Monday, March 4, 2013

                                         Maui # 9

Previously on lost Michael our Hero was camping on a really cool spot by the warm Ocean. Life was good at this Shang-ra-la..Elijah the coconut dude taught him how to fend for himself from the fruit of the jungle /Ocean.. The other survivors of Oceanic flight “OO lucky number 7”shared their fast wealth of island knowledge and possessions to make our Hero one of the family.

In all a great time was had by all.
But alas all good things come in seasons and this guy knew in his heart and soul that it was time to move of the beach into the hatch :0)

But where was he going to find such a hatch and a crazy Scottish man pushing a button asking are you him,are you him?
Well the answer was soon to be revealed.

The last time I wrote about 7 days ago...Adam , Casey and I had gone to a great sunday service..with Hanna lei and after wards had worked on the taro fields.
The Night before this I knew in my spirit it was time to leave the camp,so I prayed asking God to open the next door of this adventure, Cynthia also agreed it was time to move on before the natives did a kill Captain Cook reenactment...not hahahaha..just threw that in...but Cynthia and I were in agreement :0)

Well after we all had worked on the Taro Fields we sat down to a wonderful Hawaiian lunch. I talked with a lot of the crew. A young man Named Israel sat next to me , we shared a lot of what God was doing in our lives, we had an instant connection.

Lunched ended,as we packed up to go Israel asked me what my plans were. So I told him it was time for me to move on from the campsite . He then simply said come stay with my family I dont want you to be homless on Maui. Stay until God shows you the next step. We exchanged numbers...That night I prayed...called Cynthia and she said your a doubting Thomas, God has opened the door call Israel and except his offer. I did :0)

That night had a going away / welcome to the island party with all my beach family...I hate instead I said to be continued!!!!! I have many numbers and warm memories!!!!

Next Morning Adam and Casey drove me to Wailuku to meet up with Israel.
Isreal`s family have a huge home and the presence of God and aloha spirit fills that home.
I will not tell any of their personal information, only that they have made me feel extremely welcome. As time goes by with their permission I will introduce you..;)

Thursday last was Isreal`s birthday and guess what he wanted to do...Yes! Go CAMPING!!!,....mmm..hey I finally had 4 walls and utilities ;0(

Long story short we ( Israel, Andy who is my age more on him later )just came back from 4 days of male bonding in Hana...swam in the seven pools..hung out on a red sand beach that had lots of statues of David and David-ets / naked Adam and Eve`s showing of years of Hometown buffet abuse...
yes, Ken and Barbie did show up.
The funniest moment was when we rounded a high cliff path that led down to the hidden beach and the first thing I saw was a naked guy sleeping with full periscope up ( Yes, he needed to go to the bathroom bad) and turned around and looked back at the line of elderly bag carrying tourists and wanted to Yell “Dive , Dive torpedo’s loose!!!!!

Instead I said Birthday suits ahead...everyone one had a good sense of humor and we all just went with the flow...had a great time on “THE THIN RED LINE” beach ok you vets aught to get that one :0)

Well I will leave you as I have some e mails to write..Today starts week four and I,m not in the Hatch...but the Village with Ben hahaha...Got to Love facing your fears and watching Gods provision as we follow him blindly like sheep over the edge of the cliff...only to discover that out there the ground is more solid....

This a has been an incredible test of my faith and Cynthia`s so far and at times I cry at how amazing our God is....God Bless you all

Humbled Doubting Thomas ;0000) xoxooxxo