Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Rainy day on Maui

A Rainy day on Maui

I,m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and it keeps my mind from wandering...Yup, its raining on Maui and the new room I built for us has some extra ventilation on the roof,sort of like a very blocked shower head that drips and I cannot really fix it until the Oregon sunshine departs.
 Thankfully its just for a few more days a gentile reminder of why Maui is so green and tropical. On The Positive side its warm water.

The room is cosy about 100 sqf and meets our needs nicely, eventually we will move into a studio or who knows maybe God has something bigger in mind. The thing is my dear mainlander freezing cold friend! on Maui you don’t really need a large abode because after all you are living East of Eden in Eden West -  minus a couple of wayward apple chomping nudes! The Beach is your swimming pool the Jungle your garden and the sun rise and set your natural alarm clock.

Not a lot has been happening life is rather slow here the way it should be. I truly believe we were never intended to be 90 mile an hour rat-race people or more to the point the survival of the thickest, he who has the most stress wins. All God wanted was some one to talk with and bless and we gave him back a messed up planet complete with a whole host of “lord of the fly`s” leaders and religious fanatics - legends in there own minds to coin a phrase from clint Eastwood.

This is the first thing I have written in weeks. Today I just bid on a big floor job and all going well will be the first of many. If you have a good reputation on this Island you will always have lots of work so my self-employed buddies tell me.

My Motorcycle is still down have not had time to look at it since it happened the week before we moved of the reservation, I think its just the in tank fuel pump an easy fix. BMW wants $375 buckaroos for a new one but the ford Mustang fuel pump works just as well as does one from a Toyota , Peugeot for around $75 according to my fix for cheap buddies on The “BMW” forum who claim a pumps a pump and besides they all come from China now.

Well that about raps it up for now, Cynthia is doing well and loves the life style here, she fits right in and the local kids call her Aunty. She works part time at the Boys and Girls Club,she is great with kids as she knows how to be one herself hey she married one :0)

Ok will leave you now and hope this finds you well!!!

Cheers Michael :0)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lost Our Reality :0)

Lost Our Reality

Last night sat down with some friends to watch the popular TV series Lost from the very beginning. Yes Just about everybody and his Mother have experienced this great show created by “JJ Abrahams”.

I remember when I first met Cynthia she asked me if I had ever seen it ,any who I watched 2 episodes with her and was hooked. Shortly after that we had our first trip to Hawaii and walked those white sandy shores,swam in the tropical waters and hiked the lush green jungles. Did we find the hatch or Darma buildings, no but we have found our own adventure.

As I watched the opening episodes as Jack and the cast discover their new abode I was hit with the realization that what had been a far for dream for Cynthia and I four years ago was now a reality. I watched as the cast walked the beaches jungles smiling inside knowing that we had made the leap of faith to live in our Lost Paradise.

Do we have a big home,lots of money, expensive attire not on your life. Those of you who have followed my blogs from the beginning know we are just like the vast majority of humanity one pay check away from the street ,of course in our case its the beach :0)

Did we have doubts and play the what if game, Yup and I think I won brouhaha. When I look back though it all I just kept thinking trust God, don’t stop to think myself into a corner and keep moving forward. After all that is what blind faith is about -to me anyway.

Fear is spelled False
Real.... it paralyzes people and robs them of true joy in life. I can Honestly say my worst fears have never come true..I believe I have learned to handle it and operate in it without loosing my head. Of course thats my opinion Cynthia might tell you different :0)

Within the next couple of weeks we will be moving from our North american Indian Hosts Maui reservation about a mile down the road to a close friends home . I wish to keep them anonymous to respect their privacy. Lets just put it this way they don’t have a hundred plus roosters.
 Actually I believe the number has risen past 150. We are pray for our friends sake that they will all be removed soon. We have learned what the true meaning  of living of the grid is and it is all thanks to our More Than Generous Host  Mary Burcham !who has put up with us for 100 plus days, of course there is some Irish in her Indian blood that was a big help!

Well will close this out, I know not a very exciting one but I just wanted to touch base with my friends and thank you for your prayers and mental support, in the end we all need each other.

Oh Ps My motorcycle is ok just another project to be fixed, mean while I have these amazing things called feet covered by Clarks sandals that know their way to the beach!!!

Cheers Love to you all!

Michael xoxox :0)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love Making on the Beach at Sunset, Maui Style :0)

Love Making on the Beach at Sunset, Maui Style :0)

Three evenings ago while watching the sunset on the Beach at kehie Maui of course. My friend who will remain anonymous joined Cynthia and I for a conversation as Maui`s Heat source descended below the awe inspiring whale spouting horizon.

While we were sun worshiping a local guy with his dog on (I,m not kidding) a 50 ft lead stops to chat. Lets call our friend, the first guy Tom and local man with dog Dick.
While Dicks canine proceeds to slobber us with love and kisses, Tom jumps up exclaiming that he will go and bring back his canine Bitch. Mean while the beach is filling up with camera toting tourists who just cant wait to beat the front page dead line on Facebook.

Moments later Tom returns with his barking very much in heat cross between a Mastiff and lab mix hot to trot female beach entertainer contending for a position in a toulouse lautrec couras line painting.

Thankfully Dick decides to move on as Toms dog is coming  un-glued with excitement.

At this point many more four legged barking males have been escorted into the Sand bar of Maui`s own Moulin Rouge.

Toms Shrek sized mutt settles down but not without protest! hey she wants a man who could blame her- but not tonight Josephine.

So with our derrieres parked on the sandy stage we all resume fireball watching with good conversation . During our chat I become thirsty ,as the water bottle is about four feet behind me I crawl back to retrieve it. Wrong move, all of a sudden I,m mounted from behind by one very strong sexually frustrated female canine, her front paws are dug into my chest her smiling head on my right shoulders and as I try to escape her unwelcome embrace she plants her rear legs around mine and proceeds to hump me like a Jack hammer.
The Shocked look of my horrified contance is an understatement, no words have been written to describe such an unwelcome advance!

Hi Mike How was your trip to Maui”

Oh Great and then I was humped on the beach by a dog in Heat at sunset”

How do you top that one ?

By the time Cynthia and Tom pulled her off me the whole beach including myself where in stitches laughing.
 The couple behind us where from Germany and there were a lot of Das Dog funk Herr DA man etc coming from them.

The Irony is with all the Camera`s aimed at the most photographed 'Sun god' in the world no one got a picture of mans best friend loving man at sunset on Maui, a picture like that would be priceless.

Yea and here`s a picture of your great Grandfather Mick being humped at sunset on Maui”

A picture like that should be put in a time capsule shot out into space and I guarantee you we will never have an alien invasion when they get a glimpse of our wonderful reproduction system. Earth would be declared a no fly Zone.

I will never look at a mastiff the same again, hump day on Maui will have a whole new meaning.

Well folks thanks for stopping by and until I write again Woof! Woof!

Cheers Michael :0)