Monday, September 9, 2013

The Road to Maui # 3

Road to Maui # 3

What day is today...honestly I don’t know...I,m sitting in a motel 6 bathroom in Weed California and I forgot to bring my medical card (hahaha just kidding).
Cynthia is fast asleep..Oh I just looked at the time on my laptop its 4:21am Monday now whats the its the 9 sept. Man I,m tired its been a long last ten days ?

Yesterday began not at 4 am as planned but around 6 am I think. I was a wakened not by the cell alarm but the knots in my stomach. I decided to untie them by changing my thought pattern. So I began to thank God for this present moment and decided to live it as though it was my last. I began to look forward to seeing Cynthia`s form rise out of the bed above ( I was on the floor, no not the Dog house or sofa, just could not sleep and did not want to keep Cynthia awake all night)

I began to start laughing inside , laughter is such healing medicine. I propped myself up on my elbows waiting for sight of Cynthia`s head over the edge of the bed. Moments Later she stirred when you are connected to someone so deeply you know when the other person is awake, because they can hear you moving around!!!

She looked down at me and said

“ are you crying”
“no I,m Laughing are you ready for our amazing adventure”

We both began to laugh hard..what a way to start a day...the only thing planned so far are airline tickets and passage for the Car / Bike on Pasha shipping. We do not have any accommodation etc booked on Maui.

30 mins later coffee in hand we finish loading the car, then Cynthia receives a call from Kelly Drake wondering if we are up yet. Bob and Kelly had arranged to meet us at The Pac Pride by Enchanted forrest to say good Bye.

10 mins later we are off Cynthia leading in the Car and Moi on the Beast . We have bags, a cooler full of snacks. At Aurora we Meet Dawn the fueler at Shell who loves her job because of Early morning sun rises.

At Woodburn stop text Bob and Kelly and 15 minutes later pull into Pac-Pride. Bob and Kelly were wearing their Maui Tea shirts. I have know them close to 15 years now. Last Time I saw kelly was on Maui last March. It was their first time meeting the Mythical Cynthia. They are Great friends . It was a great send of!!! Thanks Bob and Kelly.

The rest of the day was filled with great tired riding, met AL the Fueler who owns a Harley, Gerardo the ladies man who runs a spiffy gas station outside medford and then Gilbert fellow biker and Brian at Motel 6 weed cali.

We were exhausted mentally and Physically the heat was in the Nineties and will climb further as we head south today... The Mohave will be interesting.....

Ok thats it from this tired where are my bike leathers...mmmmm...Later Love you all

Michael and Cynthia ;0)