Monday, April 1, 2013

Maui # 22

Minimalist! Cynthia shared this word with me this Am. To my way of thinking its some one that gets by or lives using the bare minimum .
Actually pretty much describes my life style right now and Cynthia`s on yonder busy fast paced crazy rock / the mainland.

I have all my basic needs met shelter, my trusty man cave tent.
Food lots of natural veggies, water and occasionally some wine although in the last 7 weeks probably about 2 bottles. Of Course When the 2 Wisconsin Red Necks Adam and Eve where here they seduced me with their coconut Hawaiian rum thingy but I stayed away from the chemically enhanced Bud-not -wiser. I miss the village Idiots :0(

Talking of the famous Duo Rumor ;0) has it that they shall be returning to these shores as they were unable to cut the bungee cords after their last jump.
I have been told and can testify that it truly is a near impossible task, especially when its attached to your heart although knowing those two it might be some place else ?

Right now I am partaking of my morning coffee,had a 5am chat with Cynthia as she prepared for the mainland rush to the Paradise Hilton In downtown Portland.
Yes, she and Jack Nicholson are looking after the Cuckoo`s nest . I have had many a good story with the Hilton as it origin :0)
By The way “The Shining” was made just up the Mountain from where she works at Mount-hood ski lodge and the “One Flew over the Cuckoo`s” nest 45 miles away in Salem and considering that a lot of Irish and English people immigrated to that area they had no problem finding an original cast of thousands :0)

Oh, yes and my home town in Cork city Ireland has one of the longest buildings in Europe Known as the Redbrick / the Irish Disney Experience , Yes its the local nut house. Yup I come from a long line of highly intelligent beings.

Yesterday Easter sunday I know you know that, but I don’t pay much attention over here as time goes by rather slowly and when every day is summer ( Although the Locals say its winter I think they have been drinking to much Rum Laced Taro ) Then I have a winter Yogi bear Tan, boy when summer gets here I could work as an Internet con man In Nigeria.

Ok ,Yes yesterday I hung out at the beach In “Bob and Kellie Drake-ville” the new name for Kihei with my buddy Andy an Engineer from New york who came here to escape the 5 points rat race. We spent the day having great conversations and swimming surrounded by pale skinned aliens from the outer space planet of North America.

I love to see people from the mainland exploring this great island for the first time and I truly do pray that they have a wonderful experience as a reward for spending their hard earned to get here.

As the sun went down last night the beach was packed. It was like the united nations of sun worshippers, it was a great experience. I tried to Skype cynthia from the beach and most nights it works but last night it failed. However we did have the old cell :0)
Well I,m off to fix a motorcycle for a friend, just had a great prayer time with you lot have a blast doing what ever your doing!!!


ManMonday :0) xoxoxoox