Tuesday, March 12, 2013

                                 Maui # 14

When we last heard from our Irish Hero on Maui`s front line he was riding of into the sunset with Jack and Peter, Jill however is still missing him deeply back in the Grey clouds of Vegas (Oregon).

Yes, Jack plus frightened Jill did go up the Hill to the Vegas Ball/ chain chapel with said damsel being dragged against her will after Jack cheated in an unfair hand at the Neverland Saloon Texas Grab-em and run night!
But in My version Mick gives Jack a left hook hence he kicks the bucket . Mick then picks Jill up, sets her on the Tank of his heavy metal steed, changes her name back to Cynthia , whisks her away to Blarney castle at No 1 main street Maui 92310 where they live Happily ever after!!!

Yes, I miss Cynthia badly . This has been a trial for both of us. I,m now in week 5 of operation 'One way ticket to Paradise'.
Last Night In Kihei we shared a sunset together sponsored by Verizon .We have seen many on Maui before.
We even sang and did not care who was listening, I put a great smile on an elderly woman’s countenance who passed me, great moment.
You can really tell how much you love someone when you are apart for a season, if you don’t then you had better take a long hard look at your relationship and be honest.

Maui a stride a motorcycle is wonderful. You can breathe the warm Pacific trade winds deep in your lungs. The average speed on Maui is 45 the perfect pace for a laid back Islander like me-self.
Sure I miss the high desert of Oregon where I can open up 'My old Beamer :0( ' and disappear into the sunset of another good chapter in my life.
I`m so thankful to God for all the wonderful time I have had burning up her roads with my past adventures into finding Golden truths and wonders .

Maui is a place where if you are truly willing to give yourself permission to let go you will discover a missing person who has been handcuffed behind the un-natural man made time clock .

Sure people live and work over here,but not like the fast pace of the mainland. Yes, it has the same issues like any other country. Yes! I`m living in reality. Time after time I have been informed by people on the mainland that it is so expensive over her. Yes, Milk and gas are expensive but only an extra buck! And lets face it Gas wise the island is only 40 miles by ten or so, unless you scream that rubber you can`t spend a lot at the pump and if you eat like a tourist you will break the Bank and possibly end up sharing a cell with Bruno in debters prison.

But on our last trip out here Cynthia did a cost analysis and found that with the exception of a few items and I mean a few its pretty much the same as the mainland .

Think of it this way you are renting a house in Paradise or Hell depending on your attitude. If you are a whining ,racist white anglo Saxon superior being do yourself and the Hawaiians a big favor, STAY HOME!
Better still allow me to buy you one way ticket to India where you can cry about all your rights as you play your staring role as street beggar. Your false illusions of superior grandeur will soon be shattered.

Yes I admit I was not sure what was going to happen and I had the what if`s :0( ?running through my head. But I know this guy who is still back in Michigan living in the What if ?and yea butt land, he is in a prison of his own making.

I,m not out here to get rich, I`m am out here living in Gods plan for myself and Cynthia,big difference. It is all in how you look at it. If you see the glass half empty then that will always be your lot, but if you dare to dream the impossible then that glass will over flow as you allow your true-self out of that negative wave prison.

Will leave you with this thought...A few years back my self and Neill a guy I used to work summer maintenance jobs with in Salem keizer schools arrived at a traffic signal in our work truck just as the light turned red.

I thought Bummer...Neill exclaimed!

Hey look we are first in line!”

Its all how you see it

Michael Quinlan Good day !