Monday, February 25, 2013

Maui # 8

Well good morning all you pale faced ,two legged , up right walking sons and daughters of man .
This is the missing link in your lives speaking and I,m no Monkey, Darwin was wrong,I have a new theory...( patented pending on the Irish master race.)..but I can swing from a Coconut tree, skin is dark brown, I can chatter like a Monkey , swim like a rock-star , sing like a bird in Heat of 80 degree`s and walk up-right like the Grand looking Irishman I`m...welcome to my Jungle on this beautiful Maui morning.

Yesterday.... Sunday 800 hours.... south Pacific time …...Home land security report........dash...Irish invasion...stop..

My self , my two Neanderthal adopted Geico-Cave men ( Adam and Casey) headed for the “IOW” valley in their Islander cruiser.
( 89 Buick skylark that still has 4 wheels, can even go forward but is afraid of heights, as Adam declared when they tried to drive up Haleakala 10,000 ft...that the eighty`s Buick only had a 6000ft limit! My Theory is the mountain could not handle two Beer swilling Wisconsin Rednecks on her summit )

Well, we arrived just as the rain was coming down. That side of the Island always has rain, but as it is so warm you don’t really notice, hey you never have to wash your clothes,just add deodorant under the old arm pits once in a blue moon just like 18th century French Royalty did...of course they did lose their heads..mmmm

My Friend Hanna-lei and His Wife Sara ( cant remember how to spell her name) were leading a sunday service under a Palm thatched Hawaiian meeting place/ hall with no walls. There were about 15 people in attendance plus 3 amigo`s. It was a mixture of all Hawaiian cultures.
Hannalei shared the history of Hawaii from Gods perspective in one of the best collage classes Adam and Casey had ever attended, they were in awe and felt extremely privileged to sit under Hannibal I mean Hannalei...hahahaha.

Afterwards we were invited to work in the taro fields in the upper part of the IOA valley. Baiscly we harvested the Taro root. This was done by standing calf deep in taro ponds and pulling the whole Taro plant out of the mud, then cutting the bulb/patatoe like root of the bottom of the stalk leaving just enough root on the stalk so that it could be replanted about an hour later after the the ponds had been rototilled by Hannlei and our was an amazing cultural experience and a blessing to participate in an anciant Hawaiian tradition .

Afterwards we were treated to a wonderful lunch of a variety of Hawaiian vegetable,names that I have forgotten,forgive me..if Cynthia was here she would have given you a complete break down,complete with taste structure analysis....Got to love her food passion:0)

The Boys made fast friends with the group and Hannalei embraced them warmly. Marci Hannalei`s daughter gave them the use of her surfboard. Marci reflects her Mom and Dads love of God in a powerful and impressive way. If I wrote Websters next to the words unconditional love would be a picture of Hannalei`s family.

Well, we drove back to camp later that afternoon with a surfboard wedged between the front seats touching fore and aft windows with the 3 amigo`s squeezed like sardines port and starboard of the redneck local Island cruiser, grinning ear to ear like local boys all we needed was a beer cooler duck-taped to the hood of the Buick ,boy do we fit in!!!!:0)

Ok ,Aloha for to you all!!!!

Michael oxoxoxo :0)

Ps, Anyone seen Wilson ?