Monday, September 30, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 10 :0)

On The Road To Maui # 10

Wearing "Clarks air wave sandals" Not keene`s ;)

Well the last week of living in a Tee-Pee is coming to an end. It has been a good experience and has also been good research for a writing project I have been slowly working on about North American Indians. Of course here on Maui you would never expect to find a Tee-Pee, more like a grass hut with the Big Kahuna and his entourage.

Today is Monday September 30 its 2:45pm we are in a coffee store in Kihei charging up our laptops. Cynthia is researching online the local licenses she has to get for her Smoothie business. Thats her next project. We decided that her project comes before finding a permanent place to live. The goal is to be up and running with in two weeks. So after expenses we may end up having to eat her product Hahaha.
But then thats the challenge! she came here to be self-employed, I still don’t know what I,m going to do? As of, I will not be driving tour bus, glad I tried it last time out but I have no desire to go back to it, long days and no life.

Do I have a calling to Maui or am I in love with it, not really, all I know is its the next step in our lives and now we are here.
Now don’t get me wrong I do like the consistent sunshine and warm sandy beaches who wouldn’t,....Ok, disgruntled navel gazing Norm in Boise Idaho, you could give him a million Bucks and he would still have an excuse not to fire his 30 odd six , guess thats why norm is a vegetarian :0(

What do I love, I love Jesus, CYNTHIA, DID I SAY CYNTHIA and yes people. Since I landed here I have prayed with an average of 3 people a day. I`m one of those guys no mater where I land in the world I naturally connect with the local population and the beauty of it is God gives me the key to each individuals heart, rather simple when you think about it. Does not cost me a bundle in expensive Class`s on how to talk to your neighbor or win the poor unsuspecting humanoid into some weird religion or step-ford clone war!!. I just simply tell my buddy the holy spirit I,m available and he does the rest if I,m willing to listen with me good old Irish heart and ears :0)

Well still have not figured out where we are going to sleep tonight as The Tee-Pee owner returns at 4pm, all I know is where ever it is it will be warm and Gods best for us. He has never let me /us down yet and I know he never will.

It does me good to write out all my thoughts, its the one place that is consistent on this new adventure. Cynthia told me that when she was away in Spain it was very important to do something familiar every day ,this is mine, of course the Irish try drinking and get lost in the world of shang-ra-la for a brief period Brouhaha....
Hey! I never regretted my drinking days I felt like the Irish Superman , but alas the next morning I had that other feeling of empty pockets along with the dull sound of the punch clock as I checked in to make more beer vouchers, at least I didn’t work for the brewery that would be like adding insult to self inflicted injury :0(

Ok ,Thanks for reading...catch you all later....Cheers !!!!!

Michael and Cynthia :0) oxoxox

PS !Our North American Indian Host " just Texted a smoke signal wont be back till tomorrow...One more night with the Beautiful Squaw for me :0)