Monday, September 30, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 10 :0)

On The Road To Maui # 10

Wearing "Clarks air wave sandals" Not keene`s ;)

Well the last week of living in a Tee-Pee is coming to an end. It has been a good experience and has also been good research for a writing project I have been slowly working on about North American Indians. Of course here on Maui you would never expect to find a Tee-Pee, more like a grass hut with the Big Kahuna and his entourage.

Today is Monday September 30 its 2:45pm we are in a coffee store in Kihei charging up our laptops. Cynthia is researching online the local licenses she has to get for her Smoothie business. Thats her next project. We decided that her project comes before finding a permanent place to live. The goal is to be up and running with in two weeks. So after expenses we may end up having to eat her product Hahaha.
But then thats the challenge! she came here to be self-employed, I still don’t know what I,m going to do? As of, I will not be driving tour bus, glad I tried it last time out but I have no desire to go back to it, long days and no life.

Do I have a calling to Maui or am I in love with it, not really, all I know is its the next step in our lives and now we are here.
Now don’t get me wrong I do like the consistent sunshine and warm sandy beaches who wouldn’t,....Ok, disgruntled navel gazing Norm in Boise Idaho, you could give him a million Bucks and he would still have an excuse not to fire his 30 odd six , guess thats why norm is a vegetarian :0(

What do I love, I love Jesus, CYNTHIA, DID I SAY CYNTHIA and yes people. Since I landed here I have prayed with an average of 3 people a day. I`m one of those guys no mater where I land in the world I naturally connect with the local population and the beauty of it is God gives me the key to each individuals heart, rather simple when you think about it. Does not cost me a bundle in expensive Class`s on how to talk to your neighbor or win the poor unsuspecting humanoid into some weird religion or step-ford clone war!!. I just simply tell my buddy the holy spirit I,m available and he does the rest if I,m willing to listen with me good old Irish heart and ears :0)

Well still have not figured out where we are going to sleep tonight as The Tee-Pee owner returns at 4pm, all I know is where ever it is it will be warm and Gods best for us. He has never let me /us down yet and I know he never will.

It does me good to write out all my thoughts, its the one place that is consistent on this new adventure. Cynthia told me that when she was away in Spain it was very important to do something familiar every day ,this is mine, of course the Irish try drinking and get lost in the world of shang-ra-la for a brief period Brouhaha....
Hey! I never regretted my drinking days I felt like the Irish Superman , but alas the next morning I had that other feeling of empty pockets along with the dull sound of the punch clock as I checked in to make more beer vouchers, at least I didn’t work for the brewery that would be like adding insult to self inflicted injury :0(

Ok ,Thanks for reading...catch you all later....Cheers !!!!!

Michael and Cynthia :0) oxoxox

PS !Our North American Indian Host " just Texted a smoke signal wont be back till tomorrow...One more night with the Beautiful Squaw for me :0)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Road to Maui # 9 :0)

The Road To Maui # 9

This early morning I lay on my Cot looking up at the top of the Tee-pee opening to the world outside as the first shafts of light pierce the darkness of our historic native American abode.
As its fingers slowly crept in illuminating the off white canvas walls ,poles and Cynthia`s sleeping form on the cot alongside me I imagined two tall dark skinned Indians crawling through the small half round entrance after an early morning hunt dragging their joyless demised quarry. One of them proceeds to hang the kill on a rope hanging from the top of the tee-pee the other turns , see`s us lying on our cots u and gasps

“ Who`s sleeping in my bed ?”

“ Mick from Cork and the Squaws off limits”

“ How!!! Mick from Cork and Squaw off Limits”

“ Not to bad and yourself 'Two Eyes Wandering'”

“ Thats not my name”

“ It is now pal and tell Elmer Fudd the squaw likes her meat medium rare and go easy on the sauce”

Meanwhile back in the real world!

Amazing the thoughts that go through your mind as you lay in your cot staring into your surroundings.

As a child I made up stories to entertain myself. I lived between two worlds, to be honest I preferred the world of make believe,it felt safe where no one could harm or yell at me. Not saying I came from a horrible home or I had screwed up parents, they loved and provided for us the best way they knew how with their understanding of love and reality.
There were six kids in our family back in Ireland and at one point the family car was a mini cooper.
Not like that nice bigger one you see today, it was a lot smaller back then. That fine British car was once voted the sexiest car in the world. Well in My Mom and Dads case it must be true for they sure wore out those shocks,between the fun of conception,birth and transportation they should be awarded the Medal for sexiest couple in the British isles. Ps, My Dad was bald also.. hmmmm!

