Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maui the Beginning :0)

Well at airport waiting for flight # 809 to Maui :0)

It sure has been a long day..started early 3AM to be exact .Woke repacked my bag as it was at it down to 38 ..hey every pound counts.. cut my hair , short back and sides to fit back into my vacation hat.

Cynthia woke up at 6. 30am as she had to go to court as a witness. We headed of to court around 7:45AM and as I write  this at 4:17Pm she is still there. 

I,m totally exhausted its been along two weeks since I decided to embark on this adventure. Sometimes I think I,m nuts ,leaving a nice warm bed and a beautiful wife to walk across warm sandy coconut filled palm tree lined beaches with tropical fish just teaming of shore competing for a spot on a Picasso canvas of vibrant color. Coming in from the Pacific a warm breeze that wraps itself around you like a long lost lover welcoming you home.
Yes I,m nuts?

Cynthia and I first discovered this beautiful heaven 2 years ago.This will be my third trip, but alas without my brown smiling beauty.
This venture is my personal baptism into the true life and spirit Maui.
I need to do this as we are intending to live on Maui in the very near future.

3....days later :0)...sorry this is so disjointed...just been trying to catch my breath ..relax and acclimatize to my new life style

Ok lets cut forward to the Island..its been 3 days since I Left Oregon...I,m currently sitting at a picnic table at my tent site 40 yards from the waters edge.The sun went down an hour ago and I saw a family of whales breaching the water like a flying mammoth circus...amazing site...

So My flight to the island took of on time , I sat was seated 21c isle. Next to me were Lance and his wife chiko, they were both from Haiku on Maui. They own a tree and plant farm renting plants to local offices...Lance used to be a landscaper. They have been on the island 20 years. Lance and I talked the whole 5 hour flight, solving the worlds problems.
When the plane was taking of and the head stewardess was announcing the planes safety features over the intercom, I recognized an Irish accent. It sounded familiar as if it was from my home town of Cork city Ireland. I asked the stewardess who was giving out pea nuts if the head stewardess was from Ireland she responded with a resounding smiling yes!!. She went on to explain that Martha was an inspiration to the whole crew with her great attitude and Irish personality.
The steward came back with a message from Martha who was busy working in first Class. She was told to ask me which was the best county in Ireland?
Cork” I replied and I was informed that Martha was from cork...

Moments Later a slim blonde hair woman in her mid 40`s arrived at my seat.

How`s it goon boy she exclaimed” with a great Cork accent

( I have been in The USA since 87 and always thought it would be great to bump into someone from my home town...never happened until I was flying to the Kingdom of Hawaii / Maui )

Well long story short...Martha and I grew up about ½ mile a part...knew a lot of the same people etc....Well My coach class became first class in coach with free Champagne etc for myself , Lance and his surprised wife who was busy watching a in flight movie with headset on and was unaware of the recent developments, until the Champagne bottle was placed on her table and Lance informed her that we were in the Irish ambassador class thanks to his new friend Mick.
Needless to say the rest of the flight was a Blast as we say In Cork Ireland :0)

Ok will finish its 600 words and I only meant to write 500....The airport and getting to my destination was great...but as most of you have the face book attention span of flea`s I will be merciful hahahha

Micheal :0)