iris yelled her lungs out as she gave birth to a seven pound 3 oz baby boy with blonde hair and Chelsea blue eyes. Looking on as his first son emerged stood a bald headed grateful father with tears in his eyes named Michael. That strong Irish Mother had already pushed out 3 girls, Niamh , Siobhan and Dara and now the first Boy. In Later years came My brother Niall and last in the line up Deidire.

Today we are spread out over the globe from Thailand to Hawaii to America ,Australia,Germany even England.

That same year 1962 'Lawrence of Arabia' was produced staring 'Peter O O’Toole' one of my all time favorite Movies. Peter O O’Toole just passed away this week dec 15 2013 may he rest in peace. He was a fellow Irishman and although we never met I,m sure we could have shared many a story over a pint as we Irish have a gift from God in the area of Blarney which is one of the many attractions of our great nation. We are a small country but we have made a big noise around the Globe. I,m proud to be an Irishman to come from a line of great men, not just warriors, but Kings, poets, song writers, singers and Bards.

We should all be proud of our countries of Origin after all God created all men equal and any man that thinks he is better than his neighbor is as Clint Eastwood once said..A legend in his own Mind or Lord of his own little Fly ,mmmm just coined that one:0)

I remember most of all our House in Bishops-town Cork city Ireland. That house is where we all truly bonded, fought and made up. It was the staging area for our departures from Ireland. We had great neighbors who looked out for us , after all thats what the term neighborhood is all about.
 We had a great Pub down the street called “The Outpost” where we would talk and sing our hearts out. My Mother knew when I was coming home as she could hear me singing blocks away. I remember one time coming home after a night of drinking and going into her bedroom at 7am-ish to proudly tell her I had drunk the boys under the table as I was the last man standing, I`m sure she was in awe, RIGHT!

We Irish love to sing, wether it be on a bus ,plane, train or the back of a Donkey it would be a rare time that we would leave a pub without belching out a verse. I remember one time when I was flying back to Ireland I was late for my connection at Boston Airport. The Airport was packed ,I was running out of time then a thought struck me, after I recovered from the blow I listened to the voice now firmly planted in my Melon. Stop and listen for singing, so I did and low and behold I could hear singing,faint at first but as I adjusted my course it grew louder until finally about 150 knotts away I arrived at the source, 'The Aer Lingus Departure Terminal' . It was my pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Up a short flight of stairs was the waiting lounge filled with Irish belting out a song, I joined right in no need for introductions in our country your family!

Well Thanks for joining me this fine afternoon and may you be at peace with your self and your neighbor!!!

Cheers Michael :0)

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 21 The North Shore :0(

Cynthia and I Found this great beach last night just before sunset…Its on the North shore of Maui near the Airport…most tourists don’t know about it…it is so isolated . Today I plan to walk about seven miles of it,its loaded with palm trees and amazing blue water teaming with fish. I figured out I can walk to the small village of Paia and cynthia will pick me up later or heck I will just walk back in the Moon light..Beach Bum Mick Out :

Well that was the head line I posted on facebook 5 days ago and yes I did follow up the next day with my walk, maybe I should have consulted my good friend and trail guide Jungle John first after all this is his island so to speak.

Cynthia dropped me off at the harbor with my backpack loaded with food and lots of water. Water is a big part of hiking on maui for obvious reasons. On long hikes I carry about 2 large bottles ( 3 liters) may seem heavy at first but like the food it joins the rest of natures recycling program.

I walked through the harbor industrial area till I found a pathway leading to the white sandy beach we had seen the previous evening. Once on the soft white sand I removed my Clarks Wave Sandals ( Best sandals in the world beat Keene`s and Birkenstocks any day) to let the sand massage my feet. Did you know that walking bare foot is extremely healthy,it connects you to the natural magnetic electrons of the earth......and has amazing benefits read the article on this web site...

Walking Barefoot Promotes Good Health‬

Ok! on with my blog..... As I walked though the breaking morning surf I noticed a lot of homeless tarped dwellings just of the beach. These are fairly common on the Hawaiian Islands and in my experience I have never had any trouble with my fellow homeless brothers after all most of us are one paycheck away from the street or beach. I believe poverty is a state of mind not the balance in your check book. So I waved to those I could see ,they returned with the island shack-ra. I did see some some meth addicts my heart goes out to them, Jesus loves them just as much as the wealthy man.