The seating arrangement in that mini was as follows. My Three older sisters Niamh,Siobhan,Dara on the rear seat with myself and my brother Niall sitting on their laps. Up front passenger seat was Mom with my sister Deidre on her lap and my Dad in the driving seat. I think that car was where I learned the “F” word ? ,funny I always thought it came from the French. I guess you could call it the first Irish short bus developed for the Quinlan special needs program. American drug company’s could have used it as a test lab for Prozac,who needs rats when you have your own home grown Irish sardine can :0)

Maui is bringing out the best in me , my thoughts are bursting forth like Oil from a fresh tapped well in Texas....I have no idea what happens next on this island I,m just following the beautiful Argentinian Piped Piper Cynthia as she embarks on this great new adventure in her life and I follow behind supporting her and picking up theHundred Dollar bills she drops :0)

Thanks for reading my random thoughts this fine morning and where ever this finds you may you be blessed in all you do...cheers until later!!!!!

Now I will put on My 'Clarks Air Wave' sandals and go out and say HOW to the neighbours !!!!!

Michael and Cynthia :0)

Monday, September 23, 2013

On The Road To Maui # 8

Good morning its september 23 my son Jaq`s Birthday. On This day 1988 he came screaming into the world full throttle no holes barred. Jaq now lives and goes to Collage in Portland Oregon. He served 3 years in the Army 1st Armour-ed division Fort Bliss and South Korea and he is also a great Comedian although he wont let me know where he does his stand-up act for obvious reasons LOL... I'm very proud to be his father and wish him well in his next 200 years...All my love to you on this Day Jaq :0)

Meanwhile back on the island; we have moved from the beach to an Indian Tee-Pee for the next week or so. Will not give the location as I wish to protect the owners privacy. All I will tell you is they are a true north American Indian and its a honor to stay here.

We are surrounded by beautiful quiet scenery and about 46 goats and sheep, with a great view of the Ocean and the west Maui mountains behind us. Last night we slept outside in a Cabana as the Tee-pee was too hot. This morning I,m sitting in front of my Wig-Wam as we called then in Ireland ( Wig -Wam ...Tee-Pee????? No Idea just got to love the Irish creativity!!!!)

Honestly, I would personally love to build my own tee-pee in the neighborhood but Cynthia wants a kitchen, sink and shower with windows and not just in the shower. I mean come on you think I'm Irish or something? Hey! I'm just writing this as it comes out and with no coffee I might add. Sort of like writing in serous head pain . The coffee jar is empty and Cynthia is still asleep, no she is not the coffee gaffer I just figure I will learn how to write under extreme stress and mental, psychotic discomfort so don’t send me any nasty smoke signals! I know where y`all live!!! Besides if the Chinese ever came knocking and took away our coffee I would be well prepared :-)

On another note... Our Car arrives on Thursday morning and My bike can be picked up later that same day... Khayyam!!!! My Kingdom mount will soon taste salt air and its all aluminum and stainless steel!!! I wont say its been easy with the two of us using the Virago, my friend Andy loaned us but Cynthia loves riding on the back and now has a desire to get a scooter...hmmm! You get very creative when your only transportation is a two wheeled one. One up is ok as you can use extra saddle bags and strap the fatted calf to the tank, but two is a differnet matter. Although, when you look at India or Vietnam, they take everything but the kitchen sink on their scooters; and pick up the road kill fatted calf on the way. Ok, Its great having only two on the bike hahaha. No It really has been a blessing and We are extremely thankful.

Two nights ago we were invited to my friend, Israel Aunts house In Kula for a going away celebration. Israels cousin Ciara is going to Join YWAM ( Youth With A Mission ) for a period of time. It was Cynthia`s first time meeting Israels extended family. There were about 30 + Hawaiians and they waited until we arrived before they ate. It was like we were always family. I love the Hawaiian aloha spirit. We had a great time. This island is all about people not Money. Honestly as much as it was Ciara's going away party it was just like a welcome to the Island party for US:-) was an incredible night, the only thing missing was a pig and it would have been a Luau!!!!!!

Ok Gone over my limit here!! love you all and thanks for reading and for your prayers and support!!!!

Aloha Michael and Cynthia :0)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Road to Maui # 7 sept 21 2013 :0)

On Road to Maui # 7

Sorry camera is in pics are from this am taken with my Mac at Maui Coffee Rosters...sorry :0)

Tuesday 17.....Currently its 7:52 am and we are passing 10,000 ft out over the Pacific 20 mins out of Sandeigo Ca.
Its been a long morning,we awoke at 3:30 had coffee and sped off in our rental car to the airport with our 6 bags two laptops and two very tired passengers.......

