Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rooster Cockburn had nothing on this wild Bunch ;0)

And now for something completely different?

“When you hear the rooster crow three times.”..

We all know who said that about 2000 years on for the updated Irish verision ;0)

Well do I have a tale to spin as many of you know Cynthia and I are currently the Guest of our North American Indian friend at her Tee-Pee. We have been living of the grid close to 90 days now. Yes! that includes THE OUT HOUSE "The Famous home of Maui theaters production of Michael Quinlans Lord of the Fly’s”,funny they don’t bother me any more, nor do the mosquito`s guess I,m numb.

Cooking over an open fire is great includes breakfast ,lunch and Dinner.
Nights are filled with great sunsets followed by the rising of the moon and the laying down of mine, occasionally it rains but not for long.

The goats and sheep have increased to over 100 plus ,in the adjacent field are some magnificent mustangs. The land Owner is a Horse breeder, so with all the animals peace and quiet life could not get any better for this Irish adopted Indian and his beautiful hot Argentinian squaw. Right!

Well one fine Maui afternoon as the Warm South Pacific breeze was blowing softly through the Macadamia nut trees that border our international reservation a tall dark lone cowboy came riding up on a powerful mustang...
ok, scratch that never happened just seemed like a good idea at the time. No, a couple of dirty white pickups drove through the gate of our Shang-ra -la. On the backs of these pickups were lots of white 55 gallon plastic barrels with large oval cut outs and black bungee cord thingy s attached to the top of each one.

Never seen anything like those I thought as I watched the Ranch hands unload them about 100yards away next to a 75ft trailer. Must be storing them I thought and carried on with what ever I was doing right !watching them. Next day more trucks ,more barrels and some big chicken coops. Then no action for a week all was quiet on the western front, then they came on the back of pickups in cages, boxes, bags? 

Now they had my Irish nose, out of these containers came lots and lots and lots did I say lots ...yes !lots of Beautiful proud Black, red, white, and green Roosters, my heart took a nose dive towards the deck. Shite there goes the neighbor hood plus the middle east peace accord.

Let me tell you something about Maui, it already has 1000`s of wild roosters chasing after hot chickens letting the locals know what time it is every hour on the hour. So now we had Hitlers Crack SS Rooster division crossing Mine bloody path.

The first night was interesting,but after a week or so the Wehrmacht settled in , besides they were 100yards north and being the disciplined Kraut SS they were they did not yell Authung fire! till sunrise, so being an early riser me-self I did not mind.

That was until one Friday afternoon the English army showed up. Apparently a friend of the Rancher had a friend who`s land was repossessed and said friend being a fellow rooster lover needed a temporary home for his 40 plus homeless Tommie`s. The English Army is now occupying the west bank of our Reservation Ergo! right in front of our Tee-pee about 50ft away because our Rancher did not want his Roosters getting mixed up with the Huns.

All three of us stood stunned as we watched the offloading of natures natural Alarm clocks entrenching themselves in front of our useless “Maginot line”. Now I know how That German sentry felt on D-Day when he saw the Allied invasion force coming for breakfast..:0(

This all happened last friday...words can not describe how we feel...needless to say I vented some fine Irish vocabulary!!!!!!!!!! At best counts between The Germans and the Tommie’s there are roughly 100 and they love lobbing shells at each other. Last night we had a lighting storm and the Germans in no uncertain terms told us the British were coming. I replied
“What gave it away”

Well Folks God says praise him in all trials...I say Praise him and tell Cornel sanders you found his stolen chickens.

This weekend they plan to erect a tall green fence and use a bucket loader to make a large berm to help reduce the gun fire????..mean while our neighbors next door are planing a surprise Howitzer raid...well we can live in hope brouhaha

Cheers Chicken George out :0)

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