Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Death In Paradise :0(

Death In Paradise :0(

Fathers day like any other fathers day began as it dose out here with the sun rising to shine magnificently on yet another warm south pacific cool breeze morning on the tropical island of Maui. Jaq and Casey my boys,now young men sent me greetings and Cynthia and I had dark deep strong Argentine style morning coffee loaded with enough kick to start any motorcycle I know.Then packed the car with snacks, beach parafinalia and headed to Kapalua cove in Napili north west Maui.

The drive from waliku to Lahaina is breath taking with the ocean on our immediate left and the West Maui mountains on our right. We never tire of the deep blue Pacific with its twin bleached white breakers a 100 yards of shore.
 It reminds me so much of the opening sequences of Hawaii-five -O back in my seventies school days and yes on some evenings we have seen the five man shilotes of outriggers against the back drop of a Maui Sunset.

We arrived at our popular destination 45 mins later and as the luck of the Irish would have it ( Gods Irish didn`t you know ) got a parking spot within yards of the white sandy palm tree lined cove.
 Kapuala cove has some of the best snorkeling on Maui. Its sheltered from the deep pacific by two rocky pininsalas jutting out to sea. It is a tropical marine paradise,

 I,m continley amazed at the variety of Picasso style colored Fish we encounter each time we frequent its warm waters. Oh yes and lets not forget the many large turtles that live and feed among the multiply colored spectacular coral reef.

Talking of Turtles Cynthia had just come in from a swim and called to me to come see a turtle that was feeding on the shore line. I grabbed my snorkel equipment and joined her. That was when we heard a man yell “call 911” our first instinct was to look for a shark victim but then we saw an elderly man being pulled out of the water on to the beach. 
We both kicked into gear, seconds later I was kneeling beside him and between my self and 3 others we administered CPR , Cynthia handled crowd control in particular keeping young children away for obvious reasons. All those years of CPR class`s among the 4 of us kicked in, nobody panicked, we rotated with chest compressions and rescue breaths the guy next to me was a CPR instructor on vacation, there was also a young Girl who had just completed her CPR

training and a resort Employee who fetched a de defibrillator and acted like the pro he was. It was amazing team work. Then the paramedics arrived within six minutes and took over from us, they were incredibly professional.

Charles who was 76 passed away during our efforts ,his wife and visiting friends..... well you can imagine how every one felt, people cried after it was over, what more can I say or write.

Charles was somebodies Father Husband and friend, May you rest in Peace Brother.

Afterwards I went for a long snorkel to let my emotions out in a silent scream / cry underwater and then Cynthia and I met a women from Ireland vacationing on Maui we talked till the Sun went down we needed the welcome distraction.

We never know the day or the hour....

Aloha Michael and Cynthia :0)

Spaniard inn kinsale Ireland

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lost On Maui :0)

It s Tuesday june 3ard 2014..we have been on this patch of land far out in the pacific just over 9 months and a few days ,minutes even!
Truth be told if it was to be measured in Maui time I personally have logged 8808.5 Hours to date with Cynthia coming in at 7200.5 ...Thats a lot of time when you think about it in our short life spans.

Its been a long journey and at times a lonely one as even the deepest of human relationships can not fill some voids. Cynthia is an amazing soulmate, great trail blazer,but some trails are meant to be walked alone just you and your creator. 
The words from the famous football song “you will never walk alone” come to mind but I think that was for lonely Horace in Boise Idaho walking home on fifth street serenading his dog Bingo on the other side of midnight.

I,m sitting outside Lahina public Library on my beach chair looking a cross the water to the Island of Lanai. Its a hot early morning but I have the canopy of a large tree with a cool breeze flowing in from lanai`s direction, I`m still except for the clatter of the keys as I take my thoughts for a stroll across the key board of my good friend Mac!

I,m surrounded by an international force of tourists ,locals  ,lets face it its the land of Eternal summer. Just came through winter here and I have a fine Tan?

Went snorkeling yesterday at Napali Cove , got real up close and personal with a 5 ft Turtle,hung out with him for 25 minutes till he finally waved good bye as he headed for deeper water where the tigers and great whites live and this Irishman wont go. 

When we first met he was in ten feet of water in a coral cave I had followed him in and then went topsides to watch. After about ten minutes of waiting patiently, he waved his flipper at me and swam up to meet me. It was an awesome moment,total trust. 
No I did not touch him thats illegal out here,big fine. But lets put it this way our eyes met at bout 6 inches and I pulled away as by his time I was surrounded by other snorkelers. Then began a game of dive and surface among the coral and shoals of colorful fish for about 15 mins , nobody else came any closer. I like them on my first experience with turtles kept a safe distance, after all they are Tiger sharks favorite Quiz zine.
Well on we swam or glided and then he met a fellow turtle who had his own entourage of human followers, we were all so focused on our turtles that there was a momantery clash of bodies and fins as we all changed course.

This business of letting go and allowing God to strip this Irishman naked sure has some nice attractions along the way , things I would have missed if I had not been still and let him be God and the turtle Take this Hare on the race of his life!

Love to you all
Michael :0)