Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maui # 16

Well all stories have a beginning and a end .Well this story is beginning with an end to living in Oregon and a new beginning in Maui hawaii.
Yes !its official Cynthia and I are now going to live on Maui.!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy :0)

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately.
But its Bob and Kellie drakes fault hahaha. They came over sunday last to stay in their time share and invited me to stay in the second bedroom. It has been a welcome break. Have not slept in a bed in close to six weeks. We met up in the time travel portal at Costco.
Yes ,there is a Costco in just about every corner of the globe just go the restroom present your card,click your heels and walla you travel to the Costco of your choice and walk out with a full $200 packed cart into glorious sunshine.
Its there latest perk,just say Mikey sent you ;0)

I always seem to bump into Bob and Kellie in Costco, but they have good health insurance so the ambulance ride and morphine shots are free, hey thats the Aloha spirit for you!!!!
I was too tired to meet them the previous evening as I had been up at North Maui all day visiting a town Called Napali.
Yes, sounds crazy I,m here on Maui and now having a vacation.
It has truly been a blessing in disguise all thats missing Is Cynthia :0(

Cynthia handed in her notice yesterday so should be joining me hopefully within the month.

I feel as though I,m living in another world and as of yet my feet have not truly touched the ground. All you former drug enhanced old school seventy something bell bottom long haired hippies might be able to relate - although I know some of you are still up on cloud 13 taking Wow man! classes with Island Guru Woody Harleson.
Well this has sure been a wild ride with no induced extraterrestrial highs for this leprechaun,I like to know where I,m going and more importantly where I have been.

I have been training as a sub tour Bus driver in Kihei for Aloha Akina Tours, very friendly company.
It was a hard decision to make about staying here after 3 weeks as I was going to miss Cynthia birthday and our wedding Anniversary. But we will have many more here God willing.
I canceled My Business insurance etc on the mainland and am now praying about what type of biz to open up here.
Cynthia will continue to Operate her “CGC” travel business
and open another one here. I will let her reveal that to you in its time.

No we are not rich or have a huge stack buried near the big X, but we do have an endless supply coming from heaven. This is truly a move of faith and to-date following Gods leading has been a wild ride better than a bungee jump.

So will leave you for now as Bob Kellie and Me-self relax and enjoy another Sunset on My warm lush Island...
Aloha to all!!!!

Michael oxoxoxo