Monday, June 17, 2013

Well truth be told its a royal pain the Irish Derry-Aire being back.

I have the hardest time motivating myself to crawl out the front door when the first thing I see are cars in a parking lot and 200 yards beyond the I-5 with other cars making mating calls to the cars in my parking lot, wow modern civilization is so much fun,yup I have lost it !!.

Today I will look at all our belongings take pictures with the goal of selling on craigslist and Ebay it will keep me out of trouble and focused.
I will also be writing 3 blogs daily, going on long walks on the Wilsonville trails which are great by the way .

Boy I miss the  Maui beaches with warm white massaging sand under my bare feet , the pacific Breeze nothing better followed by the wind rustling the tall Palm tree`s.

Ok Back to reality...Some guy once wrote I came ,I saw, I conquered
Well I went ,I saw, I came back to pack. And now I,m of to do is a true Ghost story that happened to me me when I was 19...enjoy

A visitor from the past?
OK, I’m 19 and with some friends have decided to visit a town called “Kinsale” ( Built By the Spanish) in the south of Ireland for the weekend with some friends...ZZZZZIIIIPPPPP…. we get there ,check into a youth hostel on the outskirts of the town not far from a great Irish Pub Called “The Spaniard”. The youth hostel is about 200 yards from an old “English fort” built by the British around the 1700 hundreds sitting high atop a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and in years gone by the scene of many famous Irish/ Spanish battles with the British.
Well we spent Saturday exploring the fort. The fort is supposed to be haunted by the specter of “a White Lady” Dressed in her wedding Gown who threw herself from the wall of the fort on the night of her union upon hearing of the news of the accidental and tragic death of her husband, but that’s another story and is supposed to be seen walking the ramparts looking for her lost lover.
So Saturday night after drinking some “Dutch courage “at “The Spaniard “we bravely breached the Fort wall around midnight to visit said white lady, well it must have been her night off, so disappointed plus slightly relieved we went back to the hostel around 1.30 am, retired to the men's dorm and I to the top bunk for a good night’s rest..
Sometime around 3am I woke up and sensed something in the dorm. I rubbed my eyes and there standing next to my bunk on my left side was a figure dressed in a British army officer’s uniform. He looked like he was from the WW1 era. He had dirty white blood stained bandage over his left eye. My heart broke the sound barrier, I froze, he did not move, just stood there staring right through me like I was a nonevent. Then I did the only thing a brave Irishman could do, stuck my head under the pillow and promised God I would become a priest if he would take care of my current predicament. I remained in the fetal position until welcome day light.
As I was helping to cook breakfast that morning I asked the Hostel warden if she had ever seen anything unusual in the dorms… “Ah you have seen our Ghost” She replied and informed me that she and many others had seen the British army officer complete with bandaged eye. She informed me that the hostel used to be belong to "Charles Fort” and was used to billet officers. For the life of me now I can`t remember if she told me how he died only that we had both seen the same image....
Well there you have it...I thought I was going to see the Ghost of the white lady at “Charles Fort" but instead had my own personal visitation, I did not forget that in a hurry. I guess you could say it was a Historical weekend to remember and No I’m not a priest :0)