Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Road to Maui # 7 sept 21 2013 :0)

On Road to Maui # 7

Sorry camera is in pics are from this am taken with my Mac at Maui Coffee Rosters...sorry :0)

Tuesday 17.....Currently its 7:52 am and we are passing 10,000 ft out over the Pacific 20 mins out of Sandeigo Ca.
Its been a long morning,we awoke at 3:30 had coffee and sped off in our rental car to the airport with our 6 bags two laptops and two very tired passengers.......

FridayWell its been about 4 days since I last stroked the keyboard...truth be told we are both plum exhausted.
7 days to get here car,bike ,plane and now we are camping on the beach near Lahina.

We met a local Maui women from Kapaula at the Airport in Sandeigo named Andrea or more to the point as I came back from the bathroom Cynthia was engaged in conversation with afore said future friend . Andrea is a naturapthic Doctor , humble, confident and warm. She offered us the tent we are now sleeping in complete with single air bed. We had planned to go to Costco upon landing to buy one.

When we landed Cynthia went of with Andrea to Kapaula to get the tent we decided to meet later at the camp site I had stayed at on my last excursion here. I called my friend Israel to come pick me up so that I could store our suit cases at his home till our car arrived on the 26 september. Andy my friend had left his motorcycle along with some sleeping gear at Israels for us to use until the auto arrived with my motorcycle :0)

Foot Note : When I got to the campsite to meet up with Cynthia she had already picked out a spot and siad it was because it was so peaceful of all the 100 or so spots she had picked out the one I stayed at last trip, she had no idea !!!! got to love the holy spirit :0)

This blog is a little bit disjointed like its writer, I`m just plain exhausted from the last several weeks as you can imagine.

Woke up this morning with people staring in our tent that kind of thing makes me angry, whatever happened to respecting peoples privacy. At First it was the Dad, then his kids ,now kids I understand but when the Dad walked by again there he was rubber necking again man is he still in middle school mentaly. Moments later a blonde girl is at the same game from a distance and then as she walks by turns looks right in, yesterday this couple kept staring for the longest time as they walked towards and past. Do they all miss reality TV that bad, are they the new watchers for the NSA . Maybe I,m just old fashioned but I respect peoples privacy...Ok,good vent!! plus got some sentences out of that one...such is life on a camp site with small minded peeping Toms.

The rest of the campers are pretty cool . There is Travis from Peru who has been on maui 6 years, Melissa and Marci who just arrived 2 days ago. Melissa like us has decided to move here ,her husband Jeff has been here since May . Yesterday we met a women we had met 3 years ago who we know on facebook called Maryanne. She has been working at the local store about half a mile away. The Funny thing is I used to see her every morning on my last visit ,thought she looked familiar but never put two and two together. Back then she was teaching Zumba class`s in Kahulai 17 miles away.

Today we go to the saturday Market in Kahalui where you can buy some of the best fruits and vegetables on the island at amazingly cheap prices. The key to surving here is to get to know your neighbours and shop where they shop, if you buy in the tourist towns you will go broke. Safeway in Lahina is very expensive as against Safeway in Kahalui much cheaper, then of course you have the local Pack and Save cheaper again same produce.

Now a word to those people back there that claim its very expensive to live here and milk is $6 a gallon and gas $6 what island did you visit or did you ever come here at all ?and what where you smoking. Yes, Property is expensive but rent is pretty much on a par with Portland / willsonville and you dont need a big home it never gets cold and who wants to live indoors you dont come here to look at drywall and Laura Ashley ,if you want to keep up with the Jones stay home and max your credit Card because you will not survive here as who can Comptete with Ophra or Brad Pit and yes even Clint Eastwood lives here, of course all you need to do to keep up with him is have a faster draw!

Ok, Thanks for reading sorry been so long Mahalo

Michael and Cynthia :0)