FridayWell its been about 4 days since I last stroked the keyboard...truth be told we are both plum exhausted.
7 days to get here car,bike ,plane and now we are camping on the beach near Lahina.

We met a local Maui women from Kapaula at the Airport in Sandeigo named Andrea or more to the point as I came back from the bathroom Cynthia was engaged in conversation with afore said future friend . Andrea is a naturapthic Doctor , humble, confident and warm. She offered us the tent we are now sleeping in complete with single air bed. We had planned to go to Costco upon landing to buy one.

When we landed Cynthia went of with Andrea to Kapaula to get the tent we decided to meet later at the camp site I had stayed at on my last excursion here. I called my friend Israel to come pick me up so that I could store our suit cases at his home till our car arrived on the 26 september. Andy my friend had left his motorcycle along with some sleeping gear at Israels for us to use until the auto arrived with my motorcycle :0)

Foot Note : When I got to the campsite to meet up with Cynthia she had already picked out a spot and siad it was because it was so peaceful of all the 100 or so spots she had picked out the one I stayed at last trip, she had no idea !!!! got to love the holy spirit :0)

This blog is a little bit disjointed like its writer, I`m just plain exhausted from the last several weeks as you can imagine.

Woke up this morning with people staring in our tent that kind of thing makes me angry, whatever happened to respecting peoples privacy. At First it was the Dad, then his kids ,now kids I understand but when the Dad walked by again there he was rubber necking again man is he still in middle school mentaly. Moments later a blonde girl is at the same game from a distance and then as she walks by turns looks right in, yesterday this couple kept staring for the longest time as they walked towards and past. Do they all miss reality TV that bad, are they the new watchers for the NSA . Maybe I,m just old fashioned but I respect peoples privacy...Ok,good vent!! plus got some sentences out of that one...such is life on a camp site with small minded peeping Toms.

The rest of the campers are pretty cool . There is Travis from Peru who has been on maui 6 years, Melissa and Marci who just arrived 2 days ago. Melissa like us has decided to move here ,her husband Jeff has been here since May . Yesterday we met a women we had met 3 years ago who we know on facebook called Maryanne. She has been working at the local store about half a mile away. The Funny thing is I used to see her every morning on my last visit ,thought she looked familiar but never put two and two together. Back then she was teaching Zumba class`s in Kahulai 17 miles away.

Today we go to the saturday Market in Kahalui where you can buy some of the best fruits and vegetables on the island at amazingly cheap prices. The key to surving here is to get to know your neighbours and shop where they shop, if you buy in the tourist towns you will go broke. Safeway in Lahina is very expensive as against Safeway in Kahalui much cheaper, then of course you have the local Pack and Save cheaper again same produce.

Now a word to those people back there that claim its very expensive to live here and milk is $6 a gallon and gas $6 what island did you visit or did you ever come here at all ?and what where you smoking. Yes, Property is expensive but rent is pretty much on a par with Portland / willsonville and you dont need a big home it never gets cold and who wants to live indoors you dont come here to look at drywall and Laura Ashley ,if you want to keep up with the Jones stay home and max your credit Card because you will not survive here as who can Comptete with Ophra or Brad Pit and yes even Clint Eastwood lives here, of course all you need to do to keep up with him is have a faster draw!

Ok, Thanks for reading sorry been so long Mahalo

Michael and Cynthia :0)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 6....Corona and Sandeigo :0)

Road to Maui # 6

Today is Sunday sept 15 ..12:25 pm

We are still in Sandeigo or a suburb off. We are staying with Cynthia`s life long friend Susan and her husband Steve and their two amazing Daughters Daniele and Noel. We arrived here two days ago after dropping my motorcycle at Pasha the shipping company. We met a fellow biker Called “Skeeter” who was shipping his Harley to Kauai,we gave him a lift to the airport.

We had just driven, ridden in from Corona where we had stayed with Nick and Lisa Barrentios and their new son Eli along with Nick`s brother Leo and his Girl friend Madey ,actually they are all my extended family on Cynthia`s side.

Leo and my son JAQ are good friends they both hit it of at our wedding  like long lost comrades in Arms.
They went all out for us opening up their home to this weary couple including great cooking and Its-Its!!!!!!. :0)

Nick and Leo have a Band Called “Castle Pines”...they are incredibly talented Musicians / song writers with a unique sound of their own. It will not be long before the world knows the sound of Castles Pines coming over Sirrus sat radio and beyond.
I,m Proud to know these guys... Behind ,walking alongside this Band are Lisa, Eli and Madey . They are the true backbone of these multiform talented Men!!!!!

