Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ok Time to tell the latest...emmm how do I start...well lets start with the perfect present.

Right now I,m sitting in a saloon having a pedicure. Yes, I a man am having the old nails cleaned. Actually it feels like heaven.
Sitting by my side is Cynthia having a similar treatment.
I have returned home to pickup my bride ,pack the apartment sell of lots of stuff and then ship Cynthia’s Car over after a trip to California.

Truth be told its very hard to be back. I feel very much the outsider, like a man without a home in a strange land. On the plus side its sunny, I brought it back to y’all as a gift.

I,m so darn relaxed, laid back that I do not care to get caught up in the fast pace of the mainland again. I have closed my carpet biz after 14 years and will opt for the Beach bum writer on the sands of our new home Maui.

We have no idea what the future holds that is in Gods as we continue to trust him with the manna of the day.
I found myself again on Maui, not that Maui is the answer but it sure helps hahahaha

Now more than ever, I truly see the world system for what it truly is..broken and until we all cry stop the bus we want to get off , be still to smell the roses its going to continue on its down ward spiral until a major pradime shift occurs and we start all over again.

Hawaiians are all about people and family- money comes after , they are happy first like our northern neighbors the canadians who are happy for no reason

Kehei has some of the best beach’s on Maui and is a popular vacation spot for Canadians. They swarm those beach’s like the allies on Normandy. You can spot them easily as they gather in groups as if they were meeting in the village square and they don’t all know each other .

I have talked with many of them and on average our conversations last from 10 to 45 minute’s one day Cynthia and I threaded water with 3 of them for about 2 hours.

Now some will say they are just happy to be out of the frozen north and yes I can agree with that to a warm degree :0)

But they naturally love to talk and show a genuine interest in others. For example in most case`s they would initiate First contact.

“ Hey neighbor welcome to paradise, where you from”

They remind me so much of my old homeland Ireland, actually they are very similar. Back home even though our homes were surrounded by hedges , walls we all knew each other. We looked out for our neighbors and I,m told it is the same today even though I have been gone 30 odd years.

I think its very interesting that both Canada and Ireland along with most of the European community are socialized country’s. No, Not communist as some very uneducated or grossly miss informed people are.
While I don’t not follow any particular political ideal I do think its interesting to observe that people who live in socialized nations generally tend to have a better grasp of human relations and problem solving among themselves and rarely need the help of legalized personal to drain each others bank accounts .

If Money could buy you happiness then the vast vast majority of people who have it, should be happy , right ?

I don’t think so :0)

Ok Thats all for the mo..back to my pedicure Aloha :0)