Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maui # 15

Well hello folks welcome back to my blog. Sorry its taken so long.
I,m now so intrenched in this island paradise
that it would take a German Howitzer to blast me of this green lush lost world, not even a herd of Dinosaurs could make me move. I would just stand up with my two handed Claymore double edged sword and Boldly declare as my Irish ancestors before me cried in Battle

Its my Island, bugger off !!!”

Yes, I have found something worth fighting in the wonderful life God has blessed me with.

When our ancestors moved west to the new world they had vision ,hope excitement along with toil and hardship but in the end those that persevered received their reward.

I`m about 20,000 miles from the Island of Ireland , actually half way round the globe, this Irishman has journeyed far from home these last 30 years. I have faced many trails, climbed many mountains both real and imagined. Faced fears head on and at times run only later to turn back with fresh courage and slay that beast with a host of angels at my side.

I have cut those unhealthy bungee cords that held me to my past and lassoed the moon as I sprang forward free of the dead weight of past oppression. I have become the man I always envied in other men. Yes, envy may have been a sin in some persons eyes, but in mine it was my past reality.

As a famous TV series once declared and I now will rewrite as I enter another day in the history of my life.
I now go boldly where I have been afraid to go before”

In Short I`m alive, living in the glorious present.

I`m Michael John Quinlan Son Of Michael Raphael Quinlan son of Jack Quinlan descendant of many hundreds of Irishmen who were kings and Lords and warriors and peace keepers alike, before me.
Man its good to be alive to have met and now truly know the person I have always wanted to meet, my true self.
Yes I,m crying as I write this what a privilege to be really free and there is much more to come as I daily surrender my life into my heavenly Fathers ok YAHHHHHHHOOOOO
Much more appropriate Hahahaha.

Hey this is coming from a guy who has danced on the beach and not cared who was watching.

Well have to go as a guy I know just called me his car was in a crash and needs my help in Kihei 10 miles will get back.


Michael xoxoxoox              Irish Resident Alien

Ps, Its fun riding a motorcycle on Maui my Irish warmer Island :0)