Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maui # 7

Aloha mainlanders and all you stranded fellow Islanders who cant find their plane tickets!!!

Woke up at 6 Am ,Late for me here,normally up at 4:30. But last night had a cool experience.

Previously on Lost...on a trip to Keihie I had gone in search of 2 people whom cynthia and I met last year.
One I found who is dying from cancer,actually we are all dying, Mr X ( Not his real name,he is on the FBI bring a friend to work list) is just or possibly going sooner than the rest of us.
The other I was told was dead as the guy I met at her sons Kehie Cafe thought he had read her name in the obituaries another person just thought she was sick, Her name is Bunny a very beautiful warm spirited older lady in her 80`s who came to her sons cafe several days a week and would talk with all the diners. First time she met me she came right up to me and simply looked into my eyes and said

You have nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for”

I needed to hear that.That morning,actually if you ask Cynthia all week,I was going going through a rough spell.
After that Cynthia and I would drop by for breakfast and talk with bunny.
She was like Gods Mom in Kehie, talking and praying with everyone who would listen.
Sure Hope I go out that way ;0)

Well this Mother and son have been camping next to me since I got here and until last night because of the Moms work schedule we have never talked.
Well a guy by the name of Dan moves into the camp and declares Saturday night party night, A school teacher from the island of lanai here for a fun weekend.
So we all join Danny boy later that evening including the the mother and son Chris and Angie.
Well we all get to talking and some one brings up the Keihie Cafe ( Where we met Bunny) I ask If anyone knows Bunny and Angie looks right at me and Declares

I`m Bunny`s caregiver”

Real small planet right the answer had been right next door opened by Party Dan!!

Well she tells me Bunny had a stroke,but was on the mend and would give her my Cell #..looking forward to the call.

Later this morning Adam ,Casey and I are going to a traditional Sunday morning Hawaiin servic at the IOA valley...hawii`s burial ground for its former Kings...It is where Cynthia and I met Hannali last year. Hannalei will be leading :0)

Local News!!!!!

Last night the island was hit with flash floods...heard police sirens going all night..thankfully the rain storm by-passed my campsite...saw lots of tourists getting rides home in tow trucks all part of the Disney Maui Survivor experience :0(

Ah, writing is fun...think buzz lightyear said it best of all
To infinity and Beyond Mick”
As he downed a 'MY-Tie' at the Tiki bar last evening,I asked for my Tie back before he got thrown out for hitting Woody...

Yes, as you have now gathered I,m having a nice relaxing morning, listening to the local bird orchestra as it heralds in the morning credits...I love rambling with words...thank you so much for reading...hope it puts a smile on your face where ever this blog finds you! As you think non jealous thoughts of this Man-friday on his Warm lush Pacific island......

Well thats all she wrote...I,m of to call Cynthia and then make my next move?

Aloha friends!!!!

Michael xoxoxoxo :0)..........Miss My BMW.. :0)