Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ROAD TO MAUI # 16 Cynthia`s First Hike with Jungle John

On The Road to Maui # 16

Last Saturday I decided to part with my old writing friend who has accompanied my first thoughts in the morning as I tackle the playing field of keys. My friend has been the inspiration of many a good conversation , blog,column and the catalyst for many new relationships in my small world. He accompanied me when I first left Ireland to move to London England. Since then he has helped me in Canada, Amsterdam, and the USA where we traveled many of her great states where I loved to drive my Toyota Dolphin RV or ride my old BMW motorcycle endlessly.

Writing today with out him is a struggle,its like discovering a whole new person or moving to another culture where I don’t speak the language,I feel lost...Help God Please!!!!

Last Sunday Cynthia and I went on a hike with Our Friend Jungle John who is a professional Trail Guide here on Maui.......


John has been leading hikes these past 30 years and knows the deepest parts of this fair isle that have rarely heard the footfall of a tourist or even a local for that mater.
John is an explorer of not just the island but has gone deep inside himself to release his true self. When you follow him or more to the point as you walk along side him he describes every plant,tree,flower,insect,animal , what you can eat or what will give you a heli ride to the ER! In Short Jungle John is some one who I highly recommend for a private tour, he recently guided English Royalty and that says a lot.

Well `we all met at Haiku community center. Also on Cynthia’s first Maui Hike were Bonita and Eleanor two life long friends of John, they share the same passion for nature and life as John- so we were in great company. But alas my life long friend was not with me,it had been nagging me all morning, I did not know if I was emotionally ready to tackle this adventure into the jungle of Maui with out him.
We drove to mile marker 23 on the Hana road parked grabbed our packs and headed up the long winding trail. Along the way John would stop and show Cynthia various plants and trees. When we came to the first waterfall he Guided her down the rocky slope. We all went for a dip in the pool and swam the 75 odd yards to the Falls and had the best back massage you can imagine as we backed in under the thundering cascade,it was a blast. Then we headed to the next one a mile or so up the trail. Along the way we saw some of the most spectacular breath taking scenery and views , Maui is an incredible island and if you liked JJ Abrahams series “LOST” you will love Johns tours with the only exception there is no Hatch... Hahaha.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves because without my friend I can not find the right words or flow to describe it all. I will say this Cynthia had an amazing day and is even more in love with Maui!!!
Thank You Jungle John , Bonita and Eleanor for a wonderful day and we know its just the beginning!!!

I would like to close with a few words of tribute to my former life long friend.
Juan! you have been a great and worthy companion , your Dark brown liquid sunshine flowed tenderly through my body warming many a cold morning . Cynthia`s country Argentina has sung you praises for years as with all of North America, may you live long and prosper in a true Organic state.
Here`s to you “Juan Valdez.”..Salut!!!!

Yup, I gave up Coffee!!!!

Cheers Thanks for reading Michael and Cynthia :0)

Ps : the Headaches are Gone Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!