Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maui # 4 ;0)

Aloha, Failte,Cheers, bottoms up to My Aussie friends, and the the rest of you May you all be on Maui 30 hours before your boss knows your missing :0)

Well it is sunday morning and I,m sitting in a coffee shop in a small town called Napli..It has a wonderful Cove for snorkeling and last time I was here , No blarney! I did meet Nemo...I was shocked did not think those kind of fish existed, plus he had lots of friends. So I told the disney gang Like Mac arthur told the troops in the Philippines...I will return.

The Family reunion will take place as soon as I finish my message in a bottle to you all. Im looking rather like a local now, the pale Irish / Oregon shed his skin on a beach in Kehie as I bid hello to it yesterday for my friends Bob and Kellie Drake. Parked My great Irish Arse on Charlie young Beach, swam with a turtle named 'fast eddie” or more to the point chased him , he fled at the sight of a haole ( Hawaiian for white Dude or dead man walking, most def not big kahuna!!! )

As fast Eddie beat it for NewZealand I bumped into a couple from Canada Zira and Justin...we tread water and shared stories for 2 hours..Yes! they could out talk me..ya-ay love when that happens...spontaneous passionate conversation...laughed so hard my stomach is gone,( Ed LANE eat your heart out..laughter is the Key)

The Canadians are so like the Irish warm , friendly and seriously happy for no reason, come to think of it so am I and If anybody begs to differ I know a retired navy seal here Whom I nick Named “WILD BILL” who miss`s the good old days ….hahahaha

Wild Bill just texted me will meet up with him tomorrow :0) Love that guy, oh he is of Irish origin!!!!

As I write this I have tears in my eyes, so full of emotion, and a little bit proud of myself for taking this blind leap of faith, even more proud of Cynthia for believing in me...!!!!!

Well I bid farewell to Zara and Justin promising to meet up I dried my self of a tall man next to me said

“ Another great day in paradise”

Two more Canadians...John and Sarah..we had an amazing conversation about Writing..Sara is a school teacher, John an architect ..

Well as the sun began its free fall into the warm Pacific I turned the Key in my Purple Pickup and headed north to the camp site. On My way in traffic that was at a turtles pace I spotted a car that appeared to be broken down, I immediate reckonised Adam and Casey the Two guys that arrived the same day as me. I pulled right in as they both smiled at the sight of the rescue leprechaun, they could not believe it. They had bought an 89 Buick Skylark,

“ Got love that old Island Cruiser”
I said Laughing as I hugged Adam.

It was a Leaking water pump, and a cooling fan that had decided to make a bid for freedom but was blocked by the radiator ….. The pick up came with a great tool box...gotta love Hanalei!!!! ...two hours later and lots of water we arrived back at camp and I cracked some wine and talked with Cynthia till my eyelids rang the bell for last call to the Land Of Nod!!!!

Love you all..till later Aloha Michael xoxoxoxo