Sunday, September 1, 2013


Boy I have not written a blog in about emmmm let me see,ok a long time. Its 6:51 Sunday morning which back in the day in Green old Ireland would be called the morning after whatever mischief we got up to in the pub the night before. Thankfully this particular morning my head is not wearing an internal Balaclava ( Full covered ski mask over here) boy don’t miss waking up like that anymore .

I,m sitting in a comfortable leather reading chair in the beautiful new home of my  brother and sister in-law Abe and Sandy Barrientios
 (Thanks Abe and Sandy for your wonderful hospitilty!)
Cynthia is upstairs in dreamland. It is the morning after vacating our old apartment took many weeks to sell of and give away many years worth of effects and everything pretty much is gone save a few boxes in the garage here that we will sort out this week.

Truth be told I don’t miss any of our stuff,for sure I thought I would miss our King size comfortable bed and Big screen Netflix 47'' Lcd Movie viewer,don’t know what to call TV`s any more they have changed so much but no I don’t miss it,its like we never lived there, when its time to move on its time to move on.
After all its just stuff , when we pass on someday its not taking the ride with us. Bet there are a lot of Flat broke naked Egyptian Pharaohs walking around in circles with the wrong plane ticket in iceland watching a another bunch of guys looking for 72 virgins, maybe Richard Branson can help them ?

Thanks for reading this far I have no idea whats coming next,just getting back into practice before we hit the island and become lost again. I,m so looking forward to what God has planned for Cynthia this move. She so deserves a new life on Maui. Cynthia has worked so hard most of her life for others and now its her turn to eat a big chunk of pie , use her God given talents to infinity and beyond to borrow Buzz`s last words as he was catapulted out of “ The Hole In The Wall Pub” in Dublin last week.

She is a great business woman who has greatly organized this Irishman’s life.
Hey if it was not for her efforts we would never have gone to Maui in the first place. Seems like such a long time ago since we embarked from Hawaiian Air 236 into the first warm Pacific breeze and heard the rustling of the tall Palm Trees. I never wanted to go to Hawaii ,just figured it was full of noisy tourists, my Idea of a vacation is either riding into the sunset or sitting on a beach some where lost in the moment of dreamland. Boy was I wrong hahaha and shortly we will board a plane and head Home to the Island.

We have no Idea where we are going to live yet, its all part of the adventure of this great and wonderful life God has blessed us with, when you decide to let go and trust God anything can happen. Hey look at JOB ! You know guy in the old testament who`s fortune and family got whacked and spent his days lansing boils and God loved him deeply?.. yes! that was a blessing or an Irish Curse I said anything can happen our lives are not our own when we surrender them into his hands.

So In Few Days We will leave Oregon for Sandeigo to ship the vehicles, Cynthia Driving the Car and I riding the bike with some luggage and a Ukelele My friend and Maui lover Tim Malenosky gifted me last week, Mahalo TIM :0)
Cant you just see sitting me on the beach playing , singing a love song to Cynthia as the sun goes down.....Aloha everyone will write again soon!!!