Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 14

Tuesday oct 8 we are at Maui coffee rosters in Kahalui.............

Living of the grid is something I have always desired to do. We have slowly been moving towards this the last 3 years . Actually I quit watching TV about 12 years ago ,amazing my headaches went south to the Antarctic and may they never return. Down there some day some poor soul will uncover a time capsule full of my past annoying advertising buy it now this will change your life / make you happy headaches.

On a totally different note just went over to the Facebook village and low and behold the first picture I see is my Sister Niamh on a desert adventure in Dubai. Niamh was my hero , friend growing up back in Ireland. Niamh being the elder Lemon had to take the brunt of all our family issues. It is always hardest being the first lady :0)
I truly believe it was training for the woman she is today. Niamh has her on business....

Niamh Quinlan - Travel Counsellors

"The best way to describe Niamh is …...If the ship was going down she would be the last one off. When she sets her mind to a new venture she follows through, quit is not in her nature. Thanks for being there for me Niamh !!! Cynthia has many of your amazing qualities" :0)

Ok, Back to living of the grid, the best thing about being the writer is you direct the course of the Pen-Ship!!!

The other morning while sitting on the out-shed pot, (yes! its like little house on the Prairie) I had the sudden Revelation!! of where 'Sir William Gerald Golding' got the inspiration for his famous book “Lord Of The Flies”...... after a while they don’t bother you.

You become accustomed to nature around you, Geckos,Rats,huge but harmless spiders, our Hosts Dog Calab Michael and the Local mosquito population, oh and lets not forget the wild Roosters that cock and crow all night some one forgot to tell them about the sunrise Que. They are hilarious to listen to all night, well I guess its sunrise some where :0(

Then there are the 40 odd goats that mow the surrounding grass, yes they do smell like goats cheese which makes it bearable as I like good cheese.
The goats remind me of the movie “Men Who stare at Goats” staring George Clooney ( Hey, he is Irish No wonder I like his sense of Humor)
Anyway I practiced staring at every goat that turned my way but alas none of them fell over dead. In the end I just waved and they gave me that look as if to say
“ Whatever turns you on mate”
“Goats Cheese” I replied and its followed by Bonaparte s retreat!!!

All things considered I love sleeping outdoors, we are truly praying about making this a lifestyle . You will find me years from now living the Life with My Hot Girl-friday,actually we will not want to be found. Think about it...The First nut that shows up and declares
Doctor Quinlan I presume”
Will find Jimmy Hoffa`s resting place :0)

Cheers ,Aloha

Michael and Cynthia :0)