Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lord I need a blanket....Please :0(

On The Road to Maui # 12

Last weekend a good friend of mine flew to the Island of Oahu Hawaii for a church conference on Prophecy. It never occurred to him that it would be cold over there so he did not pack any warm clothing, I mean it is Hawaii after all the land of sunshine and tropical visions.

He arrived that night ,booked into his Hotel with two other friends . Next morning he goes to the church to start the weekend conference.
The temp outside was the usual high eighties so our friend from new york was glad to walk into an air conditioned auditorium.
All was going well until they increased the air conditioning. He began to shiver in his tee shirt shorts and sandals. Now he did have a the Jesus look, you know long hair,beard but alas no long robe. And there were no old testament look alike Prophets around willing to loan him a robe or Hood.
He asked the conference security if they could loan him a blanket, but they told him he should have dressed warmer, to be honest they were rather rude.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being either to hot or cold, not enjoyable at all, like when the waiter sits you under the cold air blower at Shari s / Denny’s or even the Ritz carlton depending on the size of your wallet ?

So my friend became increasingly concerned with his present predicament. Then all of a sudden one of the sessions was over and they were calling people to come forward for prayer. As many went forward they would become overwhelmed by the holy spirt and fell on the ground. When theses people went down the conference ushers would cover then in Blankets!!!!

Yes! Bingo Our Hero saw his chance for warmth ,without hesitation he went forward for prayer raising his hands in praise and allowing the prayer team member to lay hands on him. Of course moments later he was on the floor with eyes closed praising God and anticipating the warm blanket. Because everyones cunning new-yorker was in no hurry to get up, the ushers covered him with his long sought after blanket!! ( yes, he did need prayer for warmth0

Then began the battle for the return of the blanket or more likely the flight of the New york Bumble Bee.
Some time later after a well earned nap Kramer!! ( Lets call him Kramer) gets up heads in the direction of his seat with his prize in a firm grip. One of the security team approaches and asks for the blanket, Kramer asks if he can use it a little longer as he is cold and receives the same cold reply that he should have dressed appropriate and no he cant keep the blanket.
He boldly tells rent a cop that he has flown to Oahu for the conference , paid for the conference and is keeping the blanket until it ends.
The security man gives up for now at least.

Lunch time comes ,Kramer like a a little kid takes his blankie to the lunch table where upon the Head of security a female with a cold Russian Tank lady personalty tries to get him to give up his Blanket. Kramer is with a group of people eating and refuse`s. Tank lady insists but is unsuccessful even after using threats of removal from the conference.
Kramer asks her “what would Jesus do”, she with draws for now

After Lunch another security nut tries to take it as Kramer is walking back in but he is holding on to it like a new York Jewish woman who has found a bargain at a sale.

Its hard to believe this actually happened at a Christian conference for sure it would happen in Cell block 13 but a church ?

Well through out the day the “Knights Templar” are unsuccessful on their crusade of retrieving the blanket , Kramer had to keep one eye on his blankie and the other on the conference proceedings.

Finally the conferance comes begins to wind down and its time for the prophetess to prophecy. Kramer is the last one in line and when he stands before the Female prophet he is informed he is too late as the conference ran late and they only had a half hour to Prophecy. He asks cant I just get one word the answer is no and a rent a cop takes the opportunity to take the Blanket!!!!!

Well long story short when the conference coordinator finds out what happened to Kramer he was furious with security and when Kramer called me that night I was cracking up imagining the scene and asked his permission to write it for you all, it was just like a Seinfeld episode

Cheers ...Thanks for reading

Michael and Cynthia :0)