Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 4

Ok, Today is wednesday sept 11 2013 10:53 AM we made it as far as Corona last evening by 6:30.
When I last wrote we were in a Motel 6 in weed Ca. We left weed at 6:30 am in search of a good cup of coffee in Mount Shasta 6 miles down the road. Last trip out here we had discovered a really good Mac Donald’s that served amazing coffee. Yes! I know Mac Donald’s aren’t you guys health nuts. Cynthia will search the four corners of the Globe to find good coffee!!

Hey who came up with the four corner thingy ? I mean first some religious Gargoyles told us it was flat, then old Columbus went nananananana its round and now its square...hey just saying thats all

Well 1 hour later no coffee we searched high and low, of course it had nothing to do with the fact that we were totally exhausted after recent events and of course the most important factor the brown bean was not coursing through our veins sinking our coffee radar. Think I just solved the Area 51 myth all those long haired freaks from Venice beach forgot their coffee and had illusions of Juan Valdez coming on a UFO bringing the answer to life.

Honestly cannot remember where, but I believe it was an Jack-in the Box 50 miles down the road in Redding??? that the brown liquid flowed through Cynthia Panama canal bring Argentina back into focus. It was a weak picture as the coffee was way below her standard, but alas it was coffee. So we played the positive thinking game telling ourselves this is really good coffee after 2 cups. It was then we noticed the Mall next door with Starbucks.....HELLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

All this to say early morning 95 Degree heat and no coffee makes you see 51 imaginary thoughts!!

The rest of that day saw us driving the I-5 past Sacramento playing with California Traffic. The I-5 past Stockton was all torn up and I felt as though I was in a motocross race. The road was full of potholes, bumps and long curves, the speed limit was posted 55 but the locals were hitting 75 to 85 if I obeyed the legal limit I would be writing this from the great beyond. My years of motorcycle Dispatch riding in London England paid of!!!! and then just as I thought can this get any faster,hotter102degress, longer it was 2:30 in the afternoon and Cynthia who was leading in the Nissan Altima pulled of in some unknown town booking us into a Holiday Inn Express a fitting end to race day on the NASCAR I-5.

Day 3 was the Mohave to Corona....write about that shortly...heading for lunch...later

Michael and Cynthia :0)