Friday, February 15, 2013

Maui # 3

Well its been a long couple of days since I landed monday night...long but good I feel as though I have been here forever as though I never left. Tuesday am woke up early and searched out a better camp spot. When I had done this went to the beach to watch the sun rise. I met 2 guys from Wisconsin who had flown in the night before on one way tickets fresh out of collage hoping to find work.Adam and Casey...they reminded me of myself years ago when I first left Ireland headed for London England and adventure. They both have a real cool spirit about them...but more on the two amigos later, great story:0)

Ok, where do I start today Friday has been an incredible day, I,m so full of emotion right now..pause...ok lets start with Wednesday...along time ago on Wednesday on the kingdom of Maui a Leprechaun woke up and had coffee.

Actually it was 4:30am...with coffee in hand I walked 6 miles to the town of Lahina an old Whaling harbor and now a tourist goal was to buy food at Safeway which I did which added about a mile to my trip .After buying much needed veggies at the cheapest poss price I hiked right back to camp only stopping to chat with a fellow beach dweller who was on the same mission, Chad from Prague. Yes it was 14.5 miles round trip in “Clarks Air wave sandals” sandal in the world and the pack weighed about 30lbs ,all I had eaten that am was some coconut and coffee.

Got back to camp and had a veggie and peanut butter wrap with honey and also brought back a friend..called Blister , he left yesterday with the help of a needle and a fellow campers Hydrogen peroxide..may he rest in peace.

That night met up with sandy and Eligha who had been living on the beach a long time...they had showed what nuts,fruits and coconuts I could eat...later I chatted with Cynthia on my cell and then collapsed on my comfy camp cot.

Next morning I rose at 3am found a wi-fi spot sent Cynthia a video and Valentines card via email...emailed Hanalei Coledio who Cynthia and I met last trip out to Maui for a couple of hours at the “IOA valley” to let him know I was here.. had coffee with Eligha at 6:30am , met 3 more campers who fed me for the day and one even provided a glass of wine as the sun went down after I had a video Skype date with Cynthia :0)

Early this morning Friday 2am I woke and went to the wifi spot to see an email from Hanalei welcoming me back and his cell did some writing went back to bed.
Woke at 7am and headed out to the local store to buy coffee with the intention of calling Hanalei. As I walked out of the camp a white pickup was pulling in. It was Hanalei..we greeted each other Hawaiian stlye ..I was overjoyed to see him. 15 minutes later we are at his home and his wife Sara makes a wonderful breakfast. We decided to go back to the IOA valley for a hike...The IOA valley is where they buried all the former Kings of Hawaii and Hanalei is the Gate Keeper/ Gardner.

Just before we leave he hands me a set of keys...These are for the Purple Mazda Pick truck outside you have it till tuesday when My Daughter returns, along with it he gave me a camp stove with extra propane bottles ..pots, pans, coffee pot,coffee, cooler ,beach chair etc....Gods provision has been amazing..I,m tearful as I write this..I feel so incredibly blessed..needless to say we had a great Time Of fellowship as we Hiked through the Jungle of the IOA valley...we forged deep overflowing streams.. water oh so cool...truly was a lost experience with a true Big warm hearted Hawaiian …Hanalei and his wife are such an amazing example of Gods love on this Island :0)..more tomorrow...need the rest of the day to process all that has happened!!!

Love to you all

Michael :0) xoxoxo