Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Road to Maui :0)  # 2

I was checking out at the Cashiers desk at fred Meyers Beaverton yesterday, Cynthia was busy chatting to her nephew Leandro on the cell and I got chatting with David the cashier.

David asked

“ Any plans for the weekend”

I replied

“ Riding my motorcycle to Sandeigo with my wife driving the car , then loading both vehicles on to a ship for Maui and not coming back”

He looked at me in stunned silence and I said

“ can you beat that one”

He was genuinely surprised!

We then continued to have a short fun warm conversion after which we shook hands as if we had been old friends. David gave me a short bow as I left wishing us both a happy life, we had made his day and he mine.

I love moments like that when we really connect with our fellow primates hahahaha after all thats why we were put here on Gods amazing earth :0)

We drove back to Cynthia family home ,it had been a day of last minute errands and was not over yet.

Cynthia went upstairs to freshen up while I replaced my handle bar grips on the motorcycle with comfy new ones for the 1100 mile road trip.

Thirty mins later we headed out for the night to spend an evening with JAQ our son!!!
Jaq is going to collage in Portland ,he recently spent 3 years in the Army and is also a stand up comedian cant imagine where he gets that from. Actually both he and Casey have great senses of humor. Casey is attending Collage back in Michigan ,boy time fly’s.

We were all exhausted when we met up , Jaq took us to his local hang out. For the occasion he wore his 'Jesse Pinkman' Breaking Bad tee shirt. He turned us on to that show recently. Its one of the most intense and realistic shows about the illegal meth trade ,not for the faint of heart. Remember the Timid weak willed Dad in Malcolm in the middle?
He plays the top dog 5 star Meth Cook if you have not seen it,take a trip in that direction on Netflix and bring a friend along for the wild ride!

We retired early last night as we have to finish packing for the trip.
I feel we have been packing and preparing for the trip since my return from Maui last May.
You know Robinson Crusoe had it easy he was ship wrecked,washed ashore with just the shirt on his back ,no TSA , Shipping company or savings to worry about,just a cold sharp shock with a man friday meeting in the works,what an adventure.

This is my early morning attempt at a blog, my second, getting back into the swing of things.
This last week saw the selling of our RV to Tracy Bean a very close friend! and my business effects to the craigslist community. I spent most of the week at Ron and Mary Rosgen`s my Oregon family for life. We go back a long way and hopefully in the near future will find then a spot on the beach in our new tropical home.

Right then I,m of back to bed and hopefully when I next tap out a message on these keys it will be from somewhere south of the Oregon boarder sharing a cold one with Cynthia by a 5 star pool at Motel 6...cheers God Bless you all

Michael and Cynthia :0)