Long live Castle Pines!!!! :0)

We left Corona around 11:30 am and had a speedy uninterrupted race down the I-15 . It was day 5 for me riding in CA so I was used to the speed freaks although honestly don’t think I would like to have to do this everyday as many here do. Riddlen sales must be high down here !

After dropping the Bike we headed for the Beach at Coronado and accidentally drove onto the Naval Base. Hey we were just following the traffic. Some time later after surrendering our ID`s and pulling of to a waiting area we were given instructions on how to leave.

Moments later we found the “Hotel Coronado “ on the beach a remarkable structer built in 1888 and the site of many movies eg “Peter O toole`s Pygmalion” and “Jack Lemons “ Some Like it Hot” with Marilyn Monroe.

We went in to use the toilet hahaha and got some great pictures and then we ate some great Fish Taco`s at a local and hit the Beach to watch the sun go down and some great Naval pilots practice.

Oh, My sons JAQ and Casey`s Grandfather was a LT Commander during WW2 on this Naval Base we are all proud of the late "Stan Droski" who served his country with honors as so many did back then!!!! Also earlier got to view some Huge Aircraft carriers and a tall sailing ship “The Star of India”

Then we drove over to Steve and Susans to spend the next 3 nights before our flight Home to Maui!!!

Funny I have tears in my eyes as I wrote that...said it to Cynthia for the first time yesterday am.

 Its been a long road since I left the shores of Ireland many years ago and if I know our God its far from over..

Aloha to you all and thank you for all your Prayers and Mental support
Later Michael and Cynthia ;0)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

On the road to Maui # 5

Well when I last wrote 2 days ago or is it 3...things have been happening so fast it all seems a blur.

We had spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express 120 miles south of Sacramento had a great nights sleep and well needed rest,so we decided not to get up until 8:30am late for me . Today was the day I was looking forward too......Ride through the Mohave dessert day...I love desserts they have a huge attraction for me.
They can be Hot, silent,still, mysterious, beautiful ever changing in color and then in a flash can produce thunder storms,flash floods and drop below freezing. I never tire of riding through them and most times I do it alone,great place to let yourself loose or just be !!!!

We left the Hotel around 10am and the blacktop parking lot was already melting as the temperature rose like a rocket. Any sane traveler would have departed at 4 am but we wanted to see the dessert in all its mid-day glory.
By the time we reached Bakersfield our Gateway to the Mohave the temp was already in the low hundreds 102 to 105. We fueled up and I soaked my leathers and inside of helmet too with the aid of friendly store/ restaurant owner called PJ from India who happened to be hosing down the deck outside his restaurant as I rode up. We took some time out to chat and PJ showed us a short cut through the Almond farm district his family owned.

I thought I had left the 100 + MPH crazy Ca drivers back on the I-5 but no they all had a lets get the Irish,Argentinian meeting and came in low on the Deck of the dessert to try and take us out ,wish I had access to a drone!!!
They come up on you so fast, pass either side and I mean on the hard shoulder where you least expect them. Earlier that morning two who passed me on the inside together and nearly sent me to heaven early. The scary part was the guy behind me who decided to pass on the inside at around 95 (I was cruising at 75) was passed on the hard shoulder by a guy who had to be going at least 120 plus. Oh, Yes! forgot to mention I was about 30 yards from passing a Semi. By some crazy miracle they both made it through that small space missing Cynthia by a hair. It shook me up thinking I could have been taken out by Dummer and Dummer America`s answer to the WW2 German V1 rockets.

Desert Idiots aside the ride through the Mohave was so worth it ,yes it was hot ,but then thats part of the challenge of motorcycle riding. My hat goes of to cyclists who make that trip. We stopped near Edwards Air-force base and saw a couple of jet fighters going though maneuvers.

The road through the dessert is fairly straight but has lots of rolling hills that seem to go on forever into the far horizon the perfect road for any motorcyclist, if it was up to me I would love to live out there someday,don’t think I would get to many visitors which is a plus for this Irish hermit as Cynthia says I would be very alone Hahaha.

Then all of a sudden we were at the I-15 and it was over and we headed south to Corona for the night. The I -15 is another rat Race and was passed by a guy in a Mercedes coup on the inside as he went to Join Meatloaf on the Highway to Hell...

