Friday, November 1, 2013

On The Road to Maui # 17 No Going back :0(

On The Road to Maui # 17 No Going back :0(

Today has to be about the loneliest day I have had in years. Not lonely for Human contact ,but lonely deep inside my soul. Its as though God has drawn us out here to Maui to be totally alone with him. Honestly right now no human contact would fill this void. I have been in many places, walked away from perfectly stable situations to follow Gods leading, preached on city streets ,seen people come to Jesus,get healed, the list is endless. But never have I felt as lonely as I do today, I`m not a needy person,I love my own company and yes I do love and like myself most of the time hahaha :0)

Here we are on one of the most beautiful Diverse islands on Gods green earth and honestly I really could not care less, scenery cannot fill a void or give you true peace, quiet ,rest maybe? I could try hugging a tree but the forrest service would have a fit if I tried to dig it up and take it for a walk.

Athletes who run marathons about midway through will hit a wall that they have to push through in order to carry on to the finish line, many quit at this point. Today I guess I,m hitting my personal wall and if someone was to give me a free ticket to home I would be tempted to fly. But alas we sold everything ,left everything to come here so there is no home over there anymore but right now where are hearts are. At this moment its a coffee shop in Safeway in Wailuku, well at least we wont go hungary :0)

This all started as many of you know last Feb 11 when I flew out here on a one way ticket with a back pack and a prayer. That trip lasted 67 days and God provided for me every step of the way. My purpose back then was to see if the island and God wanted me here. In Short as you all know who read my 30 odd blogs Maui opened its arms to me. I even had two close friends from Oregon fly out to see me and give me a free weeks vacation in their time share, all my needs were truly met. Then one day I knew it was time to fly back home to Cynthia and my son JAQ in Portland. When the plane took of on my return home God even provided free food, drink and a movie viewer- on the way out it was Champagne from first class etc served to me by the head stewardess who was from my old Home town neighborhood of Cork city Ireland. As I flew home I really did not know if I was going to return.

I spent the next 6 to 8 weeks in Oregon selling everything . Did God give me a clear sign that I was to sell up and move to maui ? no, Cynthia knew she had a desire to go and knew God was leading us that way. Personally I just knew it was the next step and so here we is !
Next weekend Guapa Smoothies opens for business at The Kula Upcountry Market...It is Cynthia’s brain child 3 years in the planning, I`m proud of her it is her venture into the world of the self-employed one I took 14 years ago with absolutly no regrets.

Well where I go from this point on I dont know, but what I do know is by the time I cross that threshold at the end of my time here on earth into my heavenly fathers arms there will not be many emotions that I have not experienaced. I can be a stubborn Irish fighter but in the end I trully love God and he me ,
 I know I will surrender my all to him after all there is no other way.
Mean while I will find a quiet spot cry it all out , then get up and keep  moving forward!

Thanks for spending time with me!!!

Cheers Michael :0)