Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On The Road To Maui # 11

Today began the first step of Cynthia`s new business venture on Maui . “Guapa Smoothies” was officially registered in the state of Hawaii complete with License . This is Cynthia`s first venture into the Food Vendor world. Yes, she does have an online KHM travel franchise know as …..

CGC Travel Services | Online Travel Agency Booking Deals

but as anyone in the self-employed world knows its good to have a few extra pokers in the fire in case your Texas hold-em talent ends with an unplanned dip in the Mississippi after a bad night on the steam paddler with some angry confederates.

All in all I,m very proud of Cynthia for daring to live on the edge and follow the leading of the holy- spirit!!!!.

I was very impressed with the state employee`s here, Cynthia was treated like family. I have had many conversations with people from Hawaii over the phone before we traveled here and each time they went beyond the call of duty. In fact they made it personal ,if they could not help they would recommend some other agency or even family member or acquaintance who could not like the cold corporate generic answers I,m used to

''Matson Seattle Don Speaking”

Hi Don this is Michael, do you ship motorcycles to Maui”

Sorry sir our Seattle office does not handle that, you might want to try someone else Thank you,is there anything else I can do for you today”

Yes I have an Elephant I want to ship to the white house”
Sorry sir we only ship donkeys”

Then I called Pasha Hawaii !

It was like I was calling my Mom :0)

Aloha this is Cindy thank you for calling Pasha”
Same question and 5 minutes later we are still talking, she made it very personal as if it was her own company and would not let me hang up until she had answered all my questions. At no point did she try to get me to book,she just wanted to help.

I find this to be the general rule here rather than the exception. Of Course if you are an uptight rude person,well those personalities can never seem to figure out why bad things always happen to them. If they would just remove that hard broomstick from their derriere they would get champagne in first class and live long and prosper ...Hello !!!

Well guess what? we don’t have to leave the Tee-Pee. Our gracious host informed us last night upon their return that we can stay as long as we wish. We all lit a nice fire and cooked some chicken and talked until late. God has truly been looking out for us since we left Portland. We are not the types to milk something to the bone but when you live a life of faith in God your life is no longer in your hands.
This is a very hard pill for many to swallow and actually all you have to do is ask God for the faith to do it.
I`m not saying its a cake walk believing in someone you cant see, but I would not miss it for the world.
Our Heavenly Pop loves it when we jump of the cliff without a bungee cord, the world may think we are nuts and the undertaker down below encourages us Yelling Jump!!! , Jump!!!!, but he never gets to meet us as our true Dad scoops us right up into the next adventure he has planned for us.

OK! That's it for this morning...thanks again for reading I,m officially of the writing clock and making coffee....cheers

Michael and Cynthia :0)