Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maui # 24

Today is tuesday april 2 2013 and I,m into week no 8 never thought it would go this long.

Man Its a long time since I stepped away from Cynthia`s last embrace outside the court house in NE portland.
No ,neither she nor I were in trouble just some work related issue she had to deal with.

When I look back at that day I wish I had run back and stolen a long deep Kiss makes me cry just thinking about it.
I have never been this deeply in love before. Yes, absence bloody well does make the heart grow bleeding fonder :).
I,m truly thankful to God for the gift of true love, it does make us do crazy things.

Now remember all this was Cynthia,s idea hahaha she was the one that called me from work to ask me when I was going...as in

“Are you going this week or next week”

I Said “going where”

“ Maui of course”

Now guys tell me how many of you have ever had your wives suggest you buy a one ticket to Maui!
Ok if they cant stand your presence might suggest you take a trip to the wood shed for a special surprise visit with Bruno, but Maui?

Ok, anybody ?..didn’t think so ;0)

Nope, I married the not the golden goose! but a priceless treasure that I had been waiting a long time to meet.
This trip has really been a test of the foundation of our marriage and with God as the foundation stone its rock solid, with out him it would be sinking sand as truth be told I,m a man..yup a man with all his issues like any other upright walking Neanderthal on the beach with eyes in his head.

You know one of the wonderful things about Cynthia and moi`s relationship is that we talk about everything. She has my back and I have hers even though we are 3000 miles apart and at times its painful we still know what the other is thinking and the timing of our phone calls are priceless.

I can honestly say we do not have a normal relationship by worldly politically correct standards, although come to think of it I,m most defiantly not normal and don’t all agree at once.

If I was to die right now and believe me I have no intention of leaving the planet just yet, so no premature celebrations please hahaha... but I can honestly say I,m a content man. I have neither riches nor vast property ,but I do have amazing peace in my heart from God. That peace and love are my Moonlight by night and my compass by day and just writing about it fills my heart with love and wonderful appreciation that he would send his son to die for such a misfit like me who has left no stone unturned as he has walked , crawled or ran through this earth.
I,m so incredibly humbled that a God so vast and huge would consider someone like me and even more so send me some one like Cynthia, I,m truly a blessed man.
Cynthia I just want to finish this blog this evening by saying you are the most beautiful woman in my life and Its an honor to be your husband and I promise before God and man That I will continue to love and honor you as long as there is breath in my body with Gods almighty strength!!!

Good Night My Love Sleep well :0)

Good night World


Michael oxoxox