Ok I,m off to bed ….God be with you all and thanks for reading

Michael and Cynthia :0)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 4

Ok, Today is wednesday sept 11 2013 10:53 AM we made it as far as Corona last evening by 6:30.
When I last wrote we were in a Motel 6 in weed Ca. We left weed at 6:30 am in search of a good cup of coffee in Mount Shasta 6 miles down the road. Last trip out here we had discovered a really good Mac Donald’s that served amazing coffee. Yes! I know Mac Donald’s aren’t you guys health nuts. Cynthia will search the four corners of the Globe to find good coffee!!

Hey who came up with the four corner thingy ? I mean first some religious Gargoyles told us it was flat, then old Columbus went nananananana its round and now its square...hey just saying thats all

Well 1 hour later no coffee we searched high and low, of course it had nothing to do with the fact that we were totally exhausted after recent events and of course the most important factor the brown bean was not coursing through our veins sinking our coffee radar. Think I just solved the Area 51 myth all those long haired freaks from Venice beach forgot their coffee and had illusions of Juan Valdez coming on a UFO bringing the answer to life.

Honestly cannot remember where, but I believe it was an Jack-in the Box 50 miles down the road in Redding??? that the brown liquid flowed through Cynthia Panama canal bring Argentina back into focus. It was a weak picture as the coffee was way below her standard, but alas it was coffee. So we played the positive thinking game telling ourselves this is really good coffee after 2 cups. It was then we noticed the Mall next door with Starbucks.....HELLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

All this to say early morning 95 Degree heat and no coffee makes you see 51 imaginary thoughts!!

The rest of that day saw us driving the I-5 past Sacramento playing with California Traffic. The I-5 past Stockton was all torn up and I felt as though I was in a motocross race. The road was full of potholes, bumps and long curves, the speed limit was posted 55 but the locals were hitting 75 to 85 if I obeyed the legal limit I would be writing this from the great beyond. My years of motorcycle Dispatch riding in London England paid of!!!! and then just as I thought can this get any faster,hotter102degress, longer it was 2:30 in the afternoon and Cynthia who was leading in the Nissan Altima pulled of in some unknown town booking us into a Holiday Inn Express a fitting end to race day on the NASCAR I-5.

Day 3 was the Mohave to Corona....write about that shortly...heading for lunch...later

Michael and Cynthia :0)

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Road to Maui # 3

Road to Maui # 3

What day is today...honestly I don’t know...I,m sitting in a motel 6 bathroom in Weed California and I forgot to bring my medical card (hahaha just kidding).
Cynthia is fast asleep..Oh I just looked at the time on my laptop its 4:21am Monday now whats the its the 9 sept. Man I,m tired its been a long last ten days ?

Yesterday began not at 4 am as planned but around 6 am I think. I was a wakened not by the cell alarm but the knots in my stomach. I decided to untie them by changing my thought pattern. So I began to thank God for this present moment and decided to live it as though it was my last. I began to look forward to seeing Cynthia`s form rise out of the bed above ( I was on the floor, no not the Dog house or sofa, just could not sleep and did not want to keep Cynthia awake all night)

I began to start laughing inside , laughter is such healing medicine. I propped myself up on my elbows waiting for sight of Cynthia`s head over the edge of the bed. Moments Later she stirred when you are connected to someone so deeply you know when the other person is awake, because they can hear you moving around!!!

She looked down at me and said

“ are you crying”
“no I,m Laughing are you ready for our amazing adventure”

We both began to laugh hard..what a way to start a day...the only thing planned so far are airline tickets and passage for the Car / Bike on Pasha shipping. We do not have any accommodation etc booked on Maui.

30 mins later coffee in hand we finish loading the car, then Cynthia receives a call from Kelly Drake wondering if we are up yet. Bob and Kelly had arranged to meet us at The Pac Pride by Enchanted forrest to say good Bye.

10 mins later we are off Cynthia leading in the Car and Moi on the Beast . We have bags, a cooler full of snacks. At Aurora we Meet Dawn the fueler at Shell who loves her job because of Early morning sun rises.

At Woodburn stop text Bob and Kelly and 15 minutes later pull into Pac-Pride. Bob and Kelly were wearing their Maui Tea shirts. I have know them close to 15 years now. Last Time I saw kelly was on Maui last March. It was their first time meeting the Mythical Cynthia. They are Great friends . It was a great send of!!! Thanks Bob and Kelly.

The rest of the day was filled with great tired riding, met AL the Fueler who owns a Harley, Gerardo the ladies man who runs a spiffy gas station outside medford and then Gilbert fellow biker and Brian at Motel 6 weed cali.

We were exhausted mentally and Physically the heat was in the Nineties and will climb further as we head south today... The Mohave will be interesting.....

Ok thats it from this tired where are my bike leathers...mmmmm...Later Love you all

Michael and Cynthia ;0)