Friday, March 21, 2014

The Violin

The Violin

A tree stands in the forest, once full of life and reason to live, now left to wither and die.
A carpenter walks down a wooded path; in his heart a burning desire, the likes of which he has never felt before.
A musician awakes to a new day; a new melody is dancing inside his head.
A student walks home from school down cast and alone there is no light in her soul no hope that lies ahead, for the entire world like a rose that has been bound in thorns.
The carpenter stops to rest and notices the old tree in its lifeless state. By sudden revelation he removes his axe from his worn leather pack and hacks off a limb and hurries home. Without hesitation he embarks on a new path to create” The Violin”.
The days go by, he fashions he sands until a most beautiful creation lies in his knurled old hands. Tears flow from his eyes as he pulls on the bow and a river of music flows from the strands.
A knock on the door, a greeting, “come in”.
The musician enters and sits, he grins as the music is played and evening begins. He takes the violin and plays a tune about joy then sorrow and then a melody about hope in God and the promise of a new tomorrow.
In the home of the student up in her room her window open the music drifts in. Touched by the music like an angel from above, her tears begin to flow as she offers her pleads to a God she cannot see but can sense he is there. Why did you take him? Answer me please! Show me a sign that my father is thine.
From Heaven above true love reaches down embracing his child who weeps alone, puts his hand on her shoulder and caresses her heart bringing light and healing where once it was dark.
A knock on the door, a greeting, “come in”.

The student enters and sits, with light in her eyes, a smile on her face, and a new song in her heart, she begins to sing. The musician’s melody now complete plays the violin like never before. The carpenter observing from his bench, greatly pleased, now working on another creation, his burning desire now reality, gathers his axe along with his leather pack and heads off to where it all began. The tree!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

On Road to Maui….The end of the transition into island Life :0)

Hello Mainland people and all you other persons not basking in the sunshine on Maui.

Top o the morning to you all. Yes its been quite some time since I wrote or published a blog. Truth is I have fallen into the grove of island life detaching my self from the rat race once and for all.
Cynthia is doing well and loves her job at the boys and Girls club, she is very popular with the kids and has been a big influence in their lives.

Talking of the B and G club I recently got the floor refinishing bid launching Celtic cleaning Maui back into life...yes, its alive and well.

On the abode front I built a room for us in my friends back yard, entire cost $31 spent just two days ago when I had to buy white rubber roof paint. All the other materials were donated by my friends family and friends .Its not to shabby if I say so myself, we Finley have a little place we can retreat to .

Eventually we desire to move to Kehie as it has some of the best beach’s on the island and a popular destination for Bob and Kellie Drake who I have known these past 14 years. Recently I waved to them from a beach cam on charlie young. I walked and waved from the warm waters while they looked on from snowy Oregon,it was fun. They are really great friends with big hearts.

Cynthia just celebrated her birthday and we spent the day between restaurants and the beach. That evening we went to a Irish golfing restaurant called Mulligans. The Owner Mick Dywer from Tipperary Ireland came and sat with us , bought a round of drinks, we felt like family.
Last night was my friends birthday so we all gathered in his back yard with friends sang to the music played on Ukeleles and did some hilarious improve. It was a lot of fun. Here the neighbors do not mind parties as they are quite common and many people have large neighbor hood events.

Well thats about it not much else to tell really, I just love the slow pace of life here ,oh I have started to write again which is part of why I,m here. Its Saturday and we will probably go to the beach and maybe later catch a movie.....well thank you for reading...sorry not a whole lot of content...hope all is well with you and the nasty winter weather is moving on...until next time ..Keep your stick on the ice and crack a beer for me....

Michael :0)