Monday, April 8, 2013

Maui # 26

If There was ever a day that I felt like throwing in the towel and flying back home to Cynthia it sure is today.

Beginning of week # 9 Got up this morning with zero desire to get up, but I did, dragged my butt to the motorcycle hit the starter and sped of to Akina Aloha tours and drove school bus. Got back went to the bank and cashed my first pay check on Maui :0)

Truth be told everyone has been really nice to me here ,the aloha spirit is alive and well!!!!
ok said that too soon some one just dropped a large coffee and it splashed my computer Hahaha...first coffee flood on maui.

Moving on, thats all I can do do is to keep moving forward. Had a long talk with Cynthia a while ago and she shared how when she moved to Spain she was tempted to go home when things got hard , you know the familiar routine that all of us become accustomed to at home.
And If some misguided Dumkaufff says
“Trust God”
I will smack them ,ok Mac fly :0) ….just venting here..I know what I have to do. just very hard right think Jesus would have jumped for joy when he was on the cross and Dumkuff showed up and said


.....can just imagine his reply..I know I,m not on a cross ...Yet :0(

I have moved to many countries,states and so on, but this time it just seems harder.
Maybe is it because I,m over 50 and a grumpy old fart.
I have moved so many times, honestly I truly believe its because Cynthia truly does complete me and I don’t care where I live as long as we are together.
Ok I wont live in a sewer, under a rock or in A Yugo that car has enough bad luck it would get hit by the QE2 believe it could happen.

Wring this is helping me as I grasp for lines of humor to help me from sinking into the bottomless navel gazing Ocean of self pity.
Lets face it nobody loves a whiner or a downer.
I mean when you see one coming the crowd parts like the Red Sea to let the Dumkaff go.
Then he is followed by a huge round of applause as the Red Sea falls back on him because he complained all the way through stopping to scratch his sores and blame everyone else for his bloody miserable life and Moses looks back and says...whew that was close wont miss Dumkauff, 40 years of that Man! No way!!!

Just Talked with Cynthia again, once heard a song lyric that stated “you are fill up my senses!!! ...well she sure Does ...if I got it wrong you know what I mean hahaha.

Well I have to go the library and finish my taxes..even on paradise the sheriff of Nottingham wants his cut..if he can find me....
Thank you for reading and letting this leprechaun vent..hey I have to exhaust on some one Hhehehehe

Ok, Of to get some motivation...lets see most people swim with the Dolphins, wonder what the Tiger sharks are up to, aught to raise my heart rate !!!!

Love you all!!!