Thursday, September 26, 2013

Road to Maui # 9 :0)

The Road To Maui # 9

This early morning I lay on my Cot looking up at the top of the Tee-pee opening to the world outside as the first shafts of light pierce the darkness of our historic native American abode.
As its fingers slowly crept in illuminating the off white canvas walls ,poles and Cynthia`s sleeping form on the cot alongside me I imagined two tall dark skinned Indians crawling through the small half round entrance after an early morning hunt dragging their joyless demised quarry. One of them proceeds to hang the kill on a rope hanging from the top of the tee-pee the other turns , see`s us lying on our cots u and gasps

“ Who`s sleeping in my bed ?”

“ Mick from Cork and the Squaws off limits”

“ How!!! Mick from Cork and Squaw off Limits”

“ Not to bad and yourself 'Two Eyes Wandering'”

“ Thats not my name”

“ It is now pal and tell Elmer Fudd the squaw likes her meat medium rare and go easy on the sauce”

Meanwhile back in the real world!

Amazing the thoughts that go through your mind as you lay in your cot staring into your surroundings.

As a child I made up stories to entertain myself. I lived between two worlds, to be honest I preferred the world of make believe,it felt safe where no one could harm or yell at me. Not saying I came from a horrible home or I had screwed up parents, they loved and provided for us the best way they knew how with their understanding of love and reality.
There were six kids in our family back in Ireland and at one point the family car was a mini cooper.
Not like that nice bigger one you see today, it was a lot smaller back then. That fine British car was once voted the sexiest car in the world. Well in My Mom and Dads case it must be true for they sure wore out those shocks,between the fun of conception,birth and transportation they should be awarded the Medal for sexiest couple in the British isles. Ps, My Dad was bald also.. hmmmm!

The seating arrangement in that mini was as follows. My Three older sisters Niamh,Siobhan,Dara on the rear seat with myself and my brother Niall sitting on their laps. Up front passenger seat was Mom with my sister Deidre on her lap and my Dad in the driving seat. I think that car was where I learned the “F” word ? ,funny I always thought it came from the French. I guess you could call it the first Irish short bus developed for the Quinlan special needs program. American drug company’s could have used it as a test lab for Prozac,who needs rats when you have your own home grown Irish sardine can :0)

Maui is bringing out the best in me , my thoughts are bursting forth like Oil from a fresh tapped well in Texas....I have no idea what happens next on this island I,m just following the beautiful Argentinian Piped Piper Cynthia as she embarks on this great new adventure in her life and I follow behind supporting her and picking up theHundred Dollar bills she drops :0)

Thanks for reading my random thoughts this fine morning and where ever this finds you may you be blessed in all you do...cheers until later!!!!!

Now I will put on My 'Clarks Air Wave' sandals and go out and say HOW to the neighbours !!!!!

Michael and Cynthia :0)