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Beach Bums Guide to Maui by Michael J Quinlan: Maui 8 Months later ;-)

Beach Bums Guide to Maui by Michael J Quinlan: Maui 8 Months later ;-): Well ,it has been close to 8 long months since I last penned a blog,truth be told I did not think it would take this long to write anoth...

Maui 8 Months later ;-)

Well ,it has been close to 8 long months since I last penned a blog,truth be told I did not think it would take this long to write another update.

This is what occurred since then.

Six months back we said goodbye to my friends from Australia who had come to visit . I had not seen Warwick and June Murphy for 30 years since my time in London England..That was on a Sunday I believe, Monday morning Cynthia took up her new position as Director of The Makawao Boys and Girls Club. 

The town of Makawao was over 45 mikes away 2000 feet up in an area called in simple Ha-wain terms “ Up country” which is on the slope of Haleakala 10,000 ft ( Best sunsets and rise`s in the world so I,m told).  Back then we lived on the other side of the island known as the West side behind the “West Maui Mountains” in very quaint seriously expensive town called Napili. We lived in a small studio at  atop a hill over looking the Pacific, that is those upstairs could see it, we saw tree`s and very big dogs recycling,but the beach was ¼ mile away with some of the best swimming and snorkeling on Maui`s west side.

So, as I said Cynthia began her first day of work and so also began our daily ca-mute /round trip to other side of Island Known as “The other side”.
The first order of biz was find a new abode on afore said side ,should be easy right ?
 As many of you know applying for a vacant apartment on Park Avenue New York is like waiting for the  team from publishers clearing house to show up.
Craigslist was full of vacant units , so  along with a cast of thousands we began applying. In the beginning I was receiving “ZERO” replies. I thought maybe my gmail connection to the other side was being blocked by the West Maui Mountains  Nope all was clear, mean while Cynthia and Moi made the daily pilgrimage to the Boys and Girls Club Viva the one road out of the Westside which ran along the Ocean with 100s of surfers and amazing views to the road on the Other side, think of it like a figure 8 scalelitric race car track with work on one steep Banked  turn and home on the other, five days a week for 6 months now you know how your pet gerbil Stanley feels about that stupid wheel you bought him.

Now back on the mainland it would be nothing on a freeway,many of you do it daily without a second thought, but here if Benny Moke from Beijing decides to slow down his Mustang Convertible to watch some guy do tricks on his long board we all get to share the wonderful moment , need I say more.

While Cynthia worked at the Club I decided for sanity's sake to explore the various hikes in the area . My Favorite as many of you know from my posts was the Makawao Forrest loop 7.2 miles which I did on a daily basis and then extended it as I explored more finding waterfalls etc longest hike 14 miles which out here really is not that hard as the scenery calls to your soul to keep on keeping on and before you know it your waist size begins to diminish and your mind opens up to new possibilities, nope did not hug any tree`s.

The hunt for “Red October” continued along with my creative writing skills, now I was starting to get replies and even innovations to open house`s. But when we crossed the threshold and signed the visitors log we became deeply discouraged at the fact that many times we were on the second or third page.
Many of the adds would declare Impress us, dazzle us and may the best one win, so I purchased a dancing Monkey, Right! Moving on....

The whole affair was taking a big toll on us,it reminded me of my school bus driving days drive for 6 but be gone for 12. I really felt sorry for Cynthia who was trying to establish herself as the new Boss in town and not leaving most nights until past 7 at least I drove which gave her some down time and of course I had zero desire to write for obvious be continued

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maui Trekkers is closing up shop, but Jungle John is for Hire :)

     Maui Trekkers is no more or at least Jungle John has decided to call it a day after a good run and close up shop.
As most of you know I met John while on my own Maui discovery trip 3 years back. Boy time fly's .John has been and still is a good friend . Now John himself is not going out to sit on the ice , jump into the tar pit or float out to sea on a burning viking ship at sunset. No, he is just closing his Website Maui Trekkers and concentrating on Personal guided tours into Maui`s deep Jungles.

        I recently picked up a hitch hiker on my way from Makawao to Paia one afternoon and Johns name came up in conversation . The hitch hiker knew Jungle John well and was found of him, he paused while thinking of John then said

                                                       “ John is like a child”

         I knew exactly what he meant, it takes a child like mind to appreciate all God has blessed us with on this amazing earth, after all it was Jesus who said to his immature adult followers unless you have child like faith you can not see or enter the kingdom.

