Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MAUI # 5

Its 5:54 am Maui time tuesday morning. The wind is blowing in gusts of 40 to 50 mph, the islands built in air-conditioning system,temp is about 65...yes its cold according to Maui standards. In Oregon thats a winter heatwave.

As I write this I`m totally exhausted, sun tanned/ burnt hahaha, look like Robinson Crusoe minus the long hair and scraggly beard. My spirits are low,guess thats to be expected after 8 days of heat and walking. The pickup goes back to Hananlei this morning, what a blessing it has been. I was able to travel to all the places Cynthia and I had frequented on previous trips and do the vacation thing as well. Now I believe the real purpose on this island will begin.

From this point on I will be looking to see where I fit in on this island according to Gods plan or not?....I have spent the last 8 days bonding with it. I have had some amazing conversations with Canadians who are just like the Irish and 'Ants' all over this warm paradise.

I have met countless european travelers, Germany,Prague, Spain,England, Belgium, .
From the great countries of South America!!! Brazil, Argentina, one I cant pronounce Many warm hearted People, Last night a great Mexican, and of course many mainland Americans.

On the Camp site here I found a great community who look after each other like a big family. Acceptance is just a smile and handshake away,backed up with warm hugs and local advice on fruits to pick,safe places to avoid sharks ( very important that) don’t swim at sunset or sunrise as that is when they come close to shore to feed.
Remember Jaws it was an after dark swim fiction I know! but based on shark patterns. Seen many whales, chased a turtle.

Think I have lost a few pounds, have not seen a mirror in a while or heard any world news, honestly forgotten all about the rest of the planet, Im on island time :0)

But today feels different almost as though my true test is about to begin as to what that truly is I have no idea Yet ? I just know things are about to change, I feel it in my spirit almost as though the bonding / fear facing testing time is over, I do fit in here, but what am I supposed to do next.

Cynthia put it very well the other day, “Jump without a Parachute” , Emmmm not literally guys, metaphorically. Let go ,jump blindly..and when you feel discouraged remember all the great things that have happened so far...focus on them, God is looking out for you.
I know its only been 8 days but I feel as though I have been here forever,I felt like that on my second day, its just as familiar as breathing.

Ok ,Time to go have breakfast, veggies and honey in a wrap with good coffee a must for any adventure :0)

Until I write again have a wonderful day where ever you are and do something wild today face that fear and live a little, its well worth it and by the way in all my 50`s years my worst fears have never happened.

Its been real !!!

Thanks for reading

Michael XOXOXO