Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maui # 17

Well Its 6:57 AM I,m down at the beach in Kihei with my butt on a log and coffee by my side. Would love to have my beautiful coffee colored lady from argentina sitting next to me instead.

Yesterday was a hard day, yes I even felt like flying home. Its hard to be going through this without Cynthia`s physical presence. Yes we have cell phones and Skype,but alas its not the same and Yes I know Know trust god and all that. Six weeks now and starting seven at midnight tonight..

Hey There is a giant turtle swimming slowly by so far no one has noticed him or her but me, the water is almost like a mill pond,not a good time to be swimming as the tiger sharks come close to shore in the Am.
Would be an interesting sight watching a shark bag a turtle and an early morning swimmer....Guess that would be Classified the ultimate Happy Meal with the live action screaming Gi -Joe Toy Courtesy of Mac-Maui :0)

Yes Sure wanted to fly home and even Cynthia was on the point of calling me and saying come home for a month or 2 she even called me but I was in the middle of viewing a studio for rent so I told I would call her back shortly.

I went to the DMV yesterday am and sat for about 2 hours, not bad for maui, not as modern as the main land. Wanted to Change my Oregon Lic to a Hawaiian one. More complicated over here because of 911 they need everything but the kitchen sink.
I did not have all the necessary , so I offered them the wallet I got of a recently deceased Gi Joe Shark meal survivor with a slightly used but shiny Moen faucet...nope. Will take me some time to collect what I need.

So in order to drive etc I had to make a choice as to stay here or fly to US immigration on Oahu or Portland. Well I returned to Bob and Kellie’s time share. Kellie went to work on her I phone thingy and found a way to E-file and I researched other stuff I needed. Kellie is great, she could run the country and do a much better job of it than some people I will not mention Hahahaha.

I then received a phone call from a lady that was renting a studio, so I rode of to view it with thoughts of going home in my mind as six weeks of being away from Cynthia and miles of paper work were beginning to take its toll.

The studio was a one bedroom nicely furnished unit at the back of the land lady’s home and about 400 yards to a nice sandy beach in North Kehie not far from where Cynthia and I stayed last year.
To be honest I was not all that enthusiastic about any of it. I was just as far as I was concerned going through the motions as I had met this lady previously and she had offered her really nice studio.

As we were talking Cynthia Called and I told Cynthia I would call her back . Cynthia was calling to say come on Home as I previously mentioned. ( Confused yet,I am and I,m the author )
Long Story short I ended up Praying with said Land lady about an issue she was going through after which we said good bye and promised to re connect shortly.

I rode the motorcycle to the beach full of peace, parked by the road and talked with God wondering what to do next. About 5 mins later a car pulls into my sandy parking spot,I did not look up as I was lost in thought. Then I glanced up as I believe the driver honked the horn gently, it was Bob and Kellie :0).... Bob looked at me and said
“your not going home “
confirming what I already knew in my spirit Kellie was in agreement. They then left and I waited for a call back from cynthia. It was about 20 minutes later it came as I was sitting on the beach.
Cynthia told me she had called earlier to say come on home for a month but later she felt God telling her no I was to remain and carry on regardless of the giants in the land etc.

Boy I,m so in love with her , yes she truly does complete me my true missing link !!!!!not some poor old buried Ape Dude who was dug up by some Guy with an Indy-Anna- Jones Hat called 'Disgruntled Darwin !who needs the world to notice what he found in the sand box because his Dad would not pay him attention when he was six :0)

Ok Thats all she wrote for now!!!

Heading back to see Bob and Kellie!!!!


Michael Darwin :0)