John has that mature child like approach to nature with all of the glorious splendors it has to offer those that wish to play on its lush Organic Waterfall Cascading Peter Pan World.
Those of us that truly enjoyed the long running island series “Lost” that was filmed in the Hawaiian islands can expect to have our own unique jungle experience as we hire or follow Jungle John into his secret world.

John recently took some English Royalty on a private tour and they were thrilled to have JJ as a guide.

He has over 30 years of hiking experience here on Maui, if he lived in Tibet you can bet he would be a guide to the pinnacle of everest and drink yak milk, eat goats eyes, yea right !good luck with that I prefer Potatoes and Guinness .

All those that are visiting Maui and wish to have a unique personal experience in her Jungles please Give Him a call


He will be more than happy to lead you into your Shang-ra-la                     experience

Aloha Mike Q

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Current Events and Beyond :)

        Well, folks yes it has been along time since I tapped the keys of my trusty Mac and updated our situation on Maui. A lot has happened in the last few months.

Ok, I will dive right in.

         Cynthia declared to me one evening as we were driving home from the lahiana Boys and Girls club where she worked as a program director that she was ready to manage / direct her own club.
         So we both asked God to give her a club as we knew it was time and she was so so so ready. In the last 14 or so months since she has been employed by The B@G she has been well trained by Danae of the Lahina Club or more to the point groomed as they love her on this island.
About a week later we she heard that a club upcountry needed a new Director.

        Cynthia applied , after 2 very successful interviews she was appointed director of the Makawao boys and Girls Club. As I write she is now finishing her third week as CEO as that is what they call her at head office. I,m very proud of her. When she puts her mind to something she follows through and brings her dream home.

So currently we are driving back and forth 45 miles each way. Dose not seem like a big trip, but on an island with no freeways and the average speed is 45 complete with tourist, locals and surfers ,it sure dose make for a long day. Reminds me of my school bus driving days about 12 hour day.
Our Lease will be up in July so we are on the hunt for anew abode near Cynthia`s club.

         Mean while I have been scouting the area which boasts an amazing championship surf beach along with many larger beaches and miles of tropical jungle flowing with hundreds of waterfalls and cool dipping pools the area is nothing short of heaven, now if we can just find the right home, please God ???

          During this transition I/ we were blessed to have two people who were amazing mentors to me back in my days in London England 30 years ago come for a 7 day visit.

       Warwick and June Murphy from the great land down under ( Australia to those of you that think America is the only country in the world ) ran a pretty darned cool rehab / halfway / home for misguided Irishmen in Clapham common.

They were and still are involved with Youth With a Mission and Warwick is Currently running Issac Australia 
  an outreach to troubled people. Warwick and June have been working with the down and out of this world most of their lives.

        They have been a major influence in this Irishman's life. I spent many days showing them the sites and sounds of our Island home. It was an Honor, they have passed from mentors to close friends and I truly believe this trip will be the Catalyst for many more visits

         When I dropped them at the airport it was more of a to be continued than goodbye and here I will end my little update with a TO BE CONTINUED as the beach and a good nap in the sun are calling my name...

Aloha Mike and Cynthia :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

No Man Is An Island..But the Island can make or Break the man :)

This island is truly the death of me...
The other day I turned to Cynthia, when she came home from work and said;
“ Hi my name is Michael and I suffer from depression ... a matter of fact I have suffered from depression all of my life”.

I think it is very interesting how God has healed me of so many things like loneliness, that had plagued me all my life as well as various fears from my childhood, yet my depression continues to be a daily battle. Those people that go around proclaiming that Christianity is all joy and prosperity need a serious chill pill, then they need to come out of the closet by telling the truth of how they really feel. Don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing times as a Christian but not because I dumped a load of hard earned money on some TV preachers lap who was already swimming in green acres.

If money could truly bring happiness, then the suicide rate at which some rich people kill themselves at would be none existent. My heart went out to Robin Williams, I could so relate to him; he was a guy, who as far as we could all see looked out for others. For many of us, he was a childhood friend but in the end he succumbed to a serious bout of depression. I did not know him personally but I cried when I heard of his untimely death.

Some days I don't want to get out of bed, but I do, Cynthia needs her coffee :). I can pray for others and see Jesus set them free from illness and a whole variety of other things, yet for some reason this hound dog of depression still follows my scent. Oh how I wish somebody else would blow a horn he could harken to and pound after.

