Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Much- a -do- about -Nothing ?

The Road to Maui # 22

Much - a -do- about -Nothing ?

Have you ever just sat at your laptop and just wrote the first things that pops into that large Melon that sits atop those fine shoulders God gave you. Well todays blog is going that way. I,m sitting outside at a table in the court yard in downtown Kahlaui Library, the temp is in the low eighties with a gentle breeze blowing in from the south Pacific. Sitting next to me is my is every scribes thorn in the side Writers block!
I walked ten Blocks to get here and thought I would loose the Bloody Buthcher in the crowd but he stuck to me like a fast tied bungee cord, I thought for sure he would hook up with The Big Kahuanas wife who offered him a lay!

So Lets go back to the beginning of time as I know it, the year was 1962 and in the back room of a Glasgow hospital a high pitched bloody scream was heard as a small Feisty red headed Irish women named Iris yelled her lungs out as she gave birth to a seven pound 3 oz baby boy with blonde hair and Chelsea blue eyes. Looking on as his first son emerged stood a bald headed grateful father with tears in his eyes named Michael. That strong Irish Mother had already pushed out 3 girls, Niamh , Siobhan and Dara and now the first Boy. In Later years came My brother Niall and last in the line up Deidire.

Today we are spread out over the globe from Thailand to Hawaii to America ,Australia,Germany even England.

That same year 1962 'Lawrence of Arabia' was produced staring 'Peter O O’Toole' one of my all time favorite Movies. Peter O O’Toole just passed away this week dec 15 2013 may he rest in peace. He was a fellow Irishman and although we never met I,m sure we could have shared many a story over a pint as we Irish have a gift from God in the area of Blarney which is one of the many attractions of our great nation. We are a small country but we have made a big noise around the Globe. I,m proud to be an Irishman to come from a line of great men, not just warriors, but Kings, poets, song writers, singers and Bards.

We should all be proud of our countries of Origin after all God created all men equal and any man that thinks he is better than his neighbor is as Clint Eastwood once said..A legend in his own Mind or Lord of his own little Fly ,mmmm just coined that one:0)

I remember most of all our House in Bishops-town Cork city Ireland. That house is where we all truly bonded, fought and made up. It was the staging area for our departures from Ireland. We had great neighbors who looked out for us , after all thats what the term neighborhood is all about.
 We had a great Pub down the street called “The Outpost” where we would talk and sing our hearts out. My Mother knew when I was coming home as she could hear me singing blocks away. I remember one time coming home after a night of drinking and going into her bedroom at 7am-ish to proudly tell her I had drunk the boys under the table as I was the last man standing, I`m sure she was in awe, RIGHT!

We Irish love to sing, wether it be on a bus ,plane, train or the back of a Donkey it would be a rare time that we would leave a pub without belching out a verse. I remember one time when I was flying back to Ireland I was late for my connection at Boston Airport. The Airport was packed ,I was running out of time then a thought struck me, after I recovered from the blow I listened to the voice now firmly planted in my Melon. Stop and listen for singing, so I did and low and behold I could hear singing,faint at first but as I adjusted my course it grew louder until finally about 150 knotts away I arrived at the source, 'The Aer Lingus Departure Terminal' . It was my pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Up a short flight of stairs was the waiting lounge filled with Irish belting out a song, I joined right in no need for introductions in our country your family!

Well Thanks for joining me this fine afternoon and may you be at peace with your self and your neighbor!!!

Cheers Michael :0)

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