So on I walked ,about ½ a mile on I came to a large Kite surfing beach. Kite surfing is big on Maui,they come from all over the globe to the North shore to catch the wind in a big adrenaline rush. So I began smiling waving as I passed by,no one returned my greeting at first I thought they were preoccupied,but when people would deliberate look the other way I quickly realized I was not welcome. This repeated right up to the next beach which was the windsurfing beach and sad to say same virus there. By this time I realized they all thought I was homeless because I was wearing a back pack. Apparently this area is full of homeless.

Well I decided to find a quiet beach about a mile on, 
find a nice spot and have a break. I sat down to watch the blue breaking waves and the Stepford community dance with King Neptune. Some of those kite surfers were catching some air up to twenty feet. People would occasionally pass me by, I would greet them and I m not kidding they would look the other way. At one point I stood up and said “ Come on really”
If I had been wearing “Da Kine” or “Rip Curl” water sports wear I would have fit right in. Its sad to see how shallow some people have become because of fear of what they think Homeless people represent.

The next beach was bordered by wealthy homes , yes same sickness,one guy who I passed within 3 feet of his face and he totally ignored me. We had seen him with some others the previous evening and they had ignored Cynthia. This was a first for me on Maui ever. So Glad this is only a small part of the island and if I don’t want to be bugged grab a back pack and go walk about in cold-ville.

I did talk with 3 people One Hawaiian Fisherman who called me brother and a Homeless Hawaiian guy called Ken who kept me company while I waited for Cynthia to pick me up and One French woman a Kite Surfer who was very friendly, got to love my fellow Europeans. Oh, Yes, I nearly forgot an elderly Canadian Kite Surfer named Bob who is on Maui for a month got to love our Norhtern neigbours Ay!
All in all it was an eyeopening experience after so much of the great Hawaiian aloha Spirit.

So If you want alone time on Maui grab a back pack and head to the North shore of Maui to be alone in the crowd.

Cheers Michael :0)

Monday, December 9, 2013

On the Road to Maui # 20

Christmas and Turkey day in Shang-ra-la :0)

I remember watching Elvis Presley movies back in Ireland in the Early seventies that were filmed on location in the Hawaiian Islands and thinking I would love to live there on the warm sandy shores lined with tall Palm trees and yes surrounded by native women in grass skirts, hey I,m a guy :0).

This Thanksgiving we were invited to join some locals for afternoon dinner. There were two Hawaiian girls playing ukulele as we sang Christmas songs, behind the musicians was a large picture window that commanded a view of the Pacific ocean below through tall palm trees and I suddenly remembered my child hood memories and thanked God that almost 40 years later I was living in paradise and yes married to a beautiful brown Argentinian island girl!!!!!.

December 7th 1941 is a date that will be remembered through out history as The Japanese bombing of Pearl harbor but what most people do not remember or may not know is that December 7th 1943 at the height of WW2 Two Navy dauntless dive bombers collided over Maui on Maneuvers. As the planes hurtled towards the ground one of the bombs detached and fell to earth among a detachment of Marines also on training exercises. Twenty US marines were killed,it was one of the worst air disasters in Maui History.

The last few weeks have been slow, majorly uneventful by mainland American standards, you know fast paced heart rushing adrenaline fueled movie blockbuster excitement. I think super heroes fly out here to retire and blend in with the rest of normal humanity.

When I last wrote Cynthia and I had become sub-contractors with a Maui Condo Cleaning company. Well it turns out the owner is extremely paranoid( Thinks I will take their mop buckets and sell them to the Chinese heehaw) and decided not to contract with us.

Cynthia is now working part time with “The Boys and Girls Club” of America and I,m focusing on a project that God has brought to my attention that will benefit the foundation of our future greatly. More on this at a later date,for now lets just call it “The Secret” ,no nothing to do with “The Secret” or “The laws of attraction” that is sweeping other minds - this is an “Irish Secret” and no it has nothing to do with Murphy s Law much more powerful my dear mac-fly.

