Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maui # 6

Well Aloha folks and whats up? you mainlanders and all you other people who are not sitting on a beach in Paradise:0)

I have lost track of time,my heart rate is slowing down and my feet have found their pace on this Emerald isle in the sun which I now officially declare Irelands Red Hot sister !!!!

First the local beach news...

Previously on LOST!!!...I wrote about not swimming at sunrise or sunset as the black tip sharks and tigers come in close to shore.
Well I was at the waters edge whale watching as a Large Hump back breached the surface,rolled,clapped his flippers at the sight of his first Leprechaun, when a very familiar black fin rose like a silent submarine in search of its next target. I was just about to wade in for a closer shot of the whale.

Needless to say I reconsidered my action. Its was about 2 ft of water “U-Boat-541” was about 5 feet long and circling. It was an amazing site, I was in awe!
At one point as he swam parallel to the shore as a large wave caught him and I got to see him in the wall of the wave...great moment..oh, it was about 1:30pm so I surrendered all thoughts of an afternoon dip as I bid Jaws and the Irish Clapper Fan Humpy good day and headed for the shade of the Palm tree`s and a nap.

So now it is 11 days, I,m brown relaxed and in the island grove. I feel as though I have been here for ever. In the last 4 days I have fixed a car beloning to Adam and Casey the collage students that arrived the same day as I. They broke down and I showed up out of the blue...Every time they have been in trouble I show up.
Casey believes I,m an those two boys they are like my adopted sons. Oh, the tools for the job came from hanalei`s purple Pick-up and just as we fixed the car,up shows Hannalei to take it back..its all about timing.
If I need a car the lads told me the key is in the ashtray.

Right now I,m in Keihie, came in to see a couple of people I met the last time with Cynthia. One has cancer and is not doing well..the Other was no where to be found. So I walked the main strip for a while, bumped into Elijha from the camp site who is now living in Keihie, moved here yesterday.

So Have to wrap this up as I have to meet a new friend from Portland for a lift back to Camp. His name is Shy, married to Cat and have two wonderfull little girls, we all bonded the other night talking about school bus driving of all things.

So will write soon....From my heart to yours a warm Sunfilled Aloha!!!!

Michael oxoxoxo :0)