Thursday, February 14, 2013

                                                          MAUI # 
Well the plane touched down an hour early,I bid Lance and Chico farewell agreeing to meet up in 4 days once all of us settled back into the island slow pace. I hugged Martha from cork as I walked off the plane and she told me we will all get together in Portland when I get back. Oh Forgot to tell you she and her husband live in portland...will make for a fun Irish night out when ever I return ?

Well as soon I left the plane I was greeted with a warm island breeze ,I was home..(I get that same feeling every time Cynthia and I come here) Walked down to the baggage claim and retrieved my 40lb back pack then almost instinctive I looked around expecting to see Cynthia getting her baggage...boy no Cynthia..then it hit me hard..I,m truly on my own. I looked around at all the tourists scrambling to get their luggage and head to the car rental buildings.
I just sat down trying to compose myself holding back tears,I was so alone have not had this feeling in a long time.

Ten minutes later I put on my heavy back pack and headed out the door not knowing exactly what my next move was as the bus`s had stopped an hour earlier. I approached a young Hawaiian Airport Security Guard to inquire about sleeping at the airport..he said no problem but could not go back to the lounge area as that was only for departures. But feel free to sleep on the brick seats...I asked him about the local beach park a Quarter mile away, he advised against it as it was a hang out for addicts. I thanked him and headed out of the Airport,PRAYING !!! NOW WHAT.

Well Lahina came to mind so I decided the adventure starts now and with a heavy load marched down the Road towards Kahluai looking for road signs to Lahina 22 miles away and a resturant to fill my grumbling inners.

My mind was asking all sorts of questions which I could not answer. I said

“God send some one who thinks like me to pick me up and take me to Lahina”

It was at that moment I resolved my situation by deciding God Loves me, he and I are on this adventure together and if I have to walk all night to Lahina I will....I was filled with peace...the adventure was on its way !!!!

5 mins down the road a white car passes me, pulls into a car park turns around stopping waiting for me.
The window rolls down and a young man in his late twenties with a big smile..asks me

“how far are you Going”

“Lahina and possibly camp Owalo” I replied

“ Get in I will take you there”

His name was Sam from “Samoa” lived in Kahalui and was on his way home from work and was going to drive an extra 44 miles to help out a stranger. He asked me if I needed a tent..and a camp cot.
I said no to the tent and yes to the camp cot....So we drove by his home and he returns with a brand new unopened cot. Sam asks me if I,m hungry ,takes me to a restaurant , buys me dinner then drives me to Camp Olawlu 6 miles from Lahina. I was stunned but not surprised as this is how father God looks father his kids...after all this was his adventure too!

Ps ( Cynthia had susgested to me not to bring the tent or sleeping mat and just trust God to provide..hahaha)

I could not thank Sam enough and he would not except any Money....Sam worked for ALMO car rental who we used before and loved their no hassle rental approach.. ok Went past 500 words...catch you soon Michael :0) Aloha