Guapa Smoothies will launch soon when the last of Cynthia`s equipment arrives, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be great addition to the small business community here on Maui.Money will be one of the obvious fringe benefits, but more importantly friendships,personal growth along with the freedom Cynthia experiences from the world of bing self employed. I have been a part of that great mind set for close to 14 years now , God has greatly used it to build my Character and not a human empire built on sand.

Last night we watched another great Sunset on the beach with our friend Andy sharing stories as the moon rose to light up the waters of the south Pacific like glass along with greatly illuminating the white crests of the breaking waves on the soft sandy shore line in harmony with the ocean breeze rustling the tall palm trees ,it was a priceless moment and we drank it in for all it was worth!

So for the moment this is all he wrote, have a wonderful Christmas where ever this finds you and thank you so much for reading.

Cheers Michael :0)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten Days in Bed on Maui :0)

On The Road to Maui # 19


Well it’s been about 3 weeks since I last wrote. It’s been an interesting time, we are now 62 days on the island and will soon beat my last trip of 67! Yes we are still at the teepee and have had just about every bite from all that crawls and soars. No, I have not had a centipede bite like poor old Cynthia. She is still recovering from that awful night. Apparently the effects last about two weeks; she is now at the itching and Nausea stage. As for me I think the local mosquito population had a meeting, declared me a local and are dining on toruist instead.

 I will not say it’s been an easy 62 days actually 90 odd, we left Wilsonville on August 30 and hit the road with the Bike and car sept 7. We have not slept in a bed together with the exception of two nights in motels coming down the I-5 to Sandeigo and two nights on a comfortable airbed at Steve and Susanne’s in Sandeigo before we flew out here.

Pulling up stakes and loading the camel to venture into the unknown is not easy, but I would not miss it for the world. It’s been 29 years since this Irish boy jumped a ship to leave his native Ireland to see the world through Gods eyes. The culture’s, people and places I have seen and lived among are amazing. I have met countless trials and faced many giants mostly within myself, the hardest ones I believe. But all in all it’s been worth it you have to take the good with bad you can`t have light without darkness.

Cynthia left her home at a young age to leave her footprints all over Europe, and then journeyed into the Middle East including the Western Sahara. I would love to go back with her to the Sahara and cross it on BMW 1200 GS Enduro of course I will probably end up being towed out by a Camel and become fast friends with Ben Haddam the herder. We have both been yet still are missionaries, like Moses we don’t know where we are going either? All we known is that nothing is permanent except Heaven and that is our final destination :0)

On The Local front we will shortly have a brand spanking new Generator for Cynthia`s Smoothie business. Cynthia`s Mother is blessing us with it,she has been a great supporter of our new venture and storms heaven daily on our behalf. I look forward to the day we are in a situation where we can put her up over here as she will love talking and sharing Jesus with the locals.

The last 10 days I have been confined to my cot with a local virus and then to top it all I put my back out and as if to add insult to injury My charger on my laptop burnt out so no Writing or internet. So I read “Bill O Reilly’s” book “Killing Jesus”, while I’m not to impressed with him as a talk show host the book was well researched and a quick read. He dealt mainly with the historical events that were occurring up to and during that period,a must read for history lovers.

Well folks I’m writing this on Cynthia`s Sony Vaio!!! Please don’t tell my Mac friends…yup I miss my Mac! a new charger will be arriving shortly.

Finlay tomorrow begins the official launch of Celtic Cleaning Maui. Cynthia and I will be sub - Contracting with a local Condo cleaning company in Kehie. The part I love is when work is done the beach is just yards away. Our dream of being self-employed together is Finlay taking shape. So Guapa Smoothies Cynthia`s brain child and my company of 14 years will move on together!!

Ok, That’s all for now…thanks for reading we are off to the beach to bask in the sun…Oh, Yesterday as I was snorkeling and was coming back up though the warm water from  the pacific floor a large Turtle swam like a submarine over my head. At first the dark shadow that blocked the sunlight nearly flushed my toilet as I thought it was dinner at Eight with Jaws. But when I saw that friendly face I was filled with awe and swam alongside for as long as I could hold my breath, it was an amazing moment what a wonderful creator we serve :0)

Cheers Michael !!!