Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maui # 18

Bob and Kellie Drake... left about 2 hours ago, I hate good byes...Yes, I cried of course, hey if I didn’t then our friendship would not mean much. I have known bob and Kellie Drake close to 17 years now . Boy time fly’s . As Bob said when we first met up seven days ago

“ We live less than 50 miles away from each other and we all have to fly to Maui to meet up”

It truly was a vacation from my normal Beach Bum tent life here....I got to sleep in a bed with a great room all to myself including my own bathroom. The Unit was just like a great hotel, complete with a really cool swimming pool area.

We had many great conversations and shared some good Pina- colada`s courtesy of Bar tender Kellie, she makes a mean one!!!!!
True friendship is an unconditional thing ,Bob and Kellie are a great picture of that I will sure miss their physical presence, but the warmth of their friendship and visit will stay with me forever, I love them both dearly, Thank you God for such great friends,please bless them mightily!!!!!

With in Minutes of their departure I rode my Motorcycle down to the beach and just as I parked they drove by one last time, Yep Ok I did it again, the tear thingy Hahaha , Kind of like watching the ship sail of without you Thingy.
Then I went to the beach restroom to freshen up thinking what next God. The cell phone rang!!
It was Akina Tours wanting to know if I could come in at 9 am tomorrow for more training. Love how that happens.
Then I thought Have to get something to eat but did not have peace about buying anything ,so I parked myself on the beach and called Cynthia.

We talked for quite a while, but I was still hungary. Then I saw a friend the Guy who loaned me the motorcycle Andy! walking down the beach towards me. It was great to see Andy...we chatted for a while then he simply handed me $32 and told me to follow him to his car. We walked to the car and he showed me a bunch of vegetarian food some one had just given him and as he was a carnivore he wanted me to have it. It was everything I eat including Ginger root and many kinds of seeds. I truly Love this Guy he is such a god send and we are fast becoming great brothers :0)

Well as I write this I have had a good meal of Hummus , spinach, Broccoli oh and its all Organic!!!
Followed by some Good almond Milk and Bananas and now for a nap ;0)

Love you all Thanks for reading and especially you Bob and Kellie and Andy for making this Irishman week a wonderful Vacation...!!!!!! :0)))))


Michael oxoxoxoxo