Some of the the most famous writers suffered greatly from Earnest Hemingway. When I read a Farewell to Arms I was mad at him for killing off a wonderful romance. Then when I read about his life, it all made sense; like me, a kid of an alcoholic sabotaging a good romance by throwing a wrench into a perfectly good engine. The man was never truly happy, he sought happiness in relationships. I know only too well that's not where it lies, sure don't get me wrong, I love Cynthia but even she cannot satisfy all my needs. I genuinely love Jesus more than life it self and yet He whom I have given my life to has chosen, for reasons known only to himself and father God, to leave me with this irritating dilemma. I guess you could say it keeps me coming back to him for help; ask any of my close fiends, they will tell you I need a lot of help.

And yet here I am; living in paradise with the perfect climate and an incredible soul mate, who puts up with me. To me that's the greatest example of Gods love to someone like me, giving me someone who loves me unconditionally. Cynthia deserves the Victoria Cross and the Purple heart.

I'm not looking for sympathy, just having a rant and hopefully someone who thinks that christians have it easy, will realize that we go through the same crap; with the difference that we have hope in Jesus. Any guy that will go through the most severe torture of suffocation on a cross for an Irish guy like me, is sure worthy of me standing up and paying attention!

In The words of Robin Williams “Merry friggin Christmas!”



Tuesday, September 23, 2014


CLARKS Wave Sandal The Best :)

Good  colgate morning its september 23 my son Jaq`s Birthday. On This day 1988 he came screaming into the world full throttle no holes barred. Jaq now lives and goes to Collage in Portland Oregon. He served 3 years in the Army 1st Armour-ed division Fort Bliss and South Korea and he is also a great Comedian although he wont let me know where he does his stand-up act for obvious reasons LOL... I'm very proud to be his father and wish him well in his next 200 years...All my love to you on this Day Jaq :0)

On this day sept 1916 - World War I: Manfred Von Richthofen [The Red Baron], a flying ace of the German Luftstreitkräfte, wins his first aerial combat near Cambrai, France.

The first whaling ship sails into Hawaii in 1819 not a good thing for the whales.
 In1850 - Great fire in San Francisco began.
 Finaly in 2014 Michael and Cynthia Cagnoni Quinlan officially celebrated one year on on the island of Maui.
Yes, a year fly's by seems like only yesterday we came here for our first vacation.

Last saturday  morning I got up early put on my CLARKS Wave  sandals to go to the store for some half and Half for Cynthia`s coffee. I drove slowly out of our parking lot and headed down the hill towards the shore line road,all of a sudden I was struck by how beautiful the morning was ,the sun was up, Palm trees were rustling softly in the fresh trade winds that had been absent for a week or so, the Island of Malachi was clearly visible across the bright blue south Pacific . I thought what a wonderful morning, then it hit me I had not thought like that on this island for a long time. Most mornings or days for that mater on Maui are amazing and why not its the land of sunshine , warm water with cool ocean breezes whispering through the shore line palm trees.
 I realized that my island fever that had plagued me for so long was finally draining away.

I resolved in my mind that this weekend was going to be special or us both ,Cynthia especially, God only knows how much Island fever grief I have put her through. She deserves a Platinum medal for unconditional love and I deserve the Grey Cloud of Eeyore for the Ass that fought paradise.
 Truth be-told this island has been the death of the old me and boy did I fight it as many of you have of read in my blogs,but then thats real life not like the land of Bleached teeth with perfect smiles and artificial bodies where everybody's Happy and Prozac goes Cha-Ching!

Later that day we headed to a new beach there are so many to choose from. That evening we ate at our favorite fish Taco outlet in Honakowi followed by a movie on our big screen at home. The Next Morning we treated ourselves to a day pass at the Westin Hotel and resort in kannapli. We basked in the hot sunshine,swam in the many pools,had our backs massaged by the abundance of waterfalls, scared my self on the large and fast water slide. Had cocktails followed by a great pool side lunch watched an amazing sunset ,in all we had an amazing weekend.

Clarks shoes USA Wave Sandal Best in the World :)

Back on the Mainland my Great  friend David Jorgenson married his sweet heart Julie Cramer may they have a wonderful life together filled with true blessings!!!

Well thats all for the moment,I have missed the new me been a while waiting for him to come out brings a whole new meaning to the Phrase.... Be still and know that I,m God and if he just brought my Irish butt out here to get my attention well it certainly was worth it turmoil and all.

Cheers to you all Michael and Cynthia :0)