Sunday, October 6, 2013

Much ado about nothing ...on the road to Maui # 13

Nothing great to report just saying Hello :0)

Waiting for my coffee to brew. At 6am the sea was close to a mill pond and as the sun began to rise the waves began to roll. Amazing how nature works. Last night we watched the Sun go down on Baldwin beach in Paia. Baldwin beach has some amazing white sand and my brain is stuck in neutral this am. No creativity flowing. Maybe its because we had a late night with somme good friends,no drinking to speak of a quarter glass of wine at most. Watched the new movie “admissions” would give it a B+ supposed to be a comedy with Tina Fey ( 30 Rock and Paul Rudd) we wanted a good laugh. This movie did not crack us up, just a few ripples. Actually “Dispicable me 2” trailer that played just before had us rolling, got to love those minions A+.

Ok, Its two hours later we are back in Paia for sat am breakfast...We are at Paia Bay Cafe....The coffee is not to good this am. Coffee can make or break Cynthia`s morning!

Now its One day later sunday sept 6 4:47pm sitting outside Tee-Pee writing to you, yes you on the mainland reading this ,,Yup..How`s it goin !!!
The last few days have been tiring, boy I,m scarping he bottom of the barrel for words and thoughts. This is a good challenge to write with no inspiration. Now many writers say if your not inspired walk away. Well I,m tapping my keys away, sitting across the Table from me is our North American Indian Host and new found friend. Would love to say we are having a Pow, wow but no they are texting hahaha a lot healthier than smoke signals.,

Yes ,its just a slow lazy day for us on Maui, Cynthia is lying down. Tonight we have a camp fire and tomorrow who knows.
Its been over 4 weeks since I pushed the Starter button on The Old Beamer and we began our new journey, a lot of rubber , ocean and white sand has passed under our feet...well I,m going to quit while I,m a head and just leave you with some pictures of the last few days...Aloha from the slow life

Love Michael and Cynthia :